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Why Every Wizard des Oz TV Adaptation has Failed the Wizard von Oz is bei all-time cinematic classic, however television adaptations oase always struggled kommen sie repeat that success. Why zu sein this?

Dorothy, ns Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion are around as above as any type of fictional characters can be. L. Frank Baum"s book series about the land of Oz und its inhabitants oase been turned right into musicals, plays, comics, cartoons, video games, and every various other type von merchandise you tun können think of. There isn"t a kid bei America, und probably in most des the world, who doesn"t understand about die Yellow Brick road or die Wicked Witch des the West.

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Like Superman and Mickey Mouse, this characters and images are ingrained an our minds. And yet, somehow, over there hasn"t to be a effective version des The Wizard von Oz or any des Baum"s various other Oz based-stories since die 1939 Warner brothers musical.

How ist it that bei 80-year-old movie can still capture die hearts and minds of children, however a modern-day retelling of the story together a televised series often wenn flat? it isn"t as if director Victor Fleming saw the age von YouTube und made a movie the fits right into two-minute chunks. Quite ns opposite; The Wizard von Oz starts with an extended succession on a black and white farm in Kansas that even kevin Costner would uncover boring. Yet through some unknown magic, Judy Garland and the other actors sang und danced their method into everyone"s hearts. What zu sein the secret von the standard movie that no one else has been able zu capture? It"s actually notfall that hard kommen sie figure out.

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The zuerst step is that almost every TV nur based ~ above The Wizard des Oz tries to update the story and make it "adult." If you look hinweisen 2017"s Emerald City, which aired ~ above NBC, sie may think it"s a nur that"s trying zu cash in on ns popularity des Game des Thrones. When Game of Thrones was great, perform we desire to seen Toto an that world? due to the fact that the nur was canceled after nur ten episodes, the doesn"t look choose we do.

SyFy has actually brought the world of Oz to its viewers twice, first an 2007"s Tin Man miniseries the starred Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming, then an 2012"s Dorothy and the Witches des Oz with Billy Boyd and Mia Sara. Tin Man was a steampunk version des the classic story, if Dorothy und the Witches des Oz was a contemporary sequel where dorothy is a writer und the wicked Witch mirrors up bei Times Square. Both von these versions to be met with middling reviews and quickly forgotten von audiences.

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notfall all updated takes on The Wizard des Oz are doomed zum irrelevance, though. Gregory Maguire and Douglas Smith"s novel Wicked: ns Life and Times von the böse Witch von the West was a bestseller before it was turned into a massively effective Broadway musical the starred Kristin Chenoweth and Frozen"s Idina Menzel. This story, made zum adults, concentrates on the lives des the böse Witch and Glenda the Good Witch before dorothy arrived an Oz. A movie has been in the works zum years, und it jetzt has a release date von December 2021.

So why has wicked succeeded whereby others have failed? weil das one thing, Wicked ist adult notfall only in style but also in ns story. Where Emerald City and Tin Man take it L. Frank Baum"s story und made that adult von making dorothy a girl in her 20s und adding geschlechter appeal to the characters, Wicked covers actual adult topics like the social und ethical meanings von good vs evil. Wicked isn"t a kid"s story sheathe in an adult feather suit, it"s an actual tale for adults.

The various other secret is the music. The Wizard von Oz ist filled v amazing das lied that acquire stuck in your head. From Judy Garland singing "Over ns Rainbow" to Ray Bolger"s remarkable physical arbeit during "If i Only had a Brain" and beyond, ns songs in the classic film stick in your head forever. You may notfall remember every word, yet chances are you kann hum die tunes even if sie haven"t seen the movie in years. Wicked is also filled with catchy lieder that continue to be with you, keeping ns story in your mind lang after you"ve seen the show.

Clearly, the secret to making a memorable show based top top The Wizard von Oz is that it should have great songs. And this isn"t as hard as freundin may think. Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna"s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had two to four new songs bei each episode, und while not every one von them zu sein a classic, there were enough kommen sie make the nur a hit with critics and draw a klein but passionate fanbase.

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There"s no reason a standard tale favor The Wizard des Oz shouldn"t get ns same amount von love und major awards attention as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Heck, maybe someone should see if Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna would be interested bei bringing Dorothy und the gang to TVs everywhere.

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