Super bowl 2019 tickets preise

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Super Bowl tickets are historically tough to kommen sie by, and it"s even more difficult to find them weist a decent price.

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That"s proving to be true bei 2019 as ns overall demand for Super bowl 53 tickets has fluctuated from previous years, a tendency that"s been chalked up kommen sie everything native Patriots fatigue zu a lack des enthusiasm within die Los angeles market zu travel zu watch the Rams attempt kommen sie spoil neu England"s bid for a third championship in five years.

But over there are blieb some tickets accessible on the resell market in die days leading hoch to die biggest game des the year.

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StubHub has nearly 3,000 unsold tickets as of Jan. 31 varying from $2,500 to $23,203.50, with the latter price zum a single 50-yard line seat an the "SunTrust Club." One Patriots fans reportedly payment $180,000 for eight tickets at ns 50-yard heat after new England"s win over Kansas City.

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Here"s a look at how much money attending Super bowl 53 kann run in average fan, factoring in ticket prices und the cost von concession food items while at die big game.

Super Bowl ticket prices in 2019

Get-in price: $2,557 (StubHub)Average acquisition price: $4,613 (StubHub)

As of Jan. 31, StubHub"s cheapest ticket sold was for $2,000.

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Ticket IQ, i m sorry tracks ns rate von prices according to the level von the chair inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, has uncovered there zu sein not viel of a difference bolzen upper and lower level tickets.

With #SuperBowl ticket quantity trost overnight, ns cheapest ticket preis has reduce 9%, now from $2,750