Rooney Mara Lisbeth Salander

The Girl bei the Spider’s Web, the long-delayed next installment in the English-language version von the Millennium franchise to be directed über Fede Álvarez.

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(Mara, des course, inherited ns role native Noomi Rapace, that played Salander bei three Swedish-language features.) when speaking v Mara about her new film, Una, the actress revealed zu unterhalten that it no entirely herstellung decision zu exit die series. “I was hopeful to kommen sie back, but they decided kommen sie do a different thing. It was always a character ich wanted to revisit; but that’s notfall what happened.”

At the time of Dragon Tattoo‘s release, what Mara hoped would certainly happen ist that die film’s creative mannschaft — consisting of Fincher und co-star Daniel kraig — would certainly reunite zum adaptations of Larsson’s following two novels, The girl Who Played through Fire and The girl Who Kicked ns Hornet’s Nest. When Dragon Tattoo received vital accolades and five Oscar nominations, including a best Actress nod weil das Mara, it didn’t become die box-office behemoth the Sony necessarily hoped for, leading zu reports that the sequels to be being delay over spending plan concerns. “We made that movie for bei entire year, which in movie time is unheard of,” Mara remarks of the experience she and Fincher appreciated shooting the original film. “It was one des the many incredible experiences I’ll ever before have bei my life, ns sure. I ausblüten feel an extremely close kommen sie it. Some of those human being are blieb my dearest friends in the world; making it without them would schutz been really strange.”

Because des that sense des kinship weil das the character, also as the film’s crew, Mara remembers feeling frustrated if waiting zum official native on whether die next 2 Millennium films would be made und with whom.

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Then at a details point she realized she nur had zu let die experience go, specifically once it became clear the Fincher i will not ~ be behind ns camera again. Sony’s decision kommen sie move directly to The Girl in the Spider’s web — the fourth book an the series, and the zuerst not written by Larsson, that died in 2004 — tempered herstellung enthusiasm as well. “Nothing would have matched the experience,” Mara claims now, confessing the she ausblüten hasn’t check out Spider’s Web. “Different director, different author of the book. I would oase loved to schutz done it, but i think it more than likely would oase been a letdown bei a way. It never ever would schutz matched ns experience ich already had.”

Una opens in limited theatrical relax on Oct. 6. The Girl bei the Spider’s web is slated to offen on Oct.

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