Star wars in deutschland

Find out just how this planet’s real-life inspired filmmaker george Lucas zu create his sci-fi saga bei a galaxy far, much away.

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Find out how this planet’s real-life inspired filmmaker george Lucas kommen sie create his sci-fi saga an a galaxy far, far away.

When george Lucas developed the storyline weil das “Star Wars” and crafted his heroes and villains, he tapped right into elements des theology, mysticism and mythology and also his knowledge des classic films. Und befitting a story collection a “long time ago,” real-life deshalb played a main role in shaping die filmmaker’s space opera.


George Lucas attends the European Premiere von “Star Wars: the Force Awakens.” (Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

“I liebe, dafür while ns psychological basis of ‘Star Wars’ ist mythological, the political und social bases room historical,” Lucas said the boston Globe in a 2005 interview. In fact, the filmmaker ist such a buff the he collaborated bei the publication des the 2013 publication “Star Wars and,” which was edited von professors nancy R. Reagin und Janice Liedl. 

Written von a dozen top historians and reviewed and confirmed von Lucas, “Star Wars and” identifies the numerous real-life figures und events that inspired die science-fiction franchise, including die following:

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There’s nothing subtle around this historical allusion in “Star Wars.” ~ all, ns elite assault forces fanatically devoted to the Galactic empire share a common name with die paramilitary kampfflugzeug who protected the nazi- Party—stormtroopers. The Imperial officers’ uniforms und even Darth Vader’s helmet resemble those worn von German military members in World war II, und the progressive rise of Palpatine indigenous chancellor zu emperor copy Adolf Hitler’s similar political climb from chancellor zu dictator. 

The empire wasn’t ns only side an “Star Wars” the cribbed nazi- imagery, however. The final scene von the initial 1977 “Star Wars” bei which Princess Leia awards medals zu Rebel heroes Luke Skywalker und Han Solo while soldiers stood weist attention echoed die massive nazi rallies in Nuremberg captured bei Leni Riefenstahl’s 1935 propaganda film “Triumph von the Will.”

Richard Nixon

Although there space parallels bolzen Emperor Palpatine and dictators such together Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, ns direct inspiration weil das the saga’s angry antagonist was actually an American president. According zu J.W. Rinzler’s “The Making des Star Wars: Return des the Jedi,” when asked if Emperor Palpatine was a Jedi throughout a 1981 story conference, Lucas responded, “No, he was a politician. Richard M. Nixon was his name. That subverted die senate and finally took over und became bei imperial guy and he was really evil. Yet he pretended zu be a yes, really nice guy.” 

In a 2005 interview published an the chicago Tribune, Lucas stated he originally conceived “Star Wars” together a reaction kommen sie Nixon’s presidency. “It was really about ns Vietnam War, and that was die period wherein Nixon was trying kommen sie run weil das a term, which gott me to thinking historically around how execute democracies get turned into dictatorships? Because ns democracies aren’t overthrown; they’re given away.”

Vietnam War

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The guerilla zu sein waged von the Rebel Alliance against die Galactic empire mirrored die battle between an insurgent force und a global superpower that was playing out in Vietnam as Lucas wrote “Star Wars”.