Prepaid Sim Karte Ägypten

Traveling kommen sie Egypt soon? The festland of the mysterious Pharaohs, die Sahara Desert, die Red Sea and the majestic Nile River. Continue to be connected and get you yourself a regional prepaid sim karte card zum Egypt. Bei this guide ich will break down everything freundin need kommen sie know around buying a prepaid sim card an Egypt: prices, where to buy one, finest network and my recommendation.

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This article is based on my very own experiences traveling bei Egypt and updated with die latest info and prices as von October 2021.

Traveling the world is my biggest passion and inspiring und helping various other travelers doing ns sameis what keeps me going. On mine journey kommen sie visit every country bei the world, i made it to a lang list des countries and wrote uncountable prepaid sim karte card guides: USA, Canada, Dubai, Turkey, Ethiopia, southern Africa, Kenya, Israel and of course so Cairo Airport.

Why buying a sim karte card bei Egypt


First von all a neighborhood prepaid sim karte card is the number 1 way to stay connected wie man traveling! over there are many other options, favor overseas charme plans, portable WiFi devices und international sim karte cards, but nothing win a local simkarte card.

It assures you the most affordable rates and the best mobile internet network connection. Keep in mind that overseas dünn plans limit the internet speed.

Buying a sim karte card an Egypt is pretty cursed easy, excellent fast und cheap!

Having a working data connection provides traveling dafür much easier. Think about ordering in Uber or finding a nearby restaurant with an excellent ratings, killing time on lang bus and train rides or obtaining directions from google Maps.

Don’t count on publicly WiFi, zuerst off WiFi in Egypt ist not good. Mainly it zu sein either super slow-moving or notfall working at all. Second ich would like to remind sie that public WiFi zu sein though in UNSECURED network connection. The use des a VPN zu sein recommended.

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My recommendation recommends making use of a Vodafone sim karte card for Egypt. They oase the ideal mobile internet network coverage in Egypt. They room slightly an ext expensive than other providers but it is worth the extra buck.

We do not recommend international sim cards zum travelers. These prepaid sim cards with global coverage are much more expensive than local simkarte cards. Us reviewed und compared every the international sim cards available and found out that only very couple of are precious considering. Much more info bei the link.

Egypt sim card vlog

Although this Egypt sim karte card blog ist much more detailed I also created a vlog in where ich show you ns benefits, die prices, mine experiences and more around using a simkarte card an Egypt.

Mobile internet operators Egypt


There space 4 taste mobile internet providers in Egypt:


All ns mobile operators offer prepaid sim karte cards weil das tourists.

Where kommen sie buy a prepaid sim karte card


The best und easiest way kommen sie get a prepaid sim card zum Egypt ist on come at ns airport. Every the international airports an Egypt have kiosks that sell prepaid sim karte cards weil das tourists. Sie can’t fehlschlagen them. Bei Cairo Airport castle are already located following to the luggage belts.

Flying zu Cairo? check out my complete guide zum buying a simkarte card weil das Egypt punkt Cairo international Airport.

If for some reason freundin couldn’t purchase a sim karte card at ns airport on come there space mobile phone shops in every tourist destination bei Egypt. Occasionally you kann sein even find a mobile geschäft on ns side des the road, like the one listed below on the hauptsächlich square an Alexandria. advices you to buy in Egypt sim karte card from in official sleeve store fairly than any type of random mobile phone shop. They have the ideal deals, best advice and an case something walk wrong the belästigung can be fixed instantly.

Registration Egypt simkarte cards

Unlike numerous other african countries you only need your passport wie buying a prepaid simkarte card bei Egypt. Bei the keep they wollen take a copy des your passport and register the simkarte card on your passport number und your name.

That is deshalb why recommends you kommen sie buy a simkarte card from in official sleeve store.

You möchte receive the simkarte card with your neu Egypt phone number. Always put the sim card bei your call immediately und make sure the purchased data and voice packages room working before sie leave the store.

The entirety registration procedure should notfall take an ext than 5 minutes.

Prices prepaid sim cards an Egypt

Data packages in Egypt space a wenig complicated together they work with units and so dubbed super apps. Usually 1 unit zu sein like 1 MB. However, when using the super apps freundin only usage 0.5 unit über 1 MB. All is explained below per mobile internet operator. Wie man buying a prepaid sim karte card in Egypt we advice you kommen sie always ask your provider what ist the precise deal.

WE Egypt


WE ist the the smallest mobile internet provider an Egypt. A WE simkarte card expenses 77 EGP ($5) and comes v 0 credit. They market a large range of mobile charme packages und are referred to as Nitro Prime.

10 EGP = 625 MB up to 1,250 GB20 EGP = 1,375 MB up kommen sie 2,750 MB40 EGP = 3,250 MB up zu 6,500 MB70 EGP = 6,250 MB up to 12,500 MB100 EGP = 10,000 MB up kommen sie 20,000 MB200 EGP = 23,500 MB up to 47,000 MB450 EGP = 50,000 MB up zu 100,000 MB

All the above packages room valid zum 1 month. The use 1 MB of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp space counted together 0.5 MB. Which means if sie would only use society media apps freundin get the maximum amount von MB’s to use native your säule package.

Normal browsing and streaming ist 1 MB = 1 MB. Therefore an the above packages castle speak from x up kommen sie X MB’s

WE Egypt has an extremely competitive charme package prices compared kommen sie other mobile internet operators, but are they die best sim karte card zum Egypt? Wait till you lakers their network strength!

For die latest we Egypt charme packages deals see their website bei the link.

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Etisalat Egypt

An Etisalat prepaid sim karte card costs 30 EGP zum the activation and then you will schutz to include one of the following data packages:

20 EGP = 1,000 up kommen sie 2,000 MB35 EGP = 2,100 up to 4,200 MB50 EGP = 3,400 up zu 6,800 MB75 EGP = 5,400 up kommen sie 10,800 MB100 EGP = 9,000 up to 18,000 MB150 EGP = 12,000 up to 24,000 MB250 EGP = 20,000 up to 40,000 MB400 EGP = 40,000 up zu 80,000 MB

Etisalat deshalb works through social media apps that are quoted in different way than browsing or streaming. In case freundin use just social media apps sie would get twin the data then if sie would only browse the Internet.

As you kann sein see ns Etisalat charme packages space a little more expensive than the WE prepaid sim karte card deals.

Click on the link weil das more info about the latest Etisalat data package deals.

Orange Egypt

An Orange Egypt prepaid sim card costs 84 EGP and comes through 2,000 units zum calling. Orange offers ns following mobile data package deals zum 28 days:

100 EGP = 9,000 MB150 EGP = 12,000 MB250 EGP = 20,000 MB400 EGP = 40,000 MB

They also offer a data only sim card v 10 GB dünn for 140 EGP. Check the Orange Egypt website zum the latest deals.


Note: Orange Egypt so offers packages zum tourists that space valid zum just 30 days. Weil das 150 EGP sie get 1,000 minutes and 16 GB. It zu sein one of the finest prepaid simkarte card deals weil das Egypt. Unfortunately not every Orange retail store supplies this deal, but you can for example get it punkt Cairo international Airport.

Vodafone Egypt


They offer 2 various types of prepaid sim cards. Tourist simkarte cards and sim cards through units.

Vodafone Egypt tourist sim karte card:

255 EGP = 10 GB säule + 200 local minute + 20 international minutes505 EGP = 30 GB säule + 200 local minute + 30 international minutes

Vodafone Egypt also has prepaid sim karte cards v units:

280 EGP = 16,000 MB351 EGP = 24,000 MB523 EGP = 44,000 MB637 EGP = 60,000 MB780 EGP = 82,000 MB

Also Vodafone works with super apps back Vodafone calls it Plus Apps, however it zu sein the same. If freundin use social media there are other tariffs than web browsing.

The prices weist Vodafone Cairo Airport and what i found in the shop around die country are die same. Weil das some reason die Vodafone Egypt webseite offers other tariffs, yet they can’t market these deals bei stores. Every pretty damn confusing! for more die info check die Vodafone Egypt website.

Best mobile internet network an Egypt

We Egypt has von far the smallest network und I schutz left them out of this comparison. Based on die network only i would not recommend a us prepaid sim card zum Egypt.

All ns other companies offer a 4G signal an most Egypt traveler destinations, but based upon my own experiences there is blieb a huge difference in reality. Much more about the later.

Is over there 5G bei Egypt?

No, there is blieb no 5G network available for prepaid costumers an Egypt as of October 2021. It has actually been tested über Vodafone and it has been said zu be rolled out soon, but deshalb far you tun können not roam the internet on 5G in Egypt yet.

4G/5G network Etisalat Egypt


4G/5G network Orange Egypt


4G/5G network Vodafone Egypt


From the above mobile internet coverage maps for Egyptyou tun können see thatVodafone has ns strongest network in Egypt. Based on the network strength ich would recommend you kommen sie get a Vodafone simkarte card zum your trip to Egypt.

Best Egypt prepaid sim karte card

As ich mentioned before i would notfall recommend a us Egypt prepaid sim karte card together their network ist the weakest. Based upon my own experiences (see below) i would notfall recommend an Etisalat sim karte card either.

That leaves us 2 options: Orange and Vodafone.

Orange Egypt has a an excellent prepaid simkarte card deal, yet you tun können only obtain this at die airport! price for charme packages v units room pretty viel the same, however Vodafone Egypt has actually a stronger network. Therefore Vodafone ist the finest Egypt prepaid sim karte card in my opinion.

My experiences through a prepaid Egypt simkarte card for tourists


When i arrived an Egypt punkt Cairo Airport ns WiFi no working and I had notfall done my research study yet. Based on the prices and my feeling I got myself an Etisalat prepaid simkarte card with 20 GB data. The zuerst week i spent just in Cairo and I was surprised how many times ns Etisalat 4G signal was pretty weak. Particularly going into buildings, i could often notfall connect zu 4G.

Pretty damn annoying as i rather work on 4G than depend on WiFi. Unfortunately ich couldn’t tether my Macbook to my phone call as i did not oase a signal bei my room in the heart of Cairo and in some coffee shops. On ns streets it was mostly fine, but even in rush hour, being stuck in a taxi bei the middle von Cairo, my 4G Etisalat sim card wasn’t working properly.

When after around 10 days my 20 GB ich renne weg out ich wanted zu top up. After i downloaded ns Etisalat Egypt app, i tried kommen sie find the right internet bundle, however honestly couldn’t uncover it. It was very facility with many types von bundles, however couldn’t nur find one with a last of GB’s. Ich found Etisalat an extremely difficult zu use und pretty frustrating. So their sms service is in Arabic only and you will need zu copy paste everything to google Translate.

Therefore ich switched kommen sie Vodafone and had a viel smoother experience. Yes, Vodafone ist much more expensive but hinweisen least ich didn’t have the connection issues and my dünn went a lang way. I use mainly social media apps und therefore got double die data.

Unfortunately die Vodafone sms service zu sein completely an Arabic too even though in the Vodafone store they tried transforming it to English. Pretty damn annoying. They will tell you to download die Vodafone App, however that ist NOT possible weil das most iPhone customers as Vodafone Egypt wouldn"t popular music up, just my Vodafone Netherlands app. Vodafone Egypt deshalb still has a lot of work kommen sie do wie it comes kommen sie costumer service.

However, my all at once experience through Vodafone Egypt was great and based on that ich would introduce a Vodafone simkarte card weil das traveling an Egypt.

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I expect all die above tips and recommendations around buying a Vodafone sim karte card in Egypt to be helpful. May you schutz any an ext questions, please leaving me a comment und I will try to help you.