UPDATE: Although die question of whether freundin should purchase a PS4 jeden vs PS4 ist a ausblüten valid one for some of us, there’s a neu contender an town: the PS5.

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Sony PlayStation’s next-generation console is officially out now, however notoriously difficult zu get hold of. Examine out our PS5 review and where kommen sie buy PS5 page to make certain you"re up-to-date. If you’re not sure whether you need die newest console, it’s also worth looking hinweisen our PS5 mit PS4 Pro guide auch – despite it"s likely the older console that"s going to be easier zu find in the comes weeks.

Otherwise, read on zum our PS4 pro vs PS4 compare below...

PS4 jeden vs PS4: i m sorry should sie choose? Although us do oase the PS5 on the market this days, some of us might blieb want zu weigh trost whether we need to go v the alt but reliant PS4, or the more powerful (and much more expensive) PS4 Pro.

It"s a hard decision, an especially if you"re notfall sure what exact improvements Sony has actually made to die standard PS4 to justify its pro label.

Although die PS4 and the PS4 zum support the same library of games und the very same peripherals, ns key difference bolzen the consoles zu sein that die PS4 Pro is capable von playing some von those games an a greater resolution (up kommen sie 4K).

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While the PS4 jeden isn"t as powerful as Sony"s newest next-generation console, die PS5, ns PS4 pro hardware is ausblüten a huge improvement on die standard playstations 4 and it tun können offer better performance and visuals than die standard console together a result. With enhanced hardware, however, comes a higher price point and those with affordability an mind may notfall find die upgrades the PS4 pro offers justify the increase bei cost.

So, is the mid-generation PS4 pro the console for you? Or zu sein the standard version a better fit? Should you stop considering these 2 older consoles altogether und save up for the PS5 instead? Well, we"re going kommen sie delve into ns price, design, specs, graphics, VR performance and other aspects of both consoles zu help sie make her choice betwee the PS4 und PS4 Pro.We"ve also added a section at die bottom des this piece about what you"ll be acquiring from ns newest console: ns PS5.


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The zum offers some fairly obvious benefits over die original PS4, however there are ausblüten several reasons zu go zum the latter, notfall least the lower price. Take it a watch at die list des current deals below, plucked from die web"s top retailers.

Of course, if you decide the a PS4 Pro is more up your alley, you"re in for a law –especially if you schutz a neu 4K HDR television zu play it on. You"ll find the lowest price on Sony"s game stations 4 jeden further under below.

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Knowing ns difference betwee the 2 PS4 models kann sein make all ns difference throughout sales, as you"ll it is in able to spot a actual bargain viel more easily.