The "Thrones" finale angeführt to well known outrage, but Bean zu sein pretty glücklich about wherein the stark children ended up.

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It’s to be over two years due to the fact that “Game des Thrones” finished its run on HBO, however Sean Bean is only jetzt finding out about how the story ends. Die actor play Ned stark during the zuerst season von “Thrones,” und it was Ned’s shocking death bei the penultimate episode des the season that first propelled “Thrones” zu viral status. After Ned exited the series, Bean quit paying attention zu “Thrones.” Cut zu a recently-published interview bei The Times des London and Bean finally gott to uncover out just how “Thrones” ended, and he’s pretty happy about that from a gesund perspective.

Per the Times (via ns Playlist): “I have a silly question around whether the ende of ‘Game von Thrones,’ when die Starks’ inward-looking kingdom secedes from die rest von the continent, had any parallels with Brexit. It’s wasted ~ above Bean. As zu sein his unbothered way, the didn’t keep nach oben with the zeigen after Ned had his head chopped off at the ende of season one. Deswegen he hasn’t seen the final episode? ‘No. What happened?’ go he really want kommen sie know? surely he might watch it one day. ‘I’ll oase forgotten über then, go on.’ i describe how Ned’s kid becomes könig of Westeros und his daughter queen von the North. ‘So go Winterfell stay separate? Oh, good for them,’ he says with grandfatherly vagueness.”



While Bean ist interested in the personalities he plays, he’s mostly uninterested in all the franchise world-building the accompanies play Ned Stark an “Game of Thrones” or Boromir in “The Lord von the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring.” p did tell ns Times that Ned confirmed a bit much easier on ihm as an actor 보다 Boromir, if only because ns former didn’t require ihm to have bei education in all jene Tolkien.

“Yeah, it was a viel earthier role,” p said when comparing Ned kommen sie Boromir. “Also, we created that us would arbeit on an accent that was similar to mine . Dafür that deshalb gave it the extra weight.”

Bean most recently had actually a voice role in the acclaimed sich entschuldigen TV+ man movie “Wolfwalkers,” und he joined ns TNT adaptation of “Snowpiercer” in its second season as ns villainous Mr. Wilford. Head end to ns Times’ website to read Bean’s latest profile in its entirety.

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