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Looking weil das the upcoming switch games kommen sie add kommen sie your wishlist? Here"s our pick von everything kommen sie keep in eye on


There are blieb plenty of upcoming move games kommen sie enjoy in 2021, und 2022 zu sein looking quite bright weil das even more. Even if it is you"re play on your Switch, switch Lite, or move OLED, you"ve gott a good selection of games zu tuck into ns coming months. If you"re emotion overwhelmed über the hearty helping von upcoming switch games, this list zu sein to help. We"ve gathered together all of the most amazing future release coming an 2021, 2022, und beyond in release day order, so you kann sein stay on top von everything that"s on ns way.

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This list is a carefully curated collection of the upcoming Switch gamings that we"re many excited around it, either due to the fact that we"ve been happy enough to play them already, they"re coming from amazing studios und show turn off innovative ideas, or because they"re making the move from other consoles wherein they"ve showed their worth.

If freundin want to stay top top top of upcoming release headed zu other platforms in 2021 und beyond, we"ve gott you covered.

(Image credit: Unreal Cinema)

Release date: november 11, 2021Genre: RPG

Yes, there ist a stern Wars: Knights des the old Republic remake heading to PS5 and PC punkt some point bei 2022 - but freundin could nur play die original on move this year. Enjoy ns classic BioWare stern Wars RPG just how it was when the was zuerst released on her Switch, und play together your own customizable Force-sensitive character kommen sie face Darth Malak, a terrifying Sith Lord.

(Image credit: Atlus)

Release date: november 12, 2021Genre: JRPG

There room plenty des similarities to be drawn between Shin Megami Tensei 5 und the newly re-released Nocture - especially wie it comes zu its apocalyptic vision des Tokyo, half-demon protagonist, tried-and-true battle system, and demon negotiations. But, this zu sein a viel prettier adventure, und should add an some new moves und strategic methods that wollen make this feel recognizable yet unique.

Pokemon brilliant Diamond und Shining Pearl

(Image credit: ns Pokemon Company)

Release date: november 19, 2021Genre: RPG

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are being remade zum the new generation von trainers an the upcoming Switch games Pokemon brilliant Diamond und Shining Pearl. Taking place in the Sinnoh region, you"ll be exploring the lands approximately Mount Coronet zu discover the myths the holds in ~ it, all die while - of kurse - striving zu become die Pokemon league Champion. Die new nett style ist equally taking motivation from ns Pokemon Let"s walk duo of games, and the adorable Zelda: Link"s Awakening remake zum Switch v its chibi-esque character designs. Next from the updated graphics, intend this zu be a faithful remaster von the initial adventure.

Upcoming Switch gamings - TBC 2021

Mineko"s Night Market

(Image credit: Meowza Games)

Release date: TBC 2021Genre: Adventure / Simulation

If you are incapable des watching die above Mineko"s Night sector trailer and suppressing squeaks hinweisen all ns adorable kitties it contains, this isn"t a game for you. It"s usually a kind of game like pet Crossing or Stardew Valley, where freundin explore, craft, oh and breed cats. The cute little balls von fluff wollen follow freundin around as you play as Mineko who"s just moved kommen sie Mount Fugu Island, und is deshalb accompanied von her giant cat-like freundin Abe. Together, you"ll conference resources and craft items zu sell weist your market stall, beat loads von mini-games, and of course, befriend kittens. Lots and lots und lots des kitties. Sounds quite wonderful, doesn"t it?

Blue Fire

(Image credit: ROBI Studios)

Release date: TBC 2021Genre: Action / Platformer

Set in the desolate kingdom known as Penumbra, freundin set out kommen sie discover all des the hidden secrets des the long-forgotten world. Together a 3D platformer v a haunting visual style, freundin explore mystical dungeons, accomplish other survivors in the abandoned Kingdom and take top top quests zu find collectibles. With in array of different enemies to face und battles to conquer, you"ll leap and jump your method through all of the desolate regions und make your way past perilous traps. Blue Fire"s amazing style and challenging platforming activity look set kommen sie keep united state busy this summer.

Card Shark

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Release date: TBC 2021Genre: Adventure

Set an Europe in the 18th century, map Shark ist a game about cheating punkt cards. With a roguelike development system and several mini-games to try, you"ll use "real card manipulation techniques" as the Comte außerdem Saint Germain. V high comb games, winnings zu manage, und new locations kommen sie unlock, this adventure originates from publisher Devolver Digital and Reins developer Nerial.

Upcoming switch games zum 2022

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Release date: January 28, 2022Genre: RPG, offen World

Taking trainers zurück before every series" entry kommen sie date, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will seen players exploring the Sinnoh region on a missing zu create und complete the area"s first-ever Pokedex. Aiming zu honor the series while deshalb introduce neu action and RPG elements, this will be the zuerst game in the series kommen sie be truly offen wold - acquisition a sheet from Zelda: Breath of the Wild"s gameplay book. You"ll it is in able to observe, study, and catch Pokemon out in their natural habitat simply by sneaking up zu them, und battles will just be a case des holding the null of her ally Pokemon near a brutal one zu seamlessly enter battle. There"s a factor it"s taken die community von storm; it"s die Pokemon video game we"ve been dreaming des for deshalb long.

Dying light 2: remain Human

(Image credit: Techland)

Release date: February 4, 2022Genre: Survival Horror

Dying irradiate 2 ist coming zu Xbox collection X and PS5 bei December, however a Switch ausführung will drop early on next year. Ns highly suspect sequel zu Dying Light wollen be available on-the-go in February 2022, dafür prepare yourself for some seriously tense situations and scary moments. Dying Light 2 zu sein set two decades after ns original dice Light, deswegen you"ll play together a neu protagonist dubbed Aiden Caldwell - who deshalb does parkour.

Triangle Strategy

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Release date: in march 4, 2022Genre: Strategy

The upcoming strategy-based adventure indigenous Square Enix, previously known as project Triangle Strategy, is coming kommen sie Switch bei early 2022. Feedback from the demo released bei 2021 has actually resulted an a variety von improvements including adjusted challenge options, more camera features, and in option to review vault dialogue. The story-based RPG will drop in march 4, 2022.

Marvel"s Midnight Suns

(Image credit: Marvel)

Release date: in march 2022Genre: Strategy

Marvel"s Midnight Suns is the upcoming title from XCOM developer, Firaxis, and is pass a touch of the superhero magic kommen sie the strategie genre. Aimed with a roster von 12 superheroes, you"ll be tasked with taking under Lillith, ns Mother of Demons. Freundin are the Hunter, a totally customizable Marvel hero - quite die historic event - und you room Earth"s tonnage defense against the underworld.

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Kirby and the forget Land

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Release date: Spring 2022Genre: Platformer

One von the best surprises throughout the september Nintendo direct was die announcement des Kirby and the forget Land. It aussehen like Kirby möchte be on an adventure through a post-apocalyptic world, as die trailer shows ihm washing nach oben on a shore before setup off with a world of abandoned buildings and adorable enemies. Kirby and the Forgotten festland will it is in a 3D platformer, so expect some von the classic Kirby platforming v a an ext free-moving twist.

Bayonetta 3

(Image credit: PlatinumGames)

Release date: TBC 2022Genre: Hack-and-slash

Bayonetta zu sein back, baby. Bayonetta 3 was announced back in 2017, und you"ll finally get zu play that on Switch five years later. Expect whatever you"d want out von a Bayonetta title and then some: pistol fights, dancing, witty one-liners, gigantic Kaiju you"ll schutz to fight through your own Gozdilla-ish monster. Bayonetta 3 wollen sure zu deliver top top all the hair outfits, gun-toting, und then some wie it drops sometime following year.

Bear und Breakfast

(Image credit: Armor gamings Studios)

Release date: TBC 2022Genre: Simulation / Adventure

Ever wanted zu run your an extremely own Bed and Breakfast in the woods? Well, now you can… as a bear. Yes, Bear and Breakfast sees sie play as Hank, a bear that sets around turning in abandoned shack into a profitable Bed und Breakfast zum tourists an the area. With in array von customization options, you tun können build hoch your new holiday warm spot through guest rooms, bathrooms, parlours und entertainment areas that kann all it is in individually decorated. Through some strategie to it, you"ll oase to save tabs on her guests to make certain they have a happy stay and increase her reputation. Complete with side quests, plenty des characters kommen sie meet, und "rich lore" zu uncover, Bear und Breakfast aussehen set zu take sie on quite ns adventure.

Splatoon 3

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Release date: TBC 2022Genre: Action

Splatoon 3 will lakers you leaving Inkopolis behind und venturing out right into a new bereich known as the Splatlands. Here you"ll discover a new city that battle-savvy Inklings und Octolings call home - Splatsville, aka the "City of Chaos". The neu game wollen introduce new features to your usual splat-tastic multiplayer action, consisting of a bow, fresh customisation options, und enhanced activity abilities wie man it arrives sometime in 2022.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks von Hope

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Release date: TBC 2022 Genre: RTS / Action

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope zu sein the second bei Ubisoft"s excellent crossover through Nintendo"s IP. Ns original heroes are zurück - along with some new faces including ns titular Sparks und Rabbid Rosalina - however this time they"re encountering a galactic-level peril an the form of neu villain Cursa. Ns game möchte move beyond ns Mushroom Kingdom to include ns wider mario + Rabbids universe, and is opening trost each of those worlds zum free exploration. The same kann be said von battle too, with the game removing the grid system to let you freely control each des the 3 heroes bei play. Over there are still similar turn-based, tactical rules to follow, however should allow weil das more creativity taking ~ above foes.

Legend des Zelda: Breath von the grausam sequel

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Release date: TBC 2022Genre: RPG

We now schutz a better idea of what die Breath des the wild sequel wollen be, with the Nintendo E3 2021 straight revealing that die game will arrive sometime in 2022 und extend ns original game"s map to the skies above it. Blieb no information on a potentially playable Zelda, yet Link"s definitely had a couple of upgrades since our tonnage jaunt around Hyrule, v various neu abilities choose the auswahl to teleport through frameworks or wield fire.


Dragon search Heroes 1 und 2

(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

Release date: TBCGenre: Hack-n-slash

Dynasty Warriors, v its limitless procession von idiot foe fodder whose only goal zu sein to give your attack button a workout, is certainly divisive. Yet whatever your stance on the series is, there"s no denying that Koei Tecmo"s spin-offs, i m sorry include the Zelda-inspired Hyrule Warriors, show that the series" button-mashing formula ausblüten has room weil das experimentation. Dragon quest Heroes heroes was a surprisingly delightful take on ns musou genre, taking ns series" standard RPG framework und dressing it roughly real-time activity combat und monster collection. This combo möchte include die entire zuerst game in addition to its sequel, definition you"ll get kommen sie spend hundreds of hours slicing v slimes punkt home or on ns go.

Yokai clock 4

Release date: TBC Genre: JRPG

If you"re a Pokemon fan, sie probably already know about ns Yo-Kai watch series. It complies with a similar format in that you collect critters that also function together your companions as a young kid. That"s, des course, reducing that somewhat, however I weil das one in ridiculously excited about Yo-Kai watch 4. It"s currently looking incredible, and actually could make Pokemon Let"s walk look a little 3DS era. In terms of new gameplay features, it"ll introduce a feuer new item, called die Yokai Ark, which möchte let players travel betwee three civilizations that space all set in different time periods, und feature their very own protagonist. It must be quite ns beast, and a an excellent distraction before the echt Pokemon switch RPG arrives.

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