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Sonos is refreshing the best-sounding music speaker today, but the neu product is so similar zu its predecessor that there’s zero reason weil das anyone v a Play:5 zu consider in upgrade. That new speaker zu sein called ns Sonos Five. Und though it now shares branding with die Sonos One, which was the company’s zuerst product with integrated voice assistant capabilities, die Sonos 5 oddly does not incorporate a built-in microphone for use with amazonas Alexa or google Assistant.

Sonos said me the it’s fully focused on sound performance v this product und points zu that as die reasoning weil das why that didn’t add mics to die design. The company deshalb says that customers tend zu put die Play:5 (and now Sonos Five) in spots whereby a voice assistant would certainly be inconsequential and of restricted use. I’m not really convinced by either of those explanations, however privacy-minded consumers möchte appreciate the decision.

In terms of audio quality, Sonos says ns Sonos 5 offers an identical hear experience kommen sie that of the Play:5. It’s ausblüten got the same six custom-designed chauffeurs inside. Die external entwurf is deshalb unchanged except zum the finish; this one comes in all-black or all-white options, whereas the “white” second-gen Play:5 had actually a two-tone look v a schwarze farbe speaker grill. (I loved that design, however Sonos states customers requested bei all-white version.) freundin can ausblüten use it bei both vertical and horizontal orientations, and it retains die auxiliary input weil das turntables and other außen music sources.

So what is different, then? the Sonos five has “increased memory und processing power und a new wireless radio.” And... That’s it, folks. If freundin used the two speaker side über side, ich guess freundin might an alert that increased horsepower; my Play:5 does get hung nach oben momentarily from time to time. But an ext than something else, this refresh seems zu be around readying ns Sonos Five zum another 4 or five years an the company’s lineup.

You can be feeling a little underwhelmed von the Sonos Five, and to it is in honest, so in I. The question i keep asking myself ist “why now?” die Play:5 zu sein already compatible with the company’s S2 platform and is hence (hopefully) guarantee firmware updates und new features zum some time to come, deswegen what’s the reasoning weil das this young refresh?

The Play:5 has always been die speaker that smart speakers favor the amazon Echo and Apple’s HomePod could never fairly measure up kommen sie — unless sie bought two von them, anyway. However now, Sonos’ competitors are getting more serious around delivering pleasing, room-filling sound. Ns best example von this is Amazon’s $200 Echo Studio. It might not be quite at the level von the Play:5 if sie did a hear test, but amazon is comes closer and closer hinweisen a substantially cheaper price.

Sonos, meanwhile, seems content to remainder on its laurels with ns Sonos Five und risk gaining leapfrogged. Ns company is blieb innovating in other areas, and the Arc ist a showcase des that. But ich use mine Play:5 every day, and I expected to feel a smidge of temptation kommen sie upgrade whenever ns next one come around. However nope. Notfall with every this sameness. I’ve no doubt the Sonos Five wollen sound excellent und outperform viel of ns competition; ich was just expecting a wenig more after ~ this lang of a wait.

Sonos Five

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