Philadelphia eagles trump twitter

An bild purportedly showing the official twitter account weil das the Philadelphia Eagles telling President Trump zu "go f*ck himself" ist not real.

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The twitter from chairman Trump is real. The tweet from die Philadelphia Eagles zu sein not. 

There are two major clues that the “go posesthe yourself” tweet zu sein fake. First, die Philadelphia Eagles official twitter account resides on the handle
Eagles, not
PhiladelphiaEagles. An fact, at the time of this composing a
PhiladelphiaEagles twitter account no longer exists.

Second, ns “Twitler” symbol in the bottom appropriate corner of the bild corresponds with a facebook page that frequently articles memes and jokes at President Trump’s expense.

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This fake twitter was originally accompanied through a inscription labeling it together “parody”:


The Philadelphia Eagles did notfall tell chairman Trump kommen sie go crap himself.

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However, some players oase already announced the they don’t setup to attend a ceremony at die White House. New York magazine reports:

Chris Long, who zu sein white, voiced support zum his teammates’ protests throughout die season. “For me, being from Charlottesville, no one wants to lakers you sit idly by and watch that stuff happen and not say anything,” long said in the aftermath von the deadly white-supremacist demonstration in his hometown. “And i wish there was more categorical denial native some an extremely important people an this nation who oase had the opportunity zu strike that down however didn’t.”

Last week lang became the zuerst Eagles player kommen sie announce he would boycott the celebration with Trump. “No, I’m notfall going to the White House,” he claimed on the Pardon mine Take podcast. “Are freundin kidding me?”

Eagle LeGarrette Blount, who played for the super Bowl-winning Patriots belastung year, skipped that trip to die Trump White home saying that didn’t feeling welcome. He was joined über more than two dozen various other Patriots players, including tom Brady, that cited household matters.

Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins told cnn on Monday that he doesn’t plan zu attend this year’s White house event.