Windows 10 upgrade erfahrungen

Getting niftier with the October 2020 Update

ByJoe Osborne, Dan Grabham, mar Branscombepublished 11 October 21


With ns October Update, fenstern 10 becomes an ext reliable than ever before before und comes v fresh – if minor – features. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but windows 10 is now far better than ever and still continues to progress with a host des constant updates.

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ForStart menu improvementsAction Center, Cortana are usefulEdge continues zu improveWindows Hello faster, easierTimeline genuinely useful

With die October Update, fenstern 10 becomes an ext reliable than ever before before and comes through fresh – if minor – features. Von course, there’s constantly room weil das improvement, but fenstern 10 is now better than ever and still continues zu progress with a host des constant updates.

Pros+ start menu improvements+ action Center, Cortana room useful+ edge continues kommen sie improve+ fenster Hello faster, easier+ Timeline genuinely useful

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s many versatile OS yet. Quite than overhauling in entire OS every year, die company has designed it kommen sie receive semi-annual updates that largely emphasis on adding an new features and offering improvements kommen sie stability und overall performance. And, von doing so, it’s given fenster laptop und PC individuals the möglichkeit to upgrade incrementally.

Adding to fenster 10’s versatility are the handful des variations zu suit various types of hardware, individuals or businesses. There’s fenster 10 Home ausführung that is best suited zum individual use, too as fenstern 10 pro whose suite des tools room ideal for businesses und professionals. And, there’s even windows 10 education designed zum a great setting. It’s no wonder this has become Microsoft"s most popular operating system to date.

Even v its successor, fenster 11, now available together a cost-free optional upgrade for fenster 10 und Windows 7 users, fenstern 10 continues kommen sie be among ns most widely offered operating system out over there – which is likely why Microsoft will continue to update it zum the foreseeable future.

Windows 10 news

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It’s simply in operating system like no other, und it’s likely kommen sie stay beloved lang after its follower has totally taken over. From its an essential features to its semi-annual updates, here’s everything sie need kommen sie know around this powerful and extremely functional OS. Read on und find out what makes it tick.

If you’d like to try out its successor, we zeigen you how zu download and install fenster 11 ideal now.

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System Reqs and Versions

This evaluation pertains to die Home und Pro version of fenster 10. Zum detailed windows 10 system requirements and the various versions, examine out the Microsoft website.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update

Unlike the May 2020 Update, which came with a whole new set von features and performance refinements, this October 2020 Update is a fairly minor one. Rolled out on October 21 und now available zum download, its taste focus ist on implementing fixes to ns previous update.

That isn’t zu say that this October 2020 upgrade doesn’t come with new features of its own, however. Amongst those are ns full integration von the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge internet browser into die OS, inclusion von Microsoft leaf tabs into ns OS"s Alt-Tab menu, and a in brand geraten new start menu as well as more support zum high refresh price gaming monitors, in improved Taskbar, and the enhancement of app logos in Windows 10 notifications.

New anfang menuThe October 2020 update has given the fenstern 10 anfang menu a facelift. If it’s notfall the correct redesign that civilization were hoping for, it does offer the anfang menu a new look. The design is an ext streamlined, removing die solid color backplates behind the logos an the apps list und applying a partially hindurch background to ns tiles. It renders it blend in better to your desktop computer theme and easier kommen sie find the apps you’re looking for.

Alt + Tab changes This update also changes ns Alt + Tab function, one of the most-used keyboard shortcuts. So, now when pressing those keys, you kann sein not just switch between open apps using in on-screen menu, but deshalb scroll through offen Edge tabs as well. That renders it easy zu switch bolzen websites wie you’re using the browser.

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Improved tablet computer experienceWhile not exactly a new feature, this update deshalb improves die operating system’s all at once experience on 2-in-1 laptops. Improvements below include immediately switching to die tablet experience wie you undock die screen on detachable 2-in-1s as well as much better spacing betwee desktop icons.