Mit dem zug nach thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Suburban Railway

The tickets are precious 1 hour prior und 2 hours after the departure time of the passenger’s itinerary, together it zu sein mentioned on the ticket.

Du schaust: Mit dem zug nach thessaloniki

Passengers schutz the possibility kommen sie change their tickets, at sales points, until 23:59:59 von the exit date von the passenger’s itinerary, as it ist mentioned on the ticket. 

Modern, electrical trains operate the service between Thessaloniki and Larissa, serving number of intermediate stations and providing access – among others – to ns beautiful coastline des Pieria. The travel time bolzen Thessaloniki and Larissa is one and a für hilfe hour and each train has a delivering capacity von 500 passengers.


The White Tower des Thessaloniki


The beautiful coastline von Pieria

At die Larissa Railway Station ns passengers schutz access to the train service Larissa – Volos. Indigenous Volos, visitors kann enjoy the täglich trips des the wenig Train des Pelion or visit ns Sporades islands, on the ferries departing ns Port des Volos.

Visit die Pelion, travelling über train

Some Thessaloniki- Larissa Suburban services reach Paleofarsalos, enabling passengers to use the trains kommen sie Kalambaka and visit die Meteora Monasteries.


The distinct rocks des Meteora

Thessaloniki – Florina 

Through a modern rail infrastructure, ns Thessaloniki – Edessa – Florina suburban leistungen carries passengers from Thessaloniki zu Edessa in one and a für hilfe hours and to Florina in two und a hilfreich hours safely and affordably, von making use von special discounts and multiple trips cards.

During die trip, passengers kann sein enjoy the beautiful and unique scenery of the area, die most remarkable being die Edessa Waterfalls. Die trip zu Florina may also be merged with regional excursions zu Prespes Lakes and to nearby Ski Resorts.


The spectacural waterfalls of Edessa

The Platy Station ist a hub station in the Thessaloniki – Edessa – Florina railway heat service. Passenger from western Macedonia kann board to trains offer the main line Athens- Thessaloniki und head kommen sie Southern Greece, while passenger from South und Central greece may lieferung at Platy zu visit western Macedonia.

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