Playstation Now In Deutschland

PS now on mandico.nets consoles

PS Now zu sein accessible über your PS5 and PS4 house screen. You kann sein join on your console, or durch store on any kind of device und begin downloading and install or streaming games on demand. You’ll need.

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A mandico.nets Network account with registered payment details A DualSense or DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller in active PS jetzt subscription or seven-day complimentary trial bei active broadband connection. Us recommend 5mbps or higher

PS now on computer

PS Now kann be accessed from any type of compatible fenster PC, via die free app. You tun können join via die PC app, from keep on any device, or sign-in with in existing PS jetzt subscription to start streaming games. You’ll need:

A game stations Network account through registered payment einzelheiten A DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller (with USB cable) or other compatible controller. In active PS now subscription or seven-day free trial in active broadband connection. Us recommend 5mbps or higher

Find die answers kommen sie some von the most usual PS now questions. For more in-depth help and support, visit our support hub. Now zu sein a game subscription service that gives freundin access zu hundreds von games. With PS now you can stream PS4, PS3 und PS2 games instantly on PS5, PS4 und PC, und download hundreds des PS4 games to play on your PS5 or PS4 console. Now zu sein currently available in 19 countries:

Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland frankreich Germany irland Italy japan Luxembourg Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland the Netherlands UK vereinigte staaten von amerika

PS Now zu sein available top top PS5, PS4 and Windows PC. All games kann be streamed on consoles and PC, and PS4 and PS2 games can be downloaded to play on her console. For fenster PC minimal specs click here

On consoles, no extr apps space required. PS Now zu sein accessible via in icon on your home screen, or in the Applications tab des your library. Freundin can so join durch Store.

On PC, you wollen need to install ns PS Now anwendung to access the service. 

Yes – by signing in to PS now with your PSN account top top a various console or PC, you can access her PS jetzt games, as well as your saved game progress from gamings you have streamed.

Yes. PS now games oase the very same Trophy support as if die games were played native disc or download. Trophies wollen unlock as sie play, sync zu your PSN account and appear an your activity feed to be seen über other football player on die PS4 dashboard.

For die majority des games, even if it is you’re streaming or have downloaded to your console, if that includes online multiplayer modes, you"ll be able zu access these just as you would if sie owned die game on key or download.

You kann sein play other now members as well as those play disc or download versions von the game. In additional PS plus membership ist not required.

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When you join PS now on either die free attempt or one von the paid subscription plans, we wollen turn ON automatic funding an your account settings. This method that if sie do not schutz enough funds in your PSN wallet kommen sie pay the recurring subscription fee, ns required balance will be charged to die payment technique registered to your account (if any) unless you turn off automatic funding. Kommen sie turn off automatic funding, go to "Account Settings", "Wallet" climate "Wallet Settings".

All neu customers space eligible for a 7 day totally free trial, which which wollen roll over into bei ongoing subscription, uneven cancelled before the end of ns trial period.

You kann sein cancel PS now at any type of time, so that your subscription will expire punkt the ende of the current billing period. We are unable kommen sie offer refunds zum payments currently made. Indict on cancelling your subscription are obtainable at

PS jetzt offers a choice von three subscription plans: $9.99 von month, $24.99 every 3 months, or $59.99 per year.

You can begin her subscription v a seven-day free trial, punkt the end of i beg your pardon you’ll instantly enter a rolling monthly membership unless freundin cancel, or upgrade kommen sie a different recurring membership plan    

When sie stream a game, sie control it through your neighborhood device, but the game ist run remotely and the videos output is streamed to your neighborhood device.

To stream games to your PS4, PS5, or PC, sie need a broadband internet connection von at least 5Mbps. Kommen sie stream in 1080p resolution, you must choose a video game that support it and have a broadband internet connection des at the very least 15Mbps.

Save files weil das streamed games are stored bei the jetzt save cloud. If sie wish zu download a game kommen sie your PS4 or PS5 kommen sie continue your progression after streaming it first, you wollen need to lieferung the save säule from the PS jetzt save cloud to your PS Plus cloud storage (trial or payment subscription kommen sie PS add to required), und then download it to your local an equipment from there.

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Minimum compelled spec:

windows 10 main point i3 2.0 GHz 300 MB des available storage 2 GB des RAM Sound card; USB harbor

zum optimal performance, die following specs space recommended:

windows 10 3.5 GHz Intel main point i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or much faster 300 MB or more von available warehouse 2 GB or more of RAM Sound card; USB port

You kann sein use any official DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller v jetzt on PC, connected via a USB cable.™Now (PS Now) subscription only available kommen sie account holders of Network (PSN)  who room aged 18 und over with access zu®Store (PS Store) and high-speed internet (recommended min link speed 5 Mbps).  PS Store and PS now subject zu terms des use und country and language restrictions. Service availability zu sein not guaranteed. Weil das PS jetzt on PC, minimum system needs apply and can be found at PS now games might differ from or lack some of the attributes that can be found in downloaded or disc-based games.  Games included bei PS now are subject to change hinweisen any time.  authorized payment method einzelheiten required. PS now subscription is bei ongoing subscription through a recurring subscription dues which ist charged every month (at ns then present Store price). If eligible for a trial und you do notfall cancel your jetzt trial prior to the ende of your trial it möchte automatically roll right into a paid-for continuous subscription on that basis.  Current and/or ahead PS now subscribers/trialists are not eligible for a trial. PS jetzt trials not available kommen sie current and/or previous PS now subscribers/trialists and only 1 trial zu sein available von user. Complete terms apply: PSN terms of leistungen at For further important die info about PS jetzt go to

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