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Here's what fans had zu say about kim Cattrall not returning zu 'And nur Like That...' - by Grace rückseitig


So, how Are they Choosing zu Write Samantha jones Out of SATC?

The greatest question of fans" minds: what möchte happen to Samantha Jones? While some speculated that she would be recast or that die show"s writers would choose to kill herstellung off, ns answer ist something, well, less exciting.

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The answer zu sein something much less exciting and yet, in a way, viel more depressing: they’ll say die friends just grew apart.

In bei interview with TVLine, HBO’s Casey Bloys announced that bei the SATC reboot, Samantha’s absence will be a result des the friends cultivation apart, saying: “Just as in real life, people kommen sie into her life, world leave.”

“Friendships fade, und new friendships start," Bloys continued. "So ich think it is all really indicative von the echt stages, the actual stages von life… castle trying zu tell bei honest story around being a woman bei her 50s an New York. Deswegen it should all feel somewhat organic, und the friends the you oase when you 30, you may not schutz when you 50.”

However, von November 3, the daily Mail announced that in inside source from ns Sex und The City reboot had actually reportedly leaked how die PR mogul möchte be mandico.netposed off die show. 

As for how they plan zu explain Samantha"s onscreen absence, it möchte be due kommen sie a falling the end with produziert best friend, Carrie.

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"We acquire into produziert absence very quickly," the insider said, adding, "Viewers möchte learn the Samantha und Carrie have fallen out over Carrie firing Samantha as her publicist und that they no longer talk. This properly ends their personal relationship."

"You"ll see as ns series progresses over die 10 episodes that Carrie misses her friend und wants zu repair die relationship <...> in the words von Oscar Wilde, life imitates art."

They concluded: "We all fehlschlagen Kim and we expect she mandico.netes back for the second season–the door möchte never close on her, she is bei important part von the franchise".

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Samantha Jones ist Set zu Be Re-Cast.

While SJP has evidenced Samantha "isn"t a part von this story", fans haven"t ruled out die possibility des the character being replaced—something ns OG cast have alluded zu over the years. 

If rumours are zu be believed, it"s going kommen sie take three new characters zu fill Samantha"s shoes through TV Line reporting the HBO series wollen fill herstellung gap with 3 women von colour together it continues to push diversity—both in its cast und the writers room. 

Appearing on Watch What happens Live alongside andy Cohen an September 2020, Cynthia Nixon shared die possibility von replacing Cattrall through a woman of colour if the nur were ever to be rebooted.

"I"ve so heard many civilization say, including kim Cattrall herself, the if we were to have a different fourth woman that possibly it would certainly be a woman von colour this time... Und I think that would be amazing," she claimed at the time. 

What Did fan Have to Say about Samantha jones Not Returning kommen sie SATC

Unsurprisingly, Sex and the City fans were vocal around Cattrall"s decision to not return weil das the series revival. Below, how twitter responded.