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By Kevin Lee
If you're one des the lucky few who managed kommen sie snag a PS5 from the limited inventory, climate it's worth making sure you've gott the best gear to go together your neu platform. Zu make the most out von the new system's capabilities, you've hopefully gott a 4K TV or überwacht with support for HDMI 2.1 and a 120Hz update rate, especially as ns latter function delivers a whole new experience compared to previous console generations. But, video zu sein only part von the experience, dafür you'll want kommen sie be certain your hands are on die best controllers, your ears are tuned in to the best headphones, und all her accessories arbeit well with the PS5.

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We've rounded up die best options weil das you kommen sie deck the end your PS5 zum a compelling and convenient experience. Whether you need a controller, a fight stick, a gaming headset, or bei external warehouse drive weil das more games, you'll it is in able to find a high-quality accessory among our picks. Examine out these certified refurbished video game accessories from eBay.

TL;DR – this are die Best PS5 Accessories:

1. DualSense PS5 Controller

Best PS5 Controller

DualSense PS5 Controller
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Sony’s DualSense controller (read our review) zum the playstations 5 actually has some game-changing technology tuned und ready to go weil das the latest generation von games. While you will do it be obtaining a familiar entwurf from previous controller generations, hinweisen least an terms von the shape, it’s what’s inside that makes all die difference. It’s not nur a simple rumble motiv sitting inside die DualSense however rather advanced haptics that schutz enough nuance kommen sie take those happening an the game and give your hands part stimulation to match.

Then there are ns adaptive triggers. Some pro controllers have an option kommen sie tune how far you depress a trigger, but Sony’s DualSense controller kann actually increase the resistance von the cause on the fly, making the harder kommen sie pull ns trigger if you’re wielding a heavy bow or even locking up die trigger if your gun jams, together developers oase toyed with bei the upcoming Deathloop. The DualSense takes the controller and makes it an ext than just bei input technique but more a part von the yes, really gameplay experience.

2. Aim Controllers Customized PS5 DualSense Controller

Best tradition PS5 Controller

Aim Controllers Customized PS5 DualSense Controller
See on aim Controllers

Sony hasn't provided many options for restyling her PS5 nor your DualSense controller. While die sheer number von re-skinned DualShock 4 controllers must be a an excellent indication des what we'll eventually see for the DualSense, sie don't schutz to wait around zum that. Target Controllers allows weil das extensive – und we average extensive! – customization von nearly every facet des the DualSense controller.

With target Controllers' customizations, you kann change die colors of various sections of the controller individually. The color palette on offer isn't auch big, but Aim Controllers offers a decent selection as well together a couple of multi-color options. Wie man it comes to buttons und controls, aim Controllers' customization goes past color. You kann swap out ns type von analog sticks, turn die action tasten into little bullet casings, shorten ns travel of the triggers, and even remove ns vibration motors zu trim load (though that can ruin part games). Target Controllers deshalb provides the option to add on a Spider action paddle taste set on ns rear of the controller. Ns customizations don't come cheap, yet you'll it is in able to make a controller that's truly your own.

3. HexGaming rival

Best luxury PS5 Controller

HexGaming competitor
See ~ above HexGaming

The DualSense controller ist great, but HexGaming renders it even better with ns HexGaming Rival. This ist basically a highly customized version des the controller, letting you not only take control des the look of your DualSense controller but also how the feels and behaves.

The HexGaming competitor replaces tons von elements des the DualSense, offering some in aesthetic reskin and some a vain upgrade. You’ll gain multiple thumbstick options with different heights and concave or convex tops. Sie can also get hair triggers, dafür you’ll be much more likely to shoot first. The HexGaming rival even contains a pair of customizable rear buttons you kann sein any type of other standard manage to, giving you easy access to whichever taste you require without needing zu move her thumbs off die analog sticks. This controller comes at a serious premium, but you’re obtaining a bunch des extra style und capability ~ above top des the price von the conventional DualSense.

4. Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Best PS5 Gaming Headset

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
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Sony has promised the PS5 will deliver 3D audio zum enhanced surround sound to make games more realistic. While the sounds great zum those of us who oase multichannel speaker systems, rather using nur their television speakers more than likely won’t be able to get the same effect. If you’re notfall ready to throw down die money zum multiple speaker or a an intricate soundbar and AV receiver, die PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset could be just what freundin need.

The PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is bei official game stations headset draft specifically zu deliver 3D Audio from die PS5. The headset comes with connects to Sony’s console through a wireless USB adapter dafür you’ll deshalb be able kommen sie use this headset through your computer. Sie can also expect zu get up kommen sie 12 hours of wireless play und it comes with integrated rechargeable batteries.

5. WD black SN850

Best PS5 SSD

WD_Black SN850 through Heatsink
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If freundin want the best SSD weil das your PS5, you going zu want the best SSD weil das gaming. That happens zu be ns WD schwarze farbe SN850. Heck, unterschrift Cerny himself gott the WD schwarz SN850 for his PS5 and he was lead system architect on the console. This drive ist a speed demon. It kann hit a sequential read speed des 7,000MB/s thanks an part to ns bandwidth provided von its PCIe 4.0 x4 connections. So, when you want to build out a sizable library des PS5 games, this ist the drive zu let you do dafür without slowing down your loading times.

The drive ist ready zu go in your PS5, und the ausführung we’ve picked consists of its own heatsink zu help it keep maximum performance even wie man under load. Every this power will kommen sie at a nice high premium, yet you kann sein opt for a dimension that wollen meet your needs if you don’t want to go weil das the biggest, many expensive model. The drive comes in 500GB, 1TB, und 2TB capacities.

6. WD schwarz P50 game Drive 1TB

Best PS5 außen Hard Drive

WD schwarz P50 game Drive 1TB
See on finest Buy

Say goodbye to the days of having zu redownload gamings that you'd formerly uninstalled since your PS5 had run out of space. A recent PS5 update from Sony has finally made it possible to auslieferung your PS5 gamings from inner storage to bei external drive, und then you kann sein simply transfer them back to the internal storage when you want zu play them. And, if sie plan zu do a gewächs of that, you'll want die WD schwarze farbe P50 video game Drive.

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This isn't some slow-poke hard drive. Rather, it's a high-speed SSD that can hit lieferung speeds up zu 2,000MB/s. That's a last faster than your ISP ist likely to oase you re-downloading games, plus that won't count against any säule caps due to the fact that you're not re-downloading anything. You kann sein get this drive an a couple of different capacities native 500GB up kommen sie 4TB, though die 1TB und 2TB options wollen likely hit die sweet spot zum ample warehouse without freundin paying auch much zum space that'll just get cluttered with alt games sie might never ever actually re-install.

7. PS5 DualSense Controller Charging Station

Best PS5 Controller Charger

DualSense Charging terminal
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As good as the DualSense Controller is, it can run out des juice generally if you’re gaining a lot of play an throughout ns week. Remembering kommen sie charge it typically isn’t always die easiest thing to do either, und you never ever want to anfang a video game session nur to find out you’re going zu need to plug an the whole time. The PS5 DualSense Controller Charging station helps freundin avoid this problem.

This anklagebank will help sie get a pair des controllers charging and keep castle topped up. Using die charging station ist as simple as sliding the controller into ns stand. So, instead des fussing through a USB-C cable after ~ every play session nur to stay topped up, you can just collection your controller down at the ende of die day with ns knowledge that it’ll be charged und ready zum you the next time you sit down to play.

8. PS5 Media Remote

Best PS5 far Control

PS5 Media remote
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Most modern-day consoles twin as streaming devices so why notfall get a PS5 Media Controller wie you’re using ns PS5 zu stream or play your Blu-Ray discs.

Sure you could usage a DualSense controller kommen sie get ns same job done, yet you’ll schutz to save referring to die on-screen button guide kommen sie know even if it is hitting die cross taste pauses or plays. Meanwhile, on die PS5 Media Remote zu sein clearly labeled and you’ve got customizable shortcut keys zu launch your favorite apps favor Netflix and Disney+.

9. Logitech G923

Best PS5 racing Wheel

Logitech G923
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Gran Turismo 7 ist easily one of the many anticipated games for next-gen und if freundin want zu play it right on die PS5 you’re going to need a gyeongju wheel weil das it. The Logitech G923 ist one of the newest racing wheel to kommen sie to market and it’s a solid auswahl with good ergonomics and 900-degrees des rotation.

Although it just offers an okay amount von force rückmeldung compared kommen sie belt-driven and direct drive wheels, it so costs hilfreich as viel as more facility racing wheels at $400. If you’re looking weil das that bit of extra realism and precision this is the ideal racing wheel to get zum the PS5 right now.

10. PS5 HD Camera

Best PS5 Camera

PS5 HD Camera
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The PS5 zu sein shaping up zu be a solid console zum streaming and recording gameplay, however if freundin want zu record yourself und take your content to die next level she going zu want die PS5 HD Camera. While this peripheral might just look choose a much more compact version des the PS4’s Camera V2, this one was made primarily for broadcasting yourself.

Firstly the captures videobilien at 1080p with a pair des wide-angle lenses to capture a vast range von shots. It deshalb comes with integrated background removed tools deshalb you kann easily include yourself kommen sie your gameplay video without having kommen sie buy and set up a gigantic green screen.

11. Victrix pro FS

Best PS5 hit Stick

Victrix pro FS
See on amazonas

The PS4 had a good run wie it came to fighting games, and the Victrix zum FS (read our review) proved the best hit stick weil das that platform. Now, in the PS5 generation, it continues kommen sie lead the pack. Die Victrix zum FS is an incredibly premium fight stick do all the way about with a dark, brushed aluminum that kann stand up kommen sie some abuse. It functions a unique padded bottom v plenty von grip kommen sie hold it an place during intense bouts, und it has handles zum easy carrying. The joystick is deshalb simple to detach wie man you want to store it.

The Victrix jeden FS includes a Sanwa joystick und Sanwa buttons, ensuring you get a top-notch arcade experience ideal out des the box. And, with an easy-open back panel, you can open die case up und customize die components kommen sie your liking. This is an expensive struggle stick, however once you put her hands ~ above it, most other fight sticks nur won't feel die same.

12. KontrolFreek battle Royale Nightfall power Kit

Best PS5 performance Thumbstick Add-on

KontrolFreek battle Royale Nightfall performance Kit
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Want kommen sie enhance her DualSense? ns KontrolFreek battle Royale Nightfall performance Kit möchte let you do that. This kit includes two thumbstick attachments and extra grip. The thumbstick attachments extend die height of your analog sticks, giving you finer control. Die thumbsticks deshalb have added grip.

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Then there’s die rubberized wrap that goes onto ns palm grips des the controller dafür you tun können have a far better hold on your DualSense. The desmandico.neted to wick moisture and improve air flow as well, plus the won’t leave a sticky residue if freundin remove or reposition it.