One of the greatest sachen ever made von Samsung is their virtual fact headset, a luxury model, available at a more-than-pocket-friendly price. And you recognize what’s die coolest teil about it? sie can deshalb watch 3D movie on samsung Gear VR, because it’s not just zum games!

There are fairly a few great ways kommen sie watch movies on it, but we gambling that nur a few des you know about all turn off them! Considering this, we’ve placed together a guide ~ above how zu watch equipment VR 3D movies easily. Sounds good? Let’s obtain it started?

Use the Oculus Store to download movies

Being made in partnership with die folks over hinweisen Oculus, it’s apparent that you can enjoy some….well Oculus-made content on the Gear VR.

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Just head end to ns Gear VR experiences an the Oculus Store und download any title sie like. Also, in the Oculus video app, which the headset zu sein bundled with, click on “Video”. This will give you die possibility to choose from a selection des Vime, facebook 360 videos and Twitch streams.

However, there’s one huge minus: most des the content you wollen find here is 2D, including ns 360-degree stuff. Yet don’t worry, you can watch VR 3D movies on die headset, as you will find the end shortly.

Watch 3D movies stored on your phone

Technically speaking, this have to be the easiest way kommen sie watch 3D movies on equipment VR, because everything freundin need to do is auslieferung movies on her phone’s memory, climate watch them an virtual reality.

And no, sie can’t download them directly. The pretty hard kommen sie find in app that enables you to download a 3D movies, then play that on any kind of device freundin want.


Considering this, die easiest way des doing this is storing movies locally, on her phone’s flash memory, then watch them using ns headset.

However, yes sir a record over here. You nur can’t uncover a last of supported equipment VR 3D movies online, so, in the end, it’s every up kommen sie you.

The headset support a last of common document formats, favor .mp4, .avi, .flv, and so on. However, it no go along with 3D formats.

You need kommen sie convert some of your favorite titles, bei order kommen sie make lock compatible with ns handset. Much more exactly, you need zu convert them zu SBS 3D .mp4/.mkv, so you kann watch lock on die Gear VR, utilizing one von the supported smartphones.

For this, sie need some special software, like 3D videos Converter, an all-in-one-video apps able to convert .avi, .wmv, .mpg, as well as more complex videos files, like Blu Ray, to compatible equipment VR movies. Basically, it transforms digital copy into side von side copy.

In order kommen sie do so, freundin need zu follow this steps:

Open die softwareOpen ns video file you want to convertSelect ns Gear VR supported output (SBS or TB)Start ns converting processImport ns converted videos on her phoneEnjoy it!

Watch 3D video from YouTube

You recognize what’s ns coolest part of YouTube? Well, one of the coolest. You tun können find all layouts of content on it, consisting of 360-degree 3D movies, which kann sein be accessed from the Gear VR.

In order zu access them, freundin need die Samsung internet app, available bei the Oculus Store, and some headphones. If sie don’t desire everybody kommen sie hear what freundin should, the is! However, there’s a twist: you need kommen sie know die type des 3D video you want to watch.

The app is able kommen sie distinguish betwee a few types von videos: traditional 3D, 180-degree SBS (side von side) 3D, 180-degree TB (top-bottom) 3D, 360-degree SBS 3D, 360-degree TB 3D.

In order to watch content in 3D from youtube on the samsung Gear VR, you need to follow this steps:

From ns Suggested Links, pick YouTubeSearch zum 3D videosTap on ns results and select a videoTap on ns video icon, beneath ns playbarSelect ns 360 option und tap the video icon againSelect die type of 3D video von your choice

After selecting ns type des 3D, die effect will nur up instantly. However, take notification that YouTube doesn’t remember this setting, so you need to repeat these steps every time freundin play 3D videos from YouTube. But it’s certainly worth it!

Use specialized apps

Finally, yes one an ext very easy way you tun können use kommen sie watch 3D movies on equipment VR, thanks kommen sie some magnificent team des developers.

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Unlike various other headsets, it has actually a couple of extra options for watching 3D movies. Some von the most notably are Netflix, Hulu, samsung VR, and the built-in video app. All von them are available in the Oculus store, deswegen they’re just a few taps away.

Another cool app I extremely recommend is Skybox, which streams inhalt from a PC to a gear VR. It’s certainly the app to go zum anybody that prefers bei experience with less wires.


Finally, there’s one much more very important element we need zu talk about, before you anfang enjoying some von the finest 3D movies zum Gear VR.


You are about kommen sie use a virtual truth headset zum a longer period. Sure, die experience zu sein out of this world, but Oculus recommends avoiding prolonged use, together it tun können have a negative impact ~ above hand-eye coordination, balance, and multi-tasking ability. This goes zum all categories von users, not nur children.

It’s also highly recommended to take a 10-15 minute break every 30 minutes, also though sie don’t think sie need it, if she watching a 2 hour movie.

All referrals made by Oculus regarding die use des the samsung Gear VR tun können be confirm here.

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And over there you schutz it, ladies and gents. This is a complete guide on how to watch 3D movies on samsung Gear VR in just a few simple moves. No matte the source von the movie, there’s definitely a way des enjoying it an a completely immersive way!

Have you tried 3D movies on the headset? just how was the overall experience? Also, if freundin know part titles i m sorry are absolutely worth offering a shot, do tell us around them, using ns comments ar below.