Youtube banner größe 2018

Now over there are new guidelines weil das YouTube banner dimension or dimensions in 2021. So make certain your banner bild must meet the following criteria.

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This youtube banner bild size overview gives sie all the necessary information about your channel banner that sie need kommen sie know wie you room creating in impressive banner entwurf for your youtube Channel.

What ist YouTube Banner?

YouTube Banner (also recognized as youtube Channel Art) is the first large banner bild that you oase seen on ns top of your channel page. It generally uses zu make channels look visually an ext professional or channel branding.

What new Size ist a youtube Banner Image bei 2021?

The youtube banner image size schutz been modification to die following as of May 19, 2021. Now your channel banner need to meet ns following criteria:


Minimum dimensions kommen sie upload: 2048 ns 1152 pixelsSafe Area zum Logo und Text: 1235 x 338 pixelsMaximum paper Size: 6MB

NOTE: You’re ausblüten able to upload 2560 ns 1440 px dimension banner bild but make sure your banner text und logo are perfectly visible in the phone.

OLD youtube Banner Size


Above zu sein the fast view des YouTube banner size, however we insist sie keep reading zu know every part of banner dimensions in detail. There are more informative und vital sachen that freundin need zu know to get her perfect channel nett as below:

The Perfect youtube Banner dimension Guide

Having in eye-catchy youtube banner ist key bei making the channel an ext professional but this is one des the many critical jene after creating a youtube channel.

Quick hyperplasie – What you’ll learn bei this guide:

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything about youtube banner size that help you to create youtube channel nett with exactly dimensions und file size zum different devices.

Let’s gain started…

Understanding youtube Banner Size

As per google guidelines, die best youtube banner size zu sein 2048 ns 1152 pixels (width ns height), die safe area kommen sie place your logo und text is 1235 x 338 pixels, und the banner paper size is 6MB or smaller.

Channel nett looks various on desktop, mobile, and TV screens — larger bild to it is in cropped. Zum the best results on all devices, we recommend uploading a 2048 x 1152 px image.

Here ist a youtube channel nett template that helps you kommen sie understand an a better way.

See how zu channel nett displays von device

Channel nett shows differently throughout devices. Get in idea des how it wollen look on different devices before you start designing your channel art. Keep bei mind that ns site wollen scale to reveal much more or much less channel banner based upon your web browser window und device.

Banner bild Display top top TV


YouTube TV permits you kommen sie watch YouTube videos on TV. When visitors see your channel top top TV, ns whole youtube banner image displayed in the background. Dafür YouTube extremely recommends to uploading a 2048 ns 1152 px image for TV display.

Banner image Display top top Computer


Computers or laptops so have different screen resolutions, and YouTube has different channel nett dimensions zum the same. The display area zum computers und laptops ist 2048 x 338 px. Above is bei example to zeigen you how ns channel art looks on ns minimum und maximum broad screens.

Banner image Display on call & Tablets


The youtube banner for sure area plays in important role when it comes zu channel art display on mobile phones. Youtube recommends keeping your text and logo an the safe area (i.e., 1235 x 338 px), especially zum mobile devices. Dafür that her channel nett correctly displayed to mobile users v your info on die banner.

The “safe area” zu sein scaled down to die width of the cell phone screen, which varies über device.

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Why is Safe Area Important?

YouTube ist the second largest search engine after Google und popular videos sharing platform on ns web. According zu YouTube Statistics, youtube had 2 billion monthly logged-in viewers an international as von May 2019. The number des YouTube united States viewers will be 210 million an 2022, trost from 192 million in 2018.

As von YouTube globalen research, over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit youtube each month, and every day watches over a exchange rate hours des videos und generate billions von views. More than 70% of YouTube clock time comes from mobile devices.

YouTube Channel art Design ideal Practices

In 2020, YouTube ist a perfect platform weil das startups, klein businesses, influencers, gamers, vlogger, and people who are interested an making money online.

Anyone kann sein create a youtube channel and become a successful YouTuber. You’ll schutz a finish guide ~ above how kommen sie become a YouTuber later. To get success top top YouTube, sie should have a professional-looking channel und informative inhalt as well.

YouTube channel nett designs space the erste thing that die viewers observe once they offen a specific youtube channel. Thus, the channel owner need zu add striking art designs kommen sie create a unique, attractive impression bei the mind of the viewers. Make it smart, crispy, and elegant, together with providing all ns essential die info about the channel content.

Now let’s oase a look punkt some von the artistic youtube channel nett design practices which are extremely demanded über the online users.

01. Use Your Logo

A logo considers as die birthmark von a youtube channel. Different channels oase various kinds von logos depending upon their content, channel utility, and popularity. Zum instance, Film Core is a popular youtube channel that has a video roll art design as its logo.

Not just this, yet Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is deshalb a royal battle player und has a professional youtube channel through a logo des blue ninja face. Also, Unbox Therapy is a channel showcasing every kinds von coolest gadgets and has a straightforward logo of its name bei bold letters.

Mumbo Jumbo is a renowned channel concentrating upon Minecraft game und has a mustache confront as that is logo.

02. Usage Your very own Image

online Reputation ist all about using vibrant icons and offering die quality des content an a an exact manner. Thus, to schutz a high ranking social media following, one must current its channel v creative nett designs und beautiful graphics.

For example, Fitness Blender ist a high demanding channel i beg your pardon has developed its distinct image von offering 600+ totally free workout videos und nutritional tips.

Another channel, GaryVee, i m sorry provides in impressive set des inspirational videos on YouTube und is ns five-time new York mal Bestselling author.

Moreover, Dan Lok ist a motivational TEDx speaker who has encouraged thousands von people über his words und has a youtube channel through over 2.15 million subscribers.

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03. Use des Tagline

A tagline zu sein a phrase that plainly describes ns whole product or channel bei a few words. Therefore, die YouTube channel holders need kommen sie add in exclusive tagline that could instantly grab the attention of neu viewers.

For instance, iJustine is in amazing youtube channel that has a straightforward yet elegant tagline of ‘Travel, Gaming, Food, fun