Windows 8.1 Wie Windows 7 Aussehen Lassen

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For much better or worse, you"ve upgraded to windows 11 or performed a windows 11 clean install, yet that doesn"t median you schutz to direkt with every aspects of the neu user interface. Perhaps, prefer me, freundin hate ns new start Menu because it gives you fewer symbols while taking up more space. Perhaps you"re enraged that die right-click menus only nur you around seven options hinweisen a time -- and not necessarily the best 7 -- and then make freundin click "Show an ext options" to seen them all. Or freundin might just want ns ribbon back bei Windows Explorer.

Du schaust: Windows 8.1 wie windows 7 aussehen lassen

The good news zu sein that, v a combination of registry tweaks, third-party apps and some different nett work, you can get a lot of die look und feel of windows 10 back in Windows 11. The bad news zu sein that Microsoft doesn"t seem zu want you to go rückseitig to a previous UI so it might disable any registry hacks you use bei future updates.

Below, we"ll overview a number von tweaks for different parts von the UI und you can use one, several, or all von them kommen sie get the look freundin want.

Get a More fenster 10-Like start Menu

Windows 11"s anfang Menu is a crime against productivity. It is at least 100 pixels taller than windows 10"s, yet includes fewer icons and forces you zu click bei "All apps" button in order kommen sie get a scrollable, alphabetic list des your programs. We schutz a more detailed indict on how to replace the windows 11 anfang menu, however your taste choices are as follows:

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If freundin install Open-Shell und don"t want to schutz the bugs freundin get from bringing rückseitig the classic taskbar -- bei option i beg your pardon we"ll get kommen sie below -- all sie need to do after setup up die program is to shift ns taskbar icons to ns left. Kommen sie do that, just right click on the taskbar, select Taskbar settings and then navigate to Taskbar Behaviors and choose Left from ns alignment menu.

(Image credit: Future)

Your start button, which aussehen like a shell unless you upload a custom one, will then startseite the fenstern 11 button, and it wollen work.

(Image credit: Future)

However, if you want zu use Open-Shell und get die accurate fenstern 10 anfang button icon, you will need to restore the windows 10 classic task bar and set Open-Shell notfall to replace the start button. Die classic taskbar has its own fenster 10 start button, dafür it will use that.

Uncheck Replace anfang button in Open Shell zu get the windows 10 start button (Image credit: Future)

Get fenster 10"s standard Taskbar

If sie use Start11 or StartAllBack, you will schutz some choices that enable you to get a more fenstern 10-like suffer from die taskbar. Weil das example, StartAllBack, permits you zu ungroup taskbar icons und Start11 lasst uns you move the taskbar to the top von the display while both let you resize the icons.

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If you are not using either von those start menu replace instead instead or you want a more classic-looking windows 10 taskbar, there zu sein a registry tweak that replaces the fenstern 11 riegel with the fenster 10 one. However, many des the icons on this gittern don"t work und need to be surprise or disabled, making this a less-than-perfect option.

(Image credit: Tom"s Hardware)

There"s a find box, however clicking it does nothing, und you may lakers a Cortana button that go nothing. Ns Task View taste is worse than useless together it crashes when you click it, causing ns taskbar to hide your icons zum a minute or 2 while it recovers, dafür you have to hide that also. Given that the fenster 11 taskbar"s job View and search tasten work, this ist a loss of functionality. However, you can search directly from the anfang menu and hit windows key + Tab to get die Task watch menu.

You so must oase a third-party anfang menu installed, due to the fact that clicking the start button on ns classic taskbar wollen do nothing on its own.

On the bright side, enabling die classic taskbar so gives you rückseitig the windows 10 File direktors (with ribbon) und the fenster 10 appropriate click paper definition menus. However, if sie don"t use ns classic taskbar, you tun können get those back an another way, which we"ll explain an a ar later. It deshalb allows you kommen sie unlock die taskbar und drag that to ns sides or top des the screen.

If you"re willing to direkte with ns downsides, right here are die steps zum getting the windows 10 taskbar an Windows 11. Make sure a third-party anfang menu app is installed before sie take these steps.

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1. Open Regedit. You tun können get there von hitting fenstern key + R and typing regedit into die run box.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShellUpdatePackages