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When the comes kommen sie which tattoo drawing apps are die best tattoo design software, it’s really only a one equine race: Procreate. And for i m sorry hardware kommen sie go v your software? Again, why think about anything else, it’s all about ns iPad Pro and the apfel Pencil.

But there are other tattoo apps out there that schutz their merits, deshalb we’re notfall quite perfect yet! What about an excellent ol’ fashioned Photoshop? Or MediBang weil das those who room looking zum a cost-free tattoo design app?!

Read on zum our run through des all those you should think about – that’s before freundin go back to the beginning and get Procreate and bei iPad Pro.

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So, let’s get it out des the way… when it comes to tattoo drawing apps, there really ist no other like Procreate.

Described on die Apple anwendung store together ‘Powerful enough for creative professionals. An easy enough zum everyone’, us can’t say us disagree. It’s pack full des awesome features, allowing you to create beautiful sketches, illustrations or paintings on in ultra-portable canvas.

The interface zu sein elegant however simple, through left and right-handed options, and there room hundreds von varied pressure-sensitive brushes, along with in advanced layering system and stunning filters.

Offering complete PSD support, the exceptional performance of Procreate means zero lag, whilst it wollen autosave repeatedly as freundin go dafür that you’ll never lose anything again.

One cheeky little highlight zum us, zu sein that sie can deshalb watch her creations come to life as it records freundin as freundin go. Your efforts can then it is in exported zu a 30-second 4k time-lapse video und uploaded to social. How kühl is that?!

Procreate reviews online are continuously positive dafür it’s no surprised it’s been named in Apple design Award Winner and bei App store Essential. Its just down side zu sein that it’s just compatible v iPads, but there zu sein a ‘Procreate Pocket’ version for iPhones hinweisen £4.99.

Apple app store rating: 4.4 out von 1.2k reviewsPrice: £9.99


Ahhh Photoshop. Die go-to entwurf industry standard zum enhancing photographs, creating websites, cell phone apps and even packaging. However do we need all this in our tattoo design software?

Both Photoshop and Procreate oase their very own strengths and weaknesses so rather than looking at Photoshop on its own, stop look punkt some von the crucial differences bolzen the two:

Brushes. They both oase hundreds but Photoshop has actually even much more so, in addition to a totality host von additional people created von others an the Photoshop neighborhood that room downloadable. Functionality. Photoshop just has more. More editing tools, better exporting options… ns list goes on.Layers. Procreate is limited von the iPad. Depending upon your memory storage you kann get betwee 28 to 90 layers. V Photoshop, you have hundreds. You’re also able kommen sie amend all layers hinweisen once, applying filters, whereas an Procreate the one painful layer weist a time. Keyboard Shortcuts. seen as you’re using an Apple Pencil v Procreate, sie won’t schutz a keyboard zu do any shortcuts so Photoshop is definitely die winner below Procreate kann be provided with a keyboard however who attaches one zu their iPad? notfall us. Monitor Size. the biggest you’ll ever lakers your an innovative on Procreate zu sein 12.9”, ns size of the best iPad screen. Interface.

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as we discussed previously, Procreate has bei elegant interface that’s simple kommen sie use. That easy kommen sie figure out right from die start, whereas Photoshop is a time investment.App usage. There’s to be talk des a Photoshop app for a when now. There space a couple of available (Photoshop Express, Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix) but none seem zu be die full ja wirklich thing. Until we here officially otherwise, we’re suspect Photoshop zu sein desktop just whilst Procreate is iPad only.

The short des it zu sein probably that those who schutz been making use of Photoshop zum years (it’s been about since ns 90s) are deswegen used kommen sie it that they’ll remain with it forever now. That really ist the best tool zum graphic design and professional digital art. But when it comes kommen sie tattoo entwurf software und the level of functionality needed, if you’re glücklich to adjust or are nur starting out, Procreate ist the way kommen sie go.

Price: £19.97 von month for in individual or £20.28 weil das a business

Photoshop layout and the perfect tattoo done über Lianne Moule weist Immortal Ink, Essex, UK.


If you looking weil das a less complicated sketching app, MediBang can be die way to go weil das you. Designed as a comic creation app, that compatible through Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android. The is so free!

It comes loaded through brushes, fonts und pre-made backgrounds amongst other features, however nowhere near in the bereich of Procreate or Photoshop numbers.

The interface is simple dafür it’s straightforward to nur pick up und go. It deshalb allows for photos kommen sie be imported into layers dafür if she looking zu create a stencil zum a portrait you kann sein map out everything sie need over die top and then print ns stencil illustration straight from your iPad.

If you’re into comics, that easy kommen sie share your work with its network of users über its own cloud-based software program (you should create bei account). It also lets sie easily transition bolzen devices and ensures you don’t shed your work although it tun können take a while zu save bigger pieces. A few online reviews mention about die tattoo design software say the it is crashing every deshalb often, yet it does automatically back-up where freundin left off.

As the a totally free drawing app, it does have ads, but these are confined to the ‘Home’ section und don’t interrupt you wie drawing. Through a 4.6 review rating, it’s certainly doing something right though!

Apple apps Store review Rating: 4.6 out des 1kPrice on the Apple anwendung Store: Free

MediBang layout and the finished tattoo done von Sneaky-Mitch at gold Room Tattoo, Leeds, UK.


If sie ever arbeit with any kind of repeating patterns, Amaziograph will be your new best friend. Unable to do are the days of drawing a section of a repeating pattern und trying zu reproduce it über printing out more und more sections, together Amaziograph möchte do it zum you an about 30 seconds.

For any kind of tessellation or mandala, Amaziograph has 11 pre-built symmetries. Once you touch the screen (Apple Pencil compatible!), the stroke is automatically duplicated weist multiple points across ns canvas. It’s practically quite therapeutic an nature.

It ausblüten comes through a few fancy features, like brush and eraser tools, flexible stroke widths, softness und opacity, a mixable color palette und layers (some limitations on Android) and being able kommen sie draw in dotted und dashed lines.

As through Medibang, it has actually a habit des crashing dafür be sure kommen sie save!

Apple app Store testimonial rating: 4.8 out des 251Apple app Store Price: £0.99

Magic Poser

Magic Poser allows sie to position 3D person forms online like a echt doll by tapping on control points and dragging. Your finished position is then exportable as a PNG or JPG kommen sie be supplied as the base for your illustration elsewhere. Unable to do are the days des asking your far-ranging other to position their hand an a certain way for you to photograph!

You kann sein pose an unlimited number of modell which come an a variety von sizes and genders with differing hair and clothing options, even posing multiple models at a time together with props (from desk chairs to medieval swords!). It so offers realistic adjustable studio lighting allowing you zu move the lighting focus and the shadows that casts.

Although the anwendung is cost-free from ns Apple apps Store, be mindful that just the basic features are complimentary with anything additional, including the pre-set poses, gift charged for.

You kann sein try ns full-featured version zum 7 days, or they oase a totally free web app which is quite entertaining zu play with.

Apple anwendung Store evaluation Rating: 4.5 out of 460Apple anwendung Store Price: Free

Pencil & Paper

You might think we’re being ironic here however there are still countless artists that pay homage to ns regular pencil und paper top top a daily basis and don’t seen the need to use something else. The worked zum years deswegen why change?


There’s no doubt that tech has really revolutionized how die majority von tattooists draw in the last few years but even zum those that don’t use them together their consistent drawing kit, a painting could still start out ~ above paper. You don’t constantly need tattoo entwurf software.

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So, schutz you to buy Procreate yet?

If sie want to oase the same freedom while tattooing that you schutz with a pen, have a look hinweisen our Advice Hub post on ns best wireless tattoo options.