The division solo spielen

The department 2 is surprisingly friendly kommen sie players who prefer zu game alone, but here room some tips in case you struggling


It’s so worth keeping in eye out weil das safe corners, which space areas des arenas where opponents can’t flank you and won’t spawn in on top of you. This möchte let you patiently choose away weist baddies weist a for sure distance. Bei some locations it’s impossible to avoid flankers, deshalb it’s up kommen sie you zu proactively take down fast-moving enemies prior to they get to close und make sure you’re reloading as often as possible an case freundin need zu put a full clip right into a rusher.

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Sometimes die best way to play ns Division 2 einzel player is to cycle betwee a couple von well-protected areas, providing freundin with reasonably consistent hülle while also allowing you zu escape grenades.


What gear kommen sie use

Tactics möchte get you far in this game, but you’ll want zu compliment it with a good skill and weapon setup. The zuerst – and probably most vital – part are ns skills sie want zu use. Flanking ist huge in this game, so you need to be able kommen sie establish your own or cover one area through fire assistance while you handhaben a tougher opponent. The two best skills zum this are ns turret and the drone. Specifically, die Striker Drone and Assault Turret. This both fire punkt enemies automatically, which enables you kommen sie focus on priority targets such together elites or grenadiers.

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The Striker Drone does an excellent job of laying under suppressing fire as well, it renders it viel easier zu circle around or also get in enemy zu run native cover. Die Assault Turret can be thrown bei to different positions. This method you can chuck it into a kind vantage point bei order to have it hülle you from above. Freundin can deshalb lay it bei a position where it will startseite you if everyone sneaks up. This two enable you kommen sie operate together a formation all by yourself.

In terms des which weapons kommen sie use, you’ll usually want kommen sie use a long-range rifle and a rapid-fire weapon like in SMG. The rifle ist going kommen sie be your hauptsächlich way of attacking as you’re going to want kommen sie be at range, plus ns scope ist a substantial boon weil das hitting foe weak points. Ns SMG, on ns other hand, is excellent when blinda firing from hülle if someone gets too close.


One other gadget zu consider as you approach the endgame – where elites, bosses, und armoured foes take end as ns majority – is the Oxidizer Chem Launcher. This fast-recharging beauty strips away opponent armour bei a flash, making ns usually industrious task of breaking under armoured enemies very easy. This is great weil das getting on the front foot an battles with bosses, making it possible kommen sie wipe out ns focal allude before the remaining ads make jene more difficult.

Alternatively, you kann sein pick up the Hive Reviver skill, which möchte revive you upon being downed, provided ns skill isn’t top top cooldown. This wollen save you a lot von frustration together a single player bei The division 2.

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Division 2 solo build

The department 2 has been out for a year now und while therehaven’t beentoo many an extensive updates to the game that möchte affect solo players, we’ve decided kommen sie update this with a single player division 2 build bei case any kind of returning or new players space feeling out of the loop.

Start off v two Badger Tuff und two Fenris kopieren, gruppe AB pieces des armor zum yourbrand set choices. With each other these provide good damage against and protection from elite enemies, buff your armor regeneration, und even buffs her AR damage. Gila Guard ist a very strong sixth an option as it gives freundin a small buff to armor. 5.11 Tactical zu sein another strong choice kommen sie stop sie getting one-shotted über elites.

In terms von talents, Unbreakable is essential together it will give freundin a substantial chunk von armor back when her armor ist depleted and make your next armor kit free zu use in ~ a restricted time frame. There ist a ‘perfect’ variant des this talent that totally refills armor upon depletion, do it practically impossible weil das you to be take away down.

Additional armor talents and mods have to all emphasis on armor stats kommen sie keep the survivability going. Patience, me Adjusting, Safeguard, und Vital space all talents kommen sie keep in eye on.

As weil das weapons, it’s pretty viel up kommen sie you, however you’ll want zu select bei AR zum one slot to ensure you’re reaping the rewards des your brand set. Talent are when again die key thing to aim for: Preservation, Strained, und Naked all suit armor-based builds.

As this solo player build looks after itself, you kann sein basically disregard healing skills. We imply a turret deswegen you kann sein distract enemies, und a damage-dealing gadget like seeker mines.

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