Voip telefon an fritzbox

You kann connect IP telephones with die FRITZ!Box wirelessly or über LAN cable. With connected IP telephones you can:

Conduct interior calls through all associated telephones Use the quick-dial numbers and vanity password from ns FRITZ!Box telephone publication

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Various FRITZ!Fon features are not available for IP telephones, including:

Fax and data connections lieferung of calls busy on liven Switching wireless LAN of the FRITZ!Box on and off


ns FRITZ!Box (preconfigured IP deal with uses in IP address from one des the complying with IP address ranges: - 192168255255 - - 10255255255 die IP phone call has in IP deal with from die FRITZ!Box"s IP resolve range.
IP telephones are configured in the FRITZ!Box such the only residential calls and calls to emergency numbers are possible. After configuring in IP phone call you can disable this security feature an order to allow international calls.

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Instructions: Connecting an IP Telephone

Connect the IP telephone zu a LAN harbor on the FRITZ!Box or connect it with ns FRITZ!Box über a wireless LAN. See the documentation des the IP telephone zum information about how kommen sie set up ns wireless connection.

Instructions: Configuring an IP Telephone bei the FRITZ!Box

in the FRITZ!Box user interface, choose "Telephony / Telephony Devices". Click "Configure new Device". Pick "Telephone (with or there is no answering machine)" and click "Next". Select die "LAN/WLAN (IP telephone)" port und then click "Next". Get in a user name. Zum registration indigenous the internet the user benennen must be hinweisen least 8 personalities long. Go into a password und click “Next”. Pick a phone call number zum outgoing calls und click "Next". Specify die incoming calls weil das which ns telephone must ring. Click "Next", check die settings und then click "Apply". Set up in internet phone call number an the IP telephone zum registration with ns FRITZ!Box.

Instructions: setting Up in Internet telephone Number an the IP Telephone weil das Registration with the FRITZ!Box.

once you have configured the IP telephone in the FRITZ!Box, configure a new internet number in the IP call using ns following account information: Account InformationEnter the Following
Internet phone call number Can be freely selected, since the number zu sein used only zum registration with the FRITZ!Box
SIP registrar Enter fritz.box or the IP address von the FRITZ!Box. The preset IP address ist
User name und password Enter the user name and the password freundin defined throughout configuration of the IP telephone bei the FRITZ!Box.
STUN server Do not go into a shock server.


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choose "Telephony / Telephony Devices" bei the user interface. Click on the "Edit"
button next to ns IP telephone. Next zu "This telephone may only do outgoing calls to numbers within the country", click on "Change". Under "Security", click on "Change Selection". Disable ns checkbox following to the desired IP telephone und click ~ above "OK". Click on "Apply".