How zu Use Whatsapp on PC for Free

WhatsApp ist one of the finest mobile messaging applications which allows the user kommen sie send messages instantly zu friends, family and loved ones. WhatsApp zu sein available for various mobile operating system like Android, iOS, windows Phones, BlackBerry, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian. However, most des the people also wants their favorite WhatsApp Messenger zu be supplied on computer, they like physical key-board over touch display screen typing on mobile phones. But ausblüten we schutz various methods von installing and using WhatsApp Messenger on PC.

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As us know, we can use some android emulators choose BlueStack und YouWave kommen sie run android apps und games on computers. We kann use these software kommen sie use WhatsApp top top computer in a similar way. Von course, if sie do notfall want kommen sie install any anwendung player or android simulator for PC, there ist another way for you.



We have two methods von using WhatsApp ~ above PC and we möchte disclose both of the Methods kommen sie use WhatsApp on Computer to give you the freedom zu enjoy WhatsApp Messenger ~ above Computer.

Solution 1. Using android Emulators to Use WhatsApp on pc

auswahl 1: Bluestacks

Step 1Download Bluestacks

Step 2After downloading ns above software called Bluestacks, download it on your computer and complete all die steps, then it möchte ask to sign an to your google Account.

Step 3After WhatsApp it s okay downloaded into Bluestacksn, you kann run the app WhatsApp über clicking on WhatsApp logo from house screen, climate sign in with your WhatsApp Account details und enjoy sending out messages native WhatsApp top top Computer.


möglichkeit 2: YouWave

Step 1Download YouWave

Step 2And install it on your computer, after the gets set up launch ns software YouWave from desktop shortcut.

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Step 3Open google PlayStore indigenous YouWave und sign in to your google account and search zum WhatsApp Messenger and install it. ~ WhatsApp gets successfully installed ~ above YouWave on your Computer, launch WhatsApp Messenger from home screen von YouWave. Sign bei to your WhatsApp Account to anfang sending messages from WhatsApp on her Computer.


Solution 2. Using Unofficial WhatsApp PC client

Wassapp: WhatsApp weil das PC Client

There zu sein another way kommen sie use WhatsApp ~ above PC. Bei unofficial but powerful WhatsApp desktop client weil das PC dubbed “Wassapp” tun können get the job done. It notfall only allows you zu register a neu account, but also enables you to import all des your account from an existing account and then anfang conversations v them.

Step 1 Download Wassapp

Step 2 anfang the montage process und then launch die program.

Step 3 Log an with her WhatsApp account


If sie already supplied WhatsApp ~ above a mobile phone, enter die phone number und the password kommen sie login. (Note: die password ist the distinct code von your maker (the IMEI zum Android, Symbian and BlackBerry users, Wi-Fi Mac address zum iOS users und the device’s distinctive ID for windows Phone users).)

Or register a new account.

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Select it is registered option. Choose country first, then get in phone number. Inquiry Code to verify your phone (Choose receiving WhatsApp confirmation code,)Enter ns verification password received von messages or call.Copy ns password generated und click kommen sie log in.

Once the verification process is complete you will be able zu create your account and add contacts. Jetzt you are ready kommen sie use WhatsApp Messenger top top computer. You will get notification when a neu message come if you set the software, but weil das that freundin need zu keep die software open in the background.

Share this tutorial with friends and start chatting top top WhatsApp from computer absolutely for free.

Update: WhatsApp comes to your browser, v a catch. Both Windows und Mac users kann sein quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages right from her computer.

WhatsApp is now available for the Web, bei a form that pairs die mobile version of the app to a user’s desktop computer.



Above are two beneficial methods kommen sie guide sie use WhatsApp ~ above computer weil das free. Though WhatsApp doesn"t own its computer client zum users to use, sie can blieb use the tools above to enjoy your WhatsApp plaudern on computer. Bluestacks und Wassapp which space two valuable WhatsApp assistants, deal with the belästigung that who prefers zu use WhatsApp on computer. Now choose die one you like and start zu use WhatsApp ~ above PC.