minicar / 2-door hatchback

Award uses only to vehicles v optional prior crash prevention and applies only to Hardtop 2-door models

2016 Mini Cooper shown

Rating applies to 2014-20 models

Tested vehicle: 2014 Mini Cooper 2-door

The Mini Cooper was redesigned zum the 2014 model year.

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The dummy"s position in relation to die door frame, steering wheel, und instrument panel after the crash prüfung indicates that the driver"s survival space was maintained really well.


The frontal and side curtain airbags functioned well together kommen sie keep die head from comes close zu any stiff framework or exterior objects that could reason injury.


Measures von occupant compartment intrusion on treiber side

Test IDCEN1440Lower occupant compartmentUpper occupant compartment
Lower hinge pillar max (cm)7
Footrest (cm)7
Left toepan (cm)2
Brake pedal (cm)5
Parking brake (cm)
Rocker panel lateral mean (cm)1
Steering column3
Upper hinge pillar max (cm)5
Upper dash (cm)5
Lower instrument panel (cm)4

Driver injury measures

Test IDCEN1440HeadNeckChest preferably compression (mm)Femur (kN)Knee displacement (mm)Knee-thigh-hip injury risk (%)Maximum tibia indexTibia axial force (kN)Foot acceleration (g)
Peak gs hinweisen hard contactno contact
Tension (kN)1.1
Extension bending momente (Nm)13
Maximum Nij0.20

Rating applies to 2014-21 models

Tested vehicle: 2014 Mini Cooper 2-door

The Mini Cooper was redesigned zum the 2014 model year. Moderate overlap frontal wertungen are assigned von the Institute based upon a prüfen conducted über BMW (manufacturer of the Mini) together part von frontal crash test verification.

Test IDVTF1322Footwell intrusionBrake pedal (cm)Instrument panel rearward movementSteering shaft movementA-pillar rearward movement (cm)
Footrest (cm)4
Left (cm)8
Center (cm)8
Right (cm)8
Left (cm)2
Right (cm)2
Upward (cm)-1
Rearward (cm)-5

Test IDVTF1322HeadNeckChest best compression (mm)LegsFoot acceleration (g)
Peak gs weist hard contactno contact
Tension (kN)1.2
Extension bending augenblicke (Nm)6
Maximum Nij0.23
Femur pressure - left (kN)0.7
Femur force - right (kN)1.0
Knee displacement - left (mm)1
Knee displacement - appropriate (mm)1
Maximum tibia index - left0.39
Maximum tibia index - right0.43
Tibia axial force - left (kN)2.3
Tibia axial force - appropriate (kN)2.5

Rating applies kommen sie 2016-21 modell built after november 2015

Tested vehicle: 2016 Mini Cooper 2-door

The Mini Cooper was redesigned for the 2014 modell year. Beginning with 2016 models built after november 2015, die side curtain airbags to be modified kommen sie improve behind seat occupant protection an side influence crashes. (Information about when a certain vehicle was manufactured zu sein on die certification label frequently affixed to ns car on the treiber door or nearby B-pillar.)

View von the car after die crash v door removed, showing die side airbags and damage to the occupant compartment.

Smeared greasepaint mirrors where the driver dummy"s head was protected from being hit by hard structures von the side airbags.

Smeared red und yellow greasepaint reflects where the rear passenger dummy’s head was protected über the side airbag. Throughout rebound, ns dummy"s head and torso slid out from die shoulder belt and moved across ns seat, however this motion does notfall cause any significant risk of injury.

Test IDCES1605B-pillar kommen sie longitudinal centerline of driver"s chair (cm)
Negative number indicate the amount über which die crush stopped short des the chair centerline.

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Test IDCES1605Head HIC-15NeckShoulderTorsoPelvisLeft femur
Tension (kN)0.9
Compression (kN)0.3
Lateral deflection (mm)37
Lateral force (kN)1.2
Maximum deflection (mm)36
Average deflection (mm)30
Maximum deflection rate (m/s)2.27
Maximum viscous default (m/s)0.50
Iliac pressure (kN)1.1
Acetabulum pressure (kN)2.8
Combined force (kN)3.8
L-M pressure (kN)0.6
L-M moment (Nm)117
A-P momente (Nm)-36

Test IDCES1605Head HIC-15NeckShoulderTorsoPelvisLeft femur
Tension (kN)0.6
Compression (kN)0.3
Lateral deflection (mm)50
Lateral pressure (kN)1.7
Maximum deflection (mm)39
Average deflection (mm)31
Maximum deflection price (m/s)3.58
Maximum viscous default (m/s)0.60
Iliac force (kN)0.9
Acetabulum pressure (kN)2.1
Combined force (kN)2.8
L-M force (kN)1.0
L-M momente (Nm)284
A-P moment (Nm)-111

Seat typeGeometrySeat design parametersNeck forces
Manual leather seat
Backset (mm)10
Distance listed below top des head (mm)21
Max T1 acceleration (g)13.4
Head call time (ms)48
Force rating1
Max neck shear force (N)1
Max neck tension (N)285

How die head restraint & chair test zu sein conductedCurrently, testen apply only to front seats.

Front crash prevention: vehicle-to-vehicle

System detailsOptional Frontal Collision Warning with city Collision MitigationPackage nameOptional active Driving Assistant
This system meets the requirements zum forward collision warning.In the 12 mph test, this vehicle practically avoided a collision.In the 25 mph test, affect speed was reduced von 7 mph.

just how front crash prevention zu sein evaluated


Ratings room given zum 3 different headlight variations easily accessible on this vehicle.

Low-beam headlight typeHigh-beam headlight typeCurve-adaptive?High-beam assist?Overall rating
LED projector
LED projector


car-simplercar-simplercar-simplercar-simpler0 ft100 ft200 ft300 ft400 ft500 ft600 ftLow beamsOptimal low-beamilluminationHigh beamsOptimal high-beamilluminationHigh-beam aid credit
Low beams On die straightaway, visibility was inadequate ~ above both sides des the road. On curves, visibility was fair ~ above both right curves und inadequate on both left curves.

The short beams never exceeded glare limits.

High beams On the straightaway, visibility was inadequate on both sides von the road. ~ above curves, visibility was fair on die gradual right curve and inadequate on die sharp right and both left curves.

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High-beam aid compensates zum some limitations des this vehicle"s low beams on ns straightaway, ~ above both left curves and on die gradual right curve.