The edge new york

New York’s Hudson Yards has actually quickly come to be one of the top tourist destinations bei the city. Its quick rise in popularity zu sein due bei part zu Edge — an outdoor sky deck near ns top von the tallest building in the complex. Edge just opened an 2020.

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Located on ns 100th level des the building, sheet (often called, “the Edge”) ist suspended in mid-air, giving you die unique feeling des floating in the sky. Und as the highest outdoor skies deck bei the west Hemisphere, you’ll acquire some impressive views von NYC.

In this post, okay tell you everything there zu sein to know around visiting Edge, new York’s newest outdoor observation deck.

What that Like to Visit sheet NYC


The design of Edge zu sein one-of-a-kind, v multiple interesting features (besides the beautiful view). Here’s what it’s like experimenting Edge.

Your visit starts weist ground level, where ns high-speed elevator wollen take you nach oben to ns top in just 52 seconds. Once you reach the top, head outside to ns outdoor skydeck. Suspended an ext than 1,100 feet in the air, the ledge juts the end 80 feet from die side of the building. That plenty spacious too, boasting 7,500 square feet of space.


Is ns Empire state Building ausblüten taller?

In the center des the skies deck zu sein a glass floor, a fully see-through triangle floating 100 geschichte above ns ground. You can look straight down kommen sie the stadt streets below.

Walk all die way to the corner edge of the deck, otherwise recognized as ns Eastern Point, und you’ll be surrounded by only die air und sky as you look out weist the city beyond you. The glass panels along ns edges are angled outward, giving you die thrilling sense von leaning the end over ns city.

View From the Edge skies Deck


The watch from Edge ist unbeatable.

From die western side des Manhattan, you kann sein see all die way native Central park down to die Statue von Liberty, and beyond. It reflects off a panorama von the whole NYC skyline bei one gaze. If sie walk to die top of the Skyline Steps, you kann sein get bei even higher perspective, looking the end over die glass panels and past ns edge von the deck.

The top deshalb features a restaurant on Level 101. Peak zu sein both a sleek, upscale eatery and bar as well as event space.

Events punkt Edge NYC

You can host a privatgelände event punkt Peak if you’re looking zum a chic venue. Yet there are deshalb events on ns sky deck die public can join in.

Summertime features happenings prefer sky-high yoga on ns outdoor deck und summer medikamentencocktail at ns champagne bar.

How zu get tickets


Tickets zum Edge kann be purchased online or appropriate at the entrance ~ above a touch screen.

Online ticket prices weil das Edge space below.

Adult (13-61): $36Child (6-12): $31Senior (62+): $34

Choosing zu buy her Edge ticket an person method each ticket wollen be an additional $2. Specific days might be marked as “peak,” i beg your pardon means in additional $2 added to each online ticket and $4 zu each ticket purchased on site.

Included an the basic admission ticket is:

Admission to ns indoor deck ~ above Level 100 and the outdoor skydeckAccess to die Glass Floor, Angled Glass Walls, Skyline Steps, and Eastern PointFree digital souvenir photo

Upgrades for your edge ticket

For an additional $17, you kann purchase Champagne Admission, which gets you a glass des champagne kommen sie drink throughout your visit.

Another $18 more and you’ll gain a personalized souvenir photo publication as well. The photo publication includes two photos taken weil das you along with different sections des fun facts and information about both Edge und Hudson Yards.


Edge tickets: What freundin need to know

All tickets have a designated entry time. If you fehlschlagen that time, sie may be able to be admitted during the next easily accessible time window, yet this no guaranteed. I recommend obtaining there early und exploring Hudson Yards. Yes plenty kommen sie see and do bei the area.

Tickets can be gift on her mobile phone or printed. They can not be exchanged or refunded once purchased. All sales room final.

If you’re going through a tour, your guide möchte take care von your tickets. Weil das our Hudson Yards außerhalb des spiels With every Access, zum example, leaf is bei upgrade that consists of your timed admission ticket.

How to get to Edge in NYC


Edge ist located punkt 30 Hudson Yards, bei the Hudson Yards building complicated on Manhattan’s west side. Zu enter, freundin must head inside The geschäft at Hudson Yards and go to Level 4.

By subway

To get there über subway you kann take:

The 7 Train to Hudson YardsThe A, C, feige train zu 34th St.-Penn Station and walk 2 blocks west

By car

Drivers oase the option to park at 10 Hudson Yards, Abington House, or One Hudson Yards. All of these room along 30th Street between 10th und 11th avenue.

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By ferry

Finally, ns Midtown ferry stop at die terminal punkt West 39th Street and the west Side Highway. From there it’s only five blocks south zu Hudson Yards.

What to do near Edge

The Hudson Yards neighborhood is close kommen sie multiple well-known NYC attractions. Here’s part ideas for how zu spend her time before or ~ visiting Edge.

Explore Hudson Yards


Don’t leave ns area before zuerst checking out ns neighborhood. Grab a bite to eat or carry out some shopping inside The shops at Hudson Yards.

Every Tuesday und Thursday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. You kann enjoy the local farmer market. Or make reservations at one von a couple of high-end eateries. Everything zu sein shiny and new. Die architecture ist striking, and the views room some von the best in the city.



Also in Hudson Yards zu sein New York’s newest interactive art installation. Vessel is a honeycomb- prefer structure v 80 various landings and viewpoints von Manhattan, up to 150 feet in the air. You can experience the stadt from multiple angles und take remarkable Instagram-worthy photos as you ascend ns 16 stories to die top.

Note: Vessel is temporarily closed. We’ll upgrade this post when that reopens.

The High Line


The northern entrance kommen sie this elevated park zu sein just steps away native Edge. Die High Line runs from 34th street all die way down to Gansevoort Street bei the Meatpacking District. This popular NYC park features beautiful views of Manhattan, windy art, und a relaxed getaway from die hustle of the city.

We liebe the High Line deshalb much, we’ve had it on ours Hudson Yards walking tour.

Chelsea Market


Walk virtually all ns way kommen sie the ende of the High Line and you’ll with Chelsea market — a Nabisco factory turned at home food market.

With end 60 different food sellers inside, you kann find almost anything your heart desires. It’s also fun to explore und discover the alt factory memorabilia still floating around.

Times Square


The lights. Ns traffic. Die crowds of gawking tourists. Times Square is a must-see attraction in New York. And it’s just 15-20 minutes if freundin walk native Edge. Grab tickets to a Broadway zeigen or see where die iconic new Year’s Eve times Square ball drops.

Circle line Cruise

Credit: joe Mabel / CC BY-SA 2.0

Have tickets to a new York harbor or Statue of Liberty cruise? Well, the Midtown west Pier 83 meeting point ist only a few minutes walk away. On your way, you’ll pass ns Javits Center and walk follow me Hudson river Park.



What are the hours weist Edge?

Edge zu sein open every work from 8 a.m. To midnight during the summer. You tun können ride die elevator trost until 50 minute before closing.

When ist the best time to visit Edge?

If you want kommen sie beat the crowds, the morning ist the best time kommen sie go, ns earlier the better. Late evenings are also less crowded. Walking midday can be nice because it easily fits right into a day von sightseeing, allowing time kommen sie explore Hudson Yards before or afterward.

As far as periods go, spring und summer are die busiest.If sie really want to do sunset, plan weil das crowds. You’ll deshalb need zu book your ticket as beforehand as feasible since sunset tickets sell out the fastest. The jeden tag sunset time ist posted each day on ns Edge website.

Is there a time limit for your visit?

Nope. There is no limit on how lang you kann stay. But about 45 minute to an hour must be plenty von time.

Is sheet accessible?

Yes! There room multiple elevators and ramps zum those who wollen need it throughout their visit. Leistungen animals are so permitted.

What happens if ns weather is bad?

Edge ist open throughout all normalerweise weather conditions. But the outdoor sky deck may close throughout inclement or extreme weather. If this is the case, fahrkarte may be exchanged (but not otherwise).

It zu sein recommended that sie arrive during your ticketed time, as problems do fluctuate. You möchte be recommend on weather conditions and visibility prior kommen sie entering.

A watch of neu York from Edge


Edge provides you die rare opportunity kommen sie experience new York from die tiniest corner von one des the tallest buildings an the city. No other monitoring deck an NYC lasst uns you stare right down from end 1,000 feet in the air.

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Why notfall let one des our experte tour guides nur you around Hudson Yards? You kann explore the area through a local, experience die High Line and even upgrade zum access to Edge. It’s die easiest way to see und do it all!

You’ll never ever forget the breathtaking empfinde of gazing out throughout Manhattan. Check out one of the city’s newest and most renowned attractions und feel what it’s like kommen sie be top top top von the world.