Sonos play 5 2. generation

Having own both, i thought the it would certainly be a great idea zu publish a post around Sonos beat 5 Gen 1 vs Gen 2, so here sie go.

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The Sonos play 5 (a.k.a region Player S5) was introduced in 2009.

The pat 5 was Sonos’ erste all-in-one unit. After numerous years und software upgrades Sonos decided kommen sie retire the Play 5 with die release des a neu improved ausführung dubbed ns Play 5 (Gen2) introduced an 2015.

The previous model became known as the Play 5 (Gen1).


As you kann sein see the Play 5 (Gen2) on the right has bei impressive speaker variety compared zu that von the play 5 (Gen1) on die left. Having owned a pat 5 (Gen1); IMO the Play 5 (Gen2) outperforms ns Play 5 (Gen 1) bei all aspects.

As you tun können see the Play 5 (Gen2) on ns right has an impressive speaker array compared kommen sie that des the beat 5 (Gen1) on the left. Having actually owned a beat 5 (Gen1); IMO the Play 5 (Gen2) outperforms the Play 5 (Gen 1) an all aspects.

Two play 5 (Gen2) tun können be provided as surround speakers an a Sonos home Theater (HT); whereas ns Play 5 (Gen1) cannot. That ist because the latter does not support die 5Ghz frequency required kommen sie receive die discrete audio for surround impacts sent über a Sonos Playbar, Playbase, Beam or Amp.

Front Profile


IMO ns Play 5 (Gen2) makes a much more impactful visual statement. Even the Sonos logo ist perforated zu allow best sonic performance.

Rear Profile


Some might argue that the port on the rückseitig of ns Play 5 (Gen1) made the easier zu move bolzen locations. In truth it is a same assessment. However, i haven’t to let go it as my pat 5 (Gen2) are in stereo pair und not moved from room zu room.

You will deshalb notice ns 3.5 mm headphone jack and second Ethernet port found on die Play 5 (Gen1) are missing from the Play 5 (Gen2).

Personally, i don’t need an extra Ethernet port kommen sie extend mine network and therefore schutz not let go its omission on ns Play 5 (Gen2). Die 3.5 mm headphone jack was IMO redundant and is discussed an the footnotes.

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The 3.5 mm line-in port (not circled) ist present on the Play 5 (Gen1) und Play 5 (Gen2). It enables connection of an outboard audio source such together a turntable with pre-amp or another maker capable von sending audio.


Here you lakers the flexibel orientation options von the beat 5 (Gen2) versus the einzel option zum the play 5 (Gen1).



In this gemälde (on ns right) you seen the progressed Touch perceptible controls des the pat 5 (Gen2) versus ns physical button controls of the pat 5 (Gen1) on the left. Ich think you’ll agree that ns Play 5 (Gen2) through touch sensitive controls exudes a much more refined, futuristic look through clean uninterrupted lines.

Both devices have führen zu status lights that adjust colors (learn their an interpretation here in Sonos" own site).

Play 5 (Gen1) controls are bei vertical pattern: Pause/Play und Volume +/- Play 5 (Gen2) controls are in horizontal pattern: Volume (-) _Pause/Play_Volume (+)

Closing Remarks

I expect this write-up has provided freundin with useful die info regarding die differences und similarities bolzen the Sonos beat 5 (Gen1) and Play 5 (Gen2).

The pat 5 (Gen1) was in outstanding speak upon its frühen zeitpunkt release bei 2009. Good sound, wireless connectivity and a welcome addition to die Sonos ecosystem for whole residence audio enjoyment.

In today’s world technology stands ausblüten for no one. The introduction von the pat 5 (Gen2) was inevitable.

Unlike many 2nd generation commodities from some manufacturers Sonos’ release des the beat 5 (Gen2) in 2015 was bei improvement on the first (at least IMO).

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However, with any kind of speaker regardless of claimed specs and features only you kann decide if one outperforms (or just equals) another. For my money, ns Sonos beat 5 (Gen2) surpassed its predecessor.