Tomb raider 2018 spiel

dig Raider zu sein a franchise with gamings spanning number of decades. Looking at ns Metacritic scores, we uncover which one zu sein the best.

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Few videos game protagonists schutz stood ns test von time to belastung as long as the mögen of mario or Sonic the Hedgehog. One of these characters would be Lara Croft; one of the ultimate heroes in gaming history. Really rarely had a female protagonist been die leading playable character in a video game at that point in 1996 with ns only remarkable one gift Samus from the Metroid series.

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Lara debuted on the Sony PlayStation in 1996"s Tomb Raider which exploded into a mega-franchise the continued weil das many years, then uncovered itself rebooted v a neu series von games the continues to this day. What"s considered the worst and the best von this franchise?

Updated über Saim Cheeda ~ above 26th march 2021: The tomb Raider collection saw a rise an quality with die rebooted series, i beg your pardon has so come to an end. This has führen zu to fans checking out ns entire series until a new entry come along. The best way zu do deswegen is von playing through the best-received gamings from critics. Die franchise isn’t restricted just to ns “Tomb Raider” location either, as there space several byproducts with ns “Lara Croft” tag. These have been included zu present fans with added options v versatile gameplay. As ns website GameRankings has actually been incorporated into Metacritic, the jahrgangsstufen on the site oase been counted as well.

17 dig Raider: The stange Of Darkness (2003) - 49

Lara Croft bei The angelrute Of Darkness former cover via Tomb Raider: The angel Of Darkness (2003)
wie man Lara made the leap from ns PlayStation to the PlayStation 2, fans were met through a more gritty and darker video game that disappointed players. Die lack des polish to ns controls, a camera die players ended nach oben fighting much more than ns in-game enemies, und a plethora des bugs und glitches do this rushed sequel a mess kommen sie play.

The developers openly admitted zu suffering from a severe lack von leadership v too viel ambition zum the job leading to many production worries thus resulting an the game players were given in 2003.

16 dig Raider: Chronicles (2000) - 57

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Chronicles durch Tomb Raider: Chronicles (2000)
ns developers hinweisen Core entwurf had already become fatigued über Tomb Raider, thus why castle attempted kommen sie kill off Lara Croft in the previous game however Eidos was determined to keep die franchise going as a cash cow which led to the final game zum Lara on die original Playstation.

v a blended reception, ns general consensus ist that Chronicles was nothing bad but an extremely uninspired, forgettable, und with wenig to no difference to distinguish that from ahead installments. Even die developers were notfall fond of the game.

fünfzehn dig Raider: die Prophecy (2002) - 66

Pixel Version des Lara Croft From the Prophecy durch Tomb Raider: die Prophecy (2002)
Swapping from a third-person adventure kommen sie a Zelda-esque overview, Lara jumped to die Nintendo video game Boy breakthrough with a mildly successful title that was praised weil das its impressive graphics and sound for a game Boy advancement title.

However, it received criticism for its dull gameplay, wenig to no story to drive ns repetitive action set pieces, und various other complaints. The all führen zu to a location that even most Tomb Raider fan have forgotten had actually existed over the years.

14 Lara Croft: Relic operation (2015) - 71

Lara Croft runs bei a temple and shoots bei Lara Croft Relic Run
This spin-off took its liberties zu present die series to a casual audience. Basically a dig Raider version des the mobile game Temple Run, Relic operation does current some of the franchise’s trademark features that make ns game its very own thing.

It’s an ext of bei evolution bei the countless platforming genre, as elements like wall-running and utilizing weapons are injected into die game. All dinge considered, Relic Run zu sein a great way zum casual fan to be presented to the series, also if it zu sein too one-dimensional.

13 Lara Croft und The Temple of Osiris (2014) - 74

Lara Croft shoots hinweisen enemies follow me with produziert allies in Lara Croft und The Temple des Osiris
die series do the efforts its hand at ns arcade-inspired gameplay to present co-op as in option. Die Temple of Osiris accommodates up zu four personalities including Lara and all of them have their very own special abilities und traits.

It has actually a top-down view des the action, i beg your pardon takes far some of the charm des the series since the camera is deswegen limited. Apart from that, however, die game ist good fun for multiple players kommen sie make it a small-scale however enjoyable entry in the series.

12 Shadow of The tomb Raider (2018) - 75

Lara und Jonah Talking in Shadow von The dig Raider via Shadow des The dig Raider (2018)
the third entry bei the rebooted Tomb Raider series über Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics was one that had actually positive reviews for bringing Lara back to a much more visually appeal jungle setting along with ns gameplay the made the previous two games classics an gamers" eyes.

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despite it pleased fans, the didn"t rise zu the riegel that the previous entries set dafür well due to a disappointed story and formulaic gameplay the felt very "been there, done that." the definitely was a solid der dritte tag entry in the series for fans but not the best.

11 tomb Raider: Underworld (2008) - 75

Lara looks to be an distress an Tomb Raider Underworld
After ns series had actually returned through Anniversary und Legend, Tomb Raider do its biggest comeback through Underworld which mixed classic und new mechanics with die pleasing visuals from die era of Xbox 360 und PS3. It led to an entry that fans felt was a solve ending zum the standard Lara Croft.

the game was not considered perfect, however. Players agreed that die combat system felt dated, die game was surprisingly short, und much choose with Angel of Darkness, could not quite acquire a suitable grasp of the camera.

10 dig Raider III (1998) - 76

Lara bei Tomb Raider III via Tomb Raider III

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While not as beloved as the first two games in the series, plenty of gamers agree that Tomb Raider III was a solid threequel the made whatever bigger than ever despite the loss von most des the mystery of suspense of the prior entries.

over there was so a significant lack des innovation that caused the game to feel much more akin to an expansion verpackt to the second video game rather than a big-budget sequel. Still, the game was received mostly positively and would lead to The belastung Revelation, which right now has no Metascore.

9 dig Raider: Anniversary (2007) - 77

Lara an A river From dig Raider: Anniversary via Tomb Raider: Anniversary (2007)
taking what they had actually done with Lara Croft an Legend, the developers choice to celebrate end ten years of the franchise v a game that acted together a remake des the very original entry resulting an Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

As die rating suggests, the was notfall as beloved as either ns original or Legend but it go act as a one-of-a-kind gift zum both longtime fans of die series und those who wanted to get into the games viel like what Capcom had actually been (and continues kommen sie do) law with die Resident Evil franchise.

8 tomb Raider: The belastung Revelation (1999) - 79

Lara Croft stands in in Egyptian tomb in Tomb Raider The belastung Revelation
finest remembered these days for being a failed initiative from ns series to kill off Lara Croft and introduce a new lead, The last Revelation ist still an adequate affair the represents the style und gameplay choices des gaming back an the day.

there’s no innovation zu be found here, however nostalgia und the trademark tomb Raider enthauptungen are available an buckets. Puzzle-solving zu sein more concentrated upon below than bei other games, make this entry a subtler venture zum the series.

7 tomb Raider: Legend (2006) - 82

After ns disappointing Angel des Darkness, Legend was intended as die true return to form as a in brand geraten new story in the series und it did just that in spite of its quick length. Players agreed the Lara continued to be a great hero, ns gameplay was fluid and satisfying, ns puzzles were an overwhelming yet fun, und it provided bei adventure the rivaled ns original trilogy.

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Though die game was not considered on par with the original trilogy, that did break new ground in a various generation. The brought Lara rückseitig with an ext adventures zu come in the future.

6 Lara Croft walk (2015) - 84

It appeared as if ns Tomb Raider collection had discover all opportunities as much as gaming genres were concerned, only zum Lara Croft Go zu utilize the turn-based gaming style. The game zu sein entirely puzzle-based und relies on crucial movements ns player makes.

This makes it one des the smartest smartphone games out there, as Lara has kommen sie be navigated in such a means that players need zu strategize their next moves. Overall, it’s bei effective change from die norm the series engaged in.

5 Lara Croft und The Guardian von Light (2010) - 85

Remarkably, the top-down camera strategy doesn’t hinder ns fun factor des this spin-off. Ns game makes puzzle-solving und platforming its biggest strength together these room bolstered von the beautiful visuals and balance with activity sequences.

the big negative here zu sein the cheesy storyline, which is far removed from ns Tomb Raider formula. Still, it’s easy zu overlook the considering the remarkable replay value as die level design is a thing kommen sie behold bei the many forms it is presented.

4 tomb Raider ii (1997) - 85

Gameplay Screenshot des Tomb Raider II durch Tomb Raider ii (1997)
after ~ exploding kommen sie iconic status with the zuerst game alone, it was only a year danach that Lara Croft returned for a sequel that fans welcomed with open arms. Much in the same vein as Die hard II, the series avoided peaking in the second game, but it ausblüten managed kommen sie impress und make its money back.

Though part praised it weil das its challenge, there space those the have thought it auch difficult in spots. Bei the end, though, Tomb Raider II was considered a almost perfect follow-up to ns classic original.

3 tomb Raider (2013) - 86

Opening Cinematic von The tomb Raider Reboot via Tomb Raider (2013)
With gamings becoming more cinematic an quality und style, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics made the brave an option of notfall only completely rebooting ns Tomb Raider franchise but so to offer players the origin story des their favourite explorer. The took impetus from gamings at die time like Uncharted und the Arkham franchise.

Did that work? Yes. Fan were quick kommen sie fall an love with ns dark, gritty, and more realistic beginning story the embraced neu gameplay if respecting ns classics through thoughtful puzzles, great third-person shooter gameplay, und more characters besides Lara to love.

2 Rise of The dig Raider (2016) - 88

Anna und Lara Talking in Rise des The tomb Raider via Rise von The dig Raider (2016)
Rise von The tomb Raider takes everything that the first game did deshalb well und amplifies it, developing a perfect sequel a la Empire Strikes Back or Terminator 2: judgment Day. Lara"s character was explored deeper than ever, die graphics were top-notch at die time, and the Siberian setting was something different but accepted von fans.

With new survival mechanics, an ext crafting, and possibly the most ambitious story von the series, Rise of The dig Raider is often considered die best modern dig Raider game von old school und new fans alike.

1 tomb Raider (1996) - 91

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The zuerst Level indigenous The zuerst Tomb Raider via Tomb Raider (1996)
There"s a factor why this franchise is as large as it is und while there are sequels, remakes, und reboots that oase rightfully earned their praise, many fans tun können agree that they don"t match die same groundbreaking level as die original.

mixing platforming, puzzle-solving, und action into one, ns original Tomb Raider turn Lara into a playstations icon and a mega-franchise of gaming that has actually aged remarkable well. It holds up just as well heute as that did rückseitig then, and gamers tun können thank this game weil das starting die entire series.