For thousands von Nürburgring fan around ns world, Sabine was much, much more than die stereotype-busting “Queen von the ‘Ring” the the bbq loved to portray.

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She was the Queen of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, sure. Yet she was so BMW und BMW Motorsport back when “Sheer driving Pleasure” had gravitas and actually supposed something. She was bullshit-free, cold beers bei a smokey PK after ~ a difficult day driving ns Ring-Taxi sideways through Brünnchen. She was Eifel-Blitz punkt 2am on a rainy Sunday morning, she was Frikadelli Porsche carving through the pack after ~ a pitlane start.

She was cowboy boots, quadbikes, helicopters and horses. She lived die life, walked ns walk und talked the talk. She was a hero zum a totality generation of close-to-middle-aged car guys, zurück before “woke” was even a thing.

And now she’s gone, yet she’ll never, ever be forgotten.

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RIP Sabine Schmitz – 1969 kommen sie 2021



Sabine lost herstellung 3-year fight with cancer bei the tonnage 24-hours. I will link to in official statement as soon as one zu sein available.


Sabine Schmitz (14.5.1969 – 16.3.2021) passed far yesterday (Tuesday) after herstellung brave fight versus cancer. She was 51 years old. KlausAbbelen und all relatives und friends are deeply saddened über the immeasurable loss.

— Frikadelli racing (

#NLS – really sad to hear the Sabine Schmitz (1969-2021) has actually passed away. Ns "Queen von Nordschleife" was a crowd favourite early to herstellung open, feeling way. Die two-time
24hNBR winner was an icon at the wheel von the #Frikadelli #Porsche. Our sympathy goes to her family und friends

— Porsche Motorsport (
PorscheRaces) march 17, 2021

Rest in peace you wonderful, powerful, hilarious person.

— chris harris (
harrismonkey) march 17, 2021

I’m an extremely sad to hear of the passing von Sabine Schmitz, ns only woman to have won ns #Nürburgring24Hours, rightly well-known as ‘Queen des the Nürburgring’, & a star des
BBC_TopGear, who’s succumbed zu cancer, aged just 51. #RIPSabineSchmitz

— matter Bishop (
TheBishF1) march 17, 2021

Rest in peace, Sabine. Inspirational, generous, in der nähe des lady. Taught me neu lines, tolerated idiots in her pool. Liebe to all produziert family und friends… und there space a lot.

— james Cameron (
BTGDale) in march 17, 2021

Aw, man, RIP Sabine. Faster, funnier und with way much better banter than any des the fanboys prefer me that used zu go the end to the 'ring back bei the day. Und as much a symbol von place as ns castle on die hill. Gutted. #RIPSabine
trent_dan) in march 17, 2021

So sad to hear Sabine Schmitz has lost her long battle with cancer. Full von life und a good talent behind ns wheel, it was always a fun day filming through her. The Nurburgring will notfall be the same there is no her. RIP Sabine.

— Tiff Needell (
tiff_tv) march 17, 2021

Terrible news about Sabine Schmitz. Such a clear person und so full of beans.

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— Jeremy Clarkson (
JeremyClarkson) march 17, 2021

With good sadness we schutz received the news that Sabine Schmitz has passed away.

She will always be remembered within the BMW household as a good person, a Nürburgring legend, a pioneer for female gyeongju drivers und a 24h-race winner with BMW.