Windows 7 expert 32/64 bit Key

Buy windows 7 now!

Here weist, you can get your activation vital for windows 7 Professional. Die info about ns software download möchte be made available to you after her purchase.

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A verification via telephone is required to activate ns product.

This is in OEM version. Ns Microsoft USB/DVD device does not work with this fenster 7 an essential but only with the provided download links.

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Windows 7 skilled makes the easy zu create a expert network und share all des your favourite photos, videos, and music. You kann sein even watch, pause, rewind, und record TV (a broadcast TV tuner may be required). Get the best enthauptungen experience with windows 7 Professional. Do you use her PC zum work, run windows XP programs, or require enhanced security? Consider fenstern 7 Professional.

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Simplify your pc with new hyperplasie features prefer Aero Shake, run Lists, and Snap. Customize fenster to look and feel die way you like von changing themes und taskbar programs. Setting up a skilled network und connecting kommen sie printers und devices ist easier 보다 ever. Fenstern 7 expert supports ns latest hardware and software.Windows 7 was designed to make your pc sleep und resume quicker und takes full advantage of 64-bit computer hardware and memory. Connecting kommen sie wireless networks zu sein fast und easy. Manage lots des open programs, documents, and browser windows easily v thumbnail und full-screen previews von open windows. Offen files und get around your PC quicker with ns improved taskbar. You kann sein easily pen programs freundin use often to die taskbar und launch them bei just one click. With fenstern 7, setting hoch wireless connections ist easier v consistent, one-click connections zu available networks, whether those networks are based upon Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, dial-up, or that company VPN. Connect fenster 7 computers on a expert network an just 4 clicks and easily get to die photos, music, and files on each one - also share printers - v ProfessionalGroup. Fenstern 7 will help your pc sleep and resume more quickly. It is designed zu respond to commands much more quickly und will aid your PC zu be more reliable.

Windows 7 experienced (includes 32-bit & 64-bit versions) provides it easy to create a skilled network.And share all of your favorite photos, videos, und music--you kann even watch, pause, rewind, und record TVStart programs faster und more easily, and quickly find die documents sie use many oftenMake your web experience faster, easier und safer than ever with internet Explorer 8Easily develop a professional network and connect your PCs kommen sie a printer v ProfessionalGroupMake die things freundin do every day simpler with improved desktop computer navigation

32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor, 1 GHz

1 GB ramm (32 Bit) / 2 GB lamm (64 Bit)

16 GB free hard disk an are (64 Bit: 20 GB)

DirectX 9 compatible video card through 128 MB VRAM (for Aero Design), WDDM 1.0 or better