30 hull, 14 turret mit 8 hull, 18 turret.I wonder if it no a mistake together Daimler Mk ii seems more apropriet zum basic ally vehicle.

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So A13 has far better acceleration und slightly worse maximal speed 보다 AB41.But transforming speed und turning arc von A13 room a disgrace.

Solid shoot autocanon with 8 rounds wie and in MG through 24 mögen don’t sound outstanding.But maybe bei combat it möchte perform well.

SAdly no - they are both prety pathetic - die A13 2 pdr strugels with the mighty 8mm armour of the abdominal muscle (everywhere except die turret front).

And die AB seems zu equally battle with the A13 - that certainly kann kill it, yet seems to take a while.

Nothing favor what you will do expect historical performance to be for a 2 pdr f’sure - a really badly borked tank damage model again


Plus of prozess the A13 was long out des service von Tunisia!

Daimler mit AB and Crusader ii vs M13/40 or M14/41 sem like apparent matches - yet no, yes sir a legacy des screwing around with stunner chouices zu be preserved here!

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1974322 16 september 2021 15:48 #62

My experience ist that abdominal absolutely destroys ns A13, because auto cannon wipes Cruiser crew, while 2 pounder geeignet does zero damages like every AP an the game.

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6634663 16 september 2021 18:23 #63

The incredibly off subject debate around flags end here…You can take that conversation elsewhere. Please stay on subject here. Posts an question schutz been removed.

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98547181 17 september 2021 00:57 #65

M14 the actually in amazing tank. Und win most of tenis matches against the allied starter one…

I m yet to lakers anyone with the second tank on ally side, but so far tank matches against die allied starter tank are worth my time.

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The just downside, it’s die clear MG bug the tank right now have…

36354531 17 september 2021 11:01 #66

I’ve just briefly tried second British tank but it feeling worse than the zuerst one dafür I switched back. It ist faster however not schon fast enough that you are a difficult target to hit.

The couple of times i played the if I got shot it instantly blew up which zu sein because it has less armour i suppose.

I need to take the to ns training range and figure the end angles and kill shots etc.

24811726 17 september 2021 11:34 #67

M14 the actually in amazing tank. Und win most von tenis matches against ns allied starter one…

I m yet to see anyone with the second tank on allied side, but dafür far tank matches against die allied starter tank space worth my time.

Well die M14 has actual armor - ich haven’t been trost against a M14 and don’t use them - yet can’t imagine castle having any trouble weist all v 14mm des A13 turret front armour!

So I’d intend it zu be punkt a far-ranging advantage vs the A13 - more deswegen since ns 2 pdr ap is pathetic.

I used the Daimer a/c when - never ever again - completely useless.

The Daimer needs zu go und be replaced über the Crusader Mk 2 i think - as long as really 2 pdr performance is included - otherwise none of the allied tanks will be worth using until ns Grant.

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2-pounder works on M14 just fine, after football player learned where gunner is, they just spam shell there, due to the fact that they schutz like 2x far better RoF. You cant then execute anything an M14, since damage models are buggy again, M14 sometimes wont penetrate even turret von Cruiser.Funny thing is, they should oase same RoF.And Daimler is worse, they should have swaped places.

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