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To check out pickup areas near you, log in to Instacart and select die "pickup" tab on the homepage or see all Curbside pickup locationsusing our keep Locator.

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Q. How are customer service issues resolved von Instacart?

A. Please call Instacart"s customer happiness center weist https://shop.mandico.net/help.

Q. How do customers attain a refund on assets that they ordered through Instacart?

A. For refunds on commodities purchased v Instacart, please contact Instacart aid Center und for returns visit her nearest mandico.net store and provide die Instacart receipt zu receive a complete refund.

Q: Why room there different prices in store compared to what ist on my receipt?

A: item prices might vary indigenous in-store prices in your area. Prices might be greater than in-store price to cover the cost von personal shopping. Learn More

Q: Why is there ahold placedon my credit card?

A: for orders an process, Instacart areas a temporaryauthorization hold zum a slightly higher amount 보다 your estimated order total. This klein difference accounts zum potential changes bei the final total due kommen sie special requests, included items, items replaced punkt a various price, and actual weight des items.Learn More

Q. Wie will customers get their refund for a cancelled Instacart order?

A. Refunds may take up zu seven business days zu process. In some cases, the customer"s bank may adjust ns original fee amount instead of displaying a different refund. Alcohol sales space final.

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Q: Why is the finaltotmandico.netfferent native my pistole at checkout?

A: when you place an order, Instacart mirrors youthe suspect total, including approximated taxes und fees. Ns final total charged kommen sie your card may be different if any type of changes take place during the shopping process, such as:

An item is out of stock and you’re refunded

You add in item kommen sie your order ~ checkout

An item sie order needs kommen sie be replaced, und the replacement has actually a different price

An item you order zu sein sold von weight und the exact weight is slightly different

Your personal shopper fulfills a distinct request for bei item not in the catalog.

Learn More


* Visit our Instacart FAQs

* item on sale in the store may notfall be on revenue through ns Instacart platform. Prices and availability room subject to delays or errors and may adjust without notice. Together a result, the in-store price des a specific item at die time a purchase ist made, including for weighted items, might differ indigenous what ist available through ns Instacart platform. Added fees apply to online orders.

* Curbside und delivery to limited geographic areas only. Prices might vary escape on the platform used. Added fees apply kommen sie curbside und delivery orders.

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* To lakers if Pickup ist available at your store, visit shop.mandico.net und select Pickup or see all Curbside pickup places using our keep Locator.Pickup notfall available in your location? shot Grocery Delivery.

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