Real Madrid Gegen Barcelona

Sergio Agüero score his zuerst Barça goal but david Alaba and Lucas Vázquez found ns net kommen sie give echt Madrid victory


Lucas Vázquez (left) struck bei injury time for real Madrid prior to Sergio Agüero (not pictured) score a so late consolation zum Barcelona. Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty bild

There was no way back for ronald Koeman regardless von the an outcome but this defeat wollen speed up his departure. Picking Mingueza was in error as he was found out über Real madrid very quickly. Eric Garcia should oase done more zu stop both goals, together he continues to decline because his promising anfang at Manchester City.

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The game was pretty nearby but echt Madrid won it through two incisive breaks versus a Barcelona side doing not have ideas an the final third. Real Madrid had a ruthless leaf which Barcelona short throughout.


Pique go well and lays it kommen sie Depay who shapes zu shoot however pulls it back for who else kommen sie shoot for some reason. Real Madrid clear it down die pitch quickly und Ansensio renders it into the box, fires across Ter Stegen who makes a fine save, just to see Vazquez sweep in to score.

Barcelona think lock should schutz a penalty but VAR disagrees und the score stands.


90 mins: Courtois zu sein down holding his ideal knee ~ clearing die ball. He has actually either done some quite serious damage or ist wasting time in the many hilarious manner. That does notfall look choose he twisted anything. He ist up! the a miracle.

Seven minute added on.

88 mins: Aguero goes under under a challenge from two men in white but the referee does not think it zu sein a foul. The null reaches Luuk juni Jong on die edge of the kasten but he immediately loses it.

86 mins: Luuk dach Jong’s erste involvement ist to misscontrol the ball out weil das a goal-kick. Notfall a an excellent entrance.

Vinicius zu sein down after gift told kommen sie rest von Ancelotti, through Asensio prepared kommen sie enter.

84 mins: Valverde appears to schutz damaged his knee top top landing und it obtaining a bit von magic spray.

Depay find space zu dig out a cross to the zurück post for Aguero but it zu sein a wenig too high and he kann sein only head it over.

Luuk de Jong ist on zum Gavi, resulting in whistles and jeers from the crowd.

77 mins: Busquets slips a pass right into Coutinho inside die area, that does his best kommen sie earn some space but Militao reads his movement and tackles ns Barcelona einer before he can shoot.

Sergi Roberto zu sein on for de Jong.


73 mins: Mendy pings a cross six-yard line zum Benzema kommen sie attack yet he gets in a muddle and sends that wide. I in not certain it would schutz been a goal together he looked a wenig offside.

Down ns other end, Dest cuts bei from die right sends a climbing shot just over the bar.

Rodrygo ist replaced über Valverde, when Aguero comes on weil das Ansu Fati.

71 mins: Jordi Alba swings bei a cross however it lands straight an Courtois’ arms. Every a little aimless from ns defender. I bei der not certain deep crosses room what Barcelona need.

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69 mins: Real madrid break once much more on Barcelona, with Benzema leading ns charge but sachen slow down when he passes to Vinicius, allowing ns hosts to recover and stop ns danger.

67 mins: The crowd ist getting louder i beg your pardon might assist encourage the Barcelona players together they absolutely need it.

65 mins: Ansu Fati is tripped 20 yards from goal von Vazquez. The free-kick is to ns left von the box. Depay present it trost but Jordi Alba takes, just to lakers Courtois beat clear.

63 mins: Modric lets paris from die edge of the area but Garcia’s testicles space there zu block. Die attack restarts und the ball is lifted kommen sie Benzema inside ns box, allowing him to let rip through a volley however it is straight punkt Ter Stegen.

61 mins: Dest starts v some calamitous defending as he tries zu head a long ball back to Ter Stegen yet he barely provides contact, enabling Vinicius in. Ns American recovers to get back just before die forward kann sein get his shot far from sechs yards und clears die danger.

59 mins: A overcome goes into die box and it hits Kroos on ns arm. Juni Jong appeals for a handball, deswegen does Pique, resulting an the centre-back gaining booked zum his protestations. Ns referee gives real Madrid a free-kick in their own area for reasons unknown.


57 mins: Gavi swings an dangerous overcome from the right however there zu sein no one there kommen sie get on the ende of it. Maybe bringing on Aguero would be a decent idea.

55 mins: Mendy is in the video game once more, cutting in from the left zu fire a shot on his right fuß off balance, which is dealt with über Ter Stegen.

53 mins: Gavi goes under under a challenge from Mendy which leaves the teenager on the deck. The Barcelona players are furious and are calling weil das a card but it is in innocuous foul und does notfall merit one.

51 mins: Modric slips the ball to Rodrygo an the box; ns Brazilian sends out a overcome along die ground which practically finds Benzema but he zu sein beaten zu it von a Barcelona defender who gets rid of just an time.

49 mins: Ansu Fati has actually started the end on ns left, together Barcelona look zu target Vazquez. Ns winger gets the ball into Depay who holds it up zum Coutinho, allowing the Brazilian to get a shot way, which zu sein deflected behind. This ist a lot more dynamic indigenous Barcelona.

47 mins: Ansu Fati drives to the edge of the box and fires a cross however it goes nur behind Coutinho. Bei early sign of intent from Barcelona.

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Coutinho ist coming on, ich assume weil das Mingueza. Very kind of Koeman to put Mingueza out of his misery.

realmadrid bei #ElClásico in all competitions an the 21st century, after Ronaldo Nazário