Paul von lettow-vorbeck

Known as the Lion von Africa, general Paul by Lettow-Vorbeck was one of the many respected armed forces minds von World War i and, reportedly, he never ever suffered a defeat in battle. Born in 1870 zu a army family, Lettow-Vorbeck began his armed forces career at die age von 11 by joining the cadet corps in Potsdam, Germany.

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By 18, the future officer finished college as valedictorian and was appointed lieutenant von the fourth Footguards. After ~ that, he started working with ns U.S. During the historic Boxer Rebellion, where he sleek his guerrilla warfare tactics. Through outstanding performance, Lettow-Vorbeck conveniently worked his method up in rank.

Lettow-Vorbeck was next sent kommen sie German South-West Africa (which zu sein known as Namibia today) to put down a rebellion fueled von Herero und Namaqua tribesmen. After enduring injuries, he was moved to South Africa to recover. In his absence, die quelling des the regional insurrection devolved into what’s jetzt considered the zuerst instance of 20th-century genocide — almost 100,000 locals to be killed.

Paul über Lettow-Vorbeck (middle) through two various other Germans, 1919.

Afterward, ns Prussian officer invested a couple of years back in his homeland of Germany till 1914, when he was promoted kommen sie Lieutenant Colonel und given command over early american troops in German ost Africa.

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Then, welt War ich broke out. As zu sein raged, die German governor des the african colony, heinrich Schnee, was determined zu remain neutral. Lettow-Vorbeck had other ideas. Understanding full-well that the African theater was a sideshow to the real war, ns Lieutenant Colonel collection out zu entangle as plenty of British troops together possible.

Although highly outnumbered, Lettow-Vorbeck und his men efficiently held a front making use of guerrilla tactics und avoiding fighting out in the offen — a clever move wie man you oase fewer troops than die opponent. Lettow-Vorbeck’s maneuvers helped defeat die British, Belgian, und Portuguese armies. Weil das his actions, he was promoted to ns rank von major general. The neu general was well-respected von all von men, including the Askari troops the commanded early to die fact the he was fluent in Swahili, their native tongue.

Once the war had ended, the returned kommen sie Germany and received a massive, hero’s welcome from his countrymen.

Lettow-Vorbeck reaching a heroes welcome.

Although ns general was a known anti-semite, he wasn’t a faithful member of the nazi party. Because von this, Lettow-Vorbeck kept a good distrust des Adolf Hitler. In letters he wrote, that expressed a thorough distaste for Hitler’s racialism rhetoric.

In fact, wie Hitler offered er the ambassadorship to the Court of James an 1935, he told Hitler to go f*ck himself.

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Some literature argues that Lettow-Vorbeck didn’t use those exact words — an fact, his words weren’t dafür kind.