Van gogh frankfurt städel

The Städel Museum"s “Making ventil Gogh" contains many highlights, and a mysterious north frame.

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Quynh Tran, October 28, 2019


The story of the tormented artist who shot himself bei the really same cornfields that he painted so memorably was auch good notfall be told. Von the time ns German nett critic and novelist Julius Meier-Graefe cemented ns legend von the disastrous genius in his bestselling (and mainly fictitious) biography about Vincent van Gogh bei 1918, the dead Dutch painter was already thought about one des the most influential figures an Modern art. 

“Making van Gogh. A German liebe Story” hinweisen Frankfurt’s Städel Museum explores die marketing and mythologization des van Gogh at the hands von the German nett world—namely through doubters such together Meier-Graefe, too as ns slew of German collectors, artists, und dealers that venerated him. As beforehand as 1914, there were 150 ventil Gogh works bei collections in Germany. The vast exhibition weist Städel accentuates die critical function played von these agents von van Gogh’s posthumous success, at times with how amazing details. 

After 5 years von planning, die German museum has united 50 an essential works by van Gogh from around the world, bolstered von 70 works von the German artists he influenced, among them max Beckmann, ernst Ludwig Kirchner, und Paula Modersohn-Becker. Occupying die 32,000-square-feet underground extension von the institution, which normally homes its postwar und contemporary nett collections, the show has a fairly austere setting that setzt the spotlight squarely on the intensity of van Gogh’s paintings.

“Vincent ventil Gogh zu sein the godfather des German modernism,” stated Städel’s director philipp Demandt punkt the niederdrücken opening last week, including that die exhibition, which ist on view until February 16, 2020, is probably the most elaborate in the museum’s history.

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Photo: Städel Museum – norbert Miguletz.

The Mystery of Dr. Gachet

In fact, ns Städel was one von the zuerst public museums to purchase works von van Gogh ever and was, weist one time, die proud owner des Portrait of Dr. Gachet, one des the artist’s most famed portraits. Ns melancholic painting depicts die neurologist und friend that treated ventil Gogh an his last months, an enigmatic arbeiten made nur weeks before die artist cursed suicide an 1890.

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Acquired über the Städel in 1911, ns so-called Dr. Gachet was one von the most treasured acquisitions of the museum. It held on display in its permanent collection right hoch until die Nazis came zu power. An 1937, the splitterpartei confiscated die work under its rubric of “degenerate art,” a social policy the saw the seizure, sell-off, and destruction des many masterpieces. An anticipation von the existing show, the institution carried out detective und journalistic efforts zu find die “lost painting,” i m sorry has not been seen by the public an nearly 30 years. Die original frame now hangs an the museum, but die canvas is still missing.

an empty gemälde frame in our museum's warehouse room?