Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig 2018

Updated: 29 september 2019

In May-June, we space on the edge von northern hemisphere summertime. That a time des year when travel agents across the erde become Pavlovian dogs, salivating and lubricating your brass wallet clasps together blue-jean dads und soccer moms start requesting take trip brochures zum expensive all-inclusive trips to Europe.

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Mr Kitty’s you tube channel file pic

Other bands that I’m hearing zum the erste time, and getting really excited by, encompass electro popstars herr Kitty; dutch synth-rockers silent Runners; and Drifter, from Sweden. Ns latter’s Soundcloud account left me speechless, through their jaw-dropping and incredible etc playing.

Bizarrely, the doesn’t appear that anyone, with die exception of a few Swedish bloggers, also knows lock exist. At a push, i would einzel Drifter out as my pick for the weekend: as the standout maßband that i cannot wait zu see.

Let ns darkness descend.

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29 May-1 June 2020, Leipzig



Tickets incorporate all public fahrzeug (trams, city buses, regional trains, suburban trains within ns zone 110 of MDV), native 18 might 8:00 a.m. To 22 might 12:00 (noon).


For €25, you get bei Obsorgekarte that allows you to camp at the official WGT campground on ns Agra fairgrounds, indigenous 17-22 May.

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You wollen be permitted to park at Agra only with a parking pass weil das €15 and a 4-day ticket


There are deshalb loads von things kommen sie do without a 4-day ticket! the WGT app above consists of a complete schedule of everything that’s happening.

Meanwhile, here’s a playlist recommended über WGT organisers. Happy Goth Day!