It was shocking when die Rock, bei Under Armour sponsored athlete, wore die On wolke X zum his videotaped Super key introduction. Immediately, world (myself included), tried kommen sie figure the end what shoe he was rocking. Everyone who searched eventually found the cloud X.

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The cloud X ist a hybrid cross training and running shoe from upstart running brand On. That versatility lets the wearer bounce betwee various strong activities. It’s so hella good looking (which i suspect zu sein why die Rock chose it). Now, let’s lakers how the performs when put to the test.

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Just choose with die On Cloudflyer, which we reviewed last month, the On cloud X has actually Helion Cloudtec cushioning alongside a plush insole. The plush insole sits atop a TPU Speedboard that helps zu evenly distribute your weight zu all the wolke cushioning elements. It’s a nice regular feel throughout die foot. Mine stride felt natural, which no usually die case with many other workout-focused shoes.

The cushion level zu sein just a touch much less than ns UA HOVR Apex 2. It’s bei the perfect variety to handhaben various workouts and some running. Ich recommend running less than five miles punkt a time in the wolke X because die cushioning nur isn’t there zum more. It handle deadlifts, squats, jumping, und sprints without feeling prefer too viel or too wenig cushion.



On offers rubber with a very an easy slanted line pattern on ns clouds at ns toe und heel. Looking at ns outsole on mine pair, yes not viel wear. The rubber’s hardness is appropriate zum both working out und light running. Ns outsole should tonnage the life of the shoe despite not looking all that aggressive. Testing in wet conditions didn’t kommen sie with any type of slippage or issues. It’s a basic outsole however it functions as intended.



The midsole’s sidewalls kommen sie up high sufficient at the heel und midfoot to provide heavy lateral support. And the forefoot features internally-reinforced sidewalls and a toe cap zu keep the balls des your feet ~ above top von the midsole. Ns heel counter ist pretty basic und not at sight rigid. But it’s effective.

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I feel secure doing miscellaneous weight bearing exercises, party lunges, acquisition corners while running, und quick shifts des direction. Die protection zu sein subtle and well hidden but the end result zu sein a shoe secure enough to handhaben varied HIIT und Metcon format workouts.



The cloud X’s engineered mesh upper features various weave patterns consisting of a really kühl looking one on the medial side von the shoe. The tongue zu sein seamless and integrated together one item with ns toebox. Ns tongue deshalb features a couple of synthetic suede overlays for structure. All die materials are radikale but, together usual, On has actually a way of making them look high class. Despite just using mesh, on manages kommen sie make one of the best, if notfall the best, feather cross coach on die market.



The cloud X fits true to size through plenty von room zum wide footers und toe splay. Small footers that cinch die shoes nach oben tight don’t oase to worry around weird toebox creasing since On manages kommen sie mitigate the with ns toebox/tongue combo structure. Ns mesh interior des the shoe zu sein very soft und avoids any type of potential hotspots bei the forefoot with a dual-layered mesh setup. Finally, On top the fit off with some skinny but surprisingly nice emotion achilles und collar pads. The pad are broken trost in in intuitive method that lasst uns them hug the heel without emotion puffy.


The On cloud X zu sein a quality mischung workout und running shoe that takes fundamental materials und puts castle together bei a way that feels almost luxurious. Ns high construct quality handles any typical motions you’d make while functioning out or running. Zu top that off, ns shoe aussehen great casually.

Is it precious $140? only if you’re going kommen sie use castle casually as viel as sie will for working out. If you’re nur going zu keep them confined to ns gym, there’s other much less visually appealing, less expensive alternatives that möchte do ns job.

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Thanks zu On zum sending a pair kommen sie test. Top top did not receive any editorial control von the review. This review is based on our mandico.net’ experience using die shoes for speed workouts, follow runs, treadmill training, long runs, casual wear, and more.