Samsung S7 Edge Tricks

This guide möchte teach you how kommen sie master die Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge and enjoy every little thing your call has kommen sie offer. While ns Galaxy S7 ist a few years old now, it’s blieb a great phone that civilization continue to enjoy. Even if it is this is your zuerst Galaxy or one von many android smartphones, we’ll go over everything from transferring charme from in old phone zu running 2 apps punkt once. You kann even customize und add themes zu your Galaxy.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge zu sein a premium phone with tons des features that you probably don’t understand about. Bei fact, there are a lot of kühl things die Galaxy S7 can do. Discovering them all zu sein a complicated task weil das beginners, yet here we’ll breakdown things in a method that’s easy zu understand.

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After using die Galaxy S7 Edge weil das over a year und a für hilfe we’ve tried everything and have a great understanding of the device. Even after die recent samsung Galaxy Oreo update. We’ll nur you what settings to change, und where zu find them. Our slideshow besteht aus the basics, und advanced features und controls surprise deep down an settings.


While many des the tips and tricks below are sachen average individuals know, we discovered hidden tricks too. Basically, we have a little of something zum everyone. Those comes from bei older android phone möchte notice a lot of new options und features, especially with android Oreo.

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Forget reading manuals or asking ns internet, everything sie need to know about Samsung’s S7 is right here bei the slideshow below. We’ll continue to update this overview with neu features and tips together they come with software application updates.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge advice & Tricks

At first we’re going to anfang with some des the basics. Tasks or functions that almost everyone that owns a Galaxy S7 or Edge will need or want zu do at some point. These are so tips based on die questions we get asked die most.

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The slideshow below möchte teach owners multiple sachen they need zu know about die Galaxy S7 und the bigger curved Galaxy S7 Edge. Each slide has key die info or links to how kommen sie guides. Or, thorough instructions and screenshots zu master every feature. You kann sein click top top any image to jump forward to that slide. Drop us comment below with any questions or concerns.

How to Take a Screenshot
How to Take a Screenshot

Taking und saving a screenshot is very simple on samsung smartphones. All owners need zu do ist push und hold both ns power und physical home button (fingerprint scanner) at the same time. Push und hold till it makes a noise, und let go. Screenshots tun können then be edited or shared. Perfect weil das saving funny pictures, memes, text messages, snippets of in email and more.

Briefly push and hold both buttons and let go, and you’ll see und hear the screenshot capture. That’s it. Ns phone saves whatever was being displayed, und can be accessed from die gallery. Then, a setting is enabled under “Advanced settings” dubbed “Smart capture” which reflects additional die info after a screenshot. Prefer instantly taking an additional screenshot (down bei entire emails or webpage) or instantly crop and share it.

There is so a second an approach that’s also easier, although i find myself using ns above method the most. Samsung has practiced gestures with its phones for a screenshot. Nur swipe the edge of your hand across the entire display kommen sie capture a screenshot. You’ve probably done this top top accident und didn’t understand how, but it’s a feature.

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The image above shows the hand gesture zum taking screenshots v ease. Here zu sein even more die info on taking screenshots with die Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.