Minecraft ähnliche spiele 2019

Minecraft offers players v a gelegenheit to explore und build kommen sie their heart"s content. There room a couple of games that attract out a comparable creativity.

Du schaust: Minecraft ähnliche spiele 2019

die blocky sandbox empfinde known as Minecraft came out of nowhere, launching into phenom zustand after starting with humble beginnings as bei indie project by Markus "Notch" Persson. This versatile, open-ended experience has helped pave the way for a new era des open-world software, und helped spur the rise des indie gaming hinweisen large.

Gamers schutz since to be captivated von the expansive landscapes, lucrative building mechanics, und thrilling survival gameplay.

While one can theoretically pour hundreds of hrs into this substantial digital playground des blocks, there wollen inevitably be those seeking comparable content.

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With this list, we"ll cover 10 des the biggest examples von titles that - bei one crucial aspect or an additional - resemble this epos indie.

10 CubeWorld

This voxel-based video game immediately danke für comparisons to Minecraft following its late 2019 release. It"s received some criticism for its spotty quality, balancing issues, and style that"s very similar to Notch"s game.

Still, CubeWorld should nonetheless accomplish a number of fans given that similarities, und it does regulate to gestanden out a bit with a more RPG-heavy direction. Designer Wolfram von Funck cites gamings like The Legend des ZeldaSecret des Mana, and World of Warcraft as inspiration, and it absolutely comes through. While it"s on ns crude side, there zu sein definitely potential to build on this blocky foundation via updates und patches.

9 Craft die World

sie know those an especially tense moments in Minecraft that indicate scrambling kommen sie build a makeshift fortress in order to direkt out the hostile night? You can look at Craft die World as a an ext fleshed out, two-dimensional version von that experience, with some added tower defense elements.

This colorful romp über Dekovir is described together a blend of Dungeon KeeperTerraria, and Dwarf Fortress, yet there"s a highlights feel of Notch"s game, given die versatility in the building und survival features. Craft ns World offers tons von rewarding gameplay as you command a maßband of dwarves to craft, build, and fend off die things the go bump bei the night.

8 Eco

the rampant success of Minecraft over ns past decade has actually inevitably lugged a slew des imitators, or at least initiatives that greatly resemble it. For the services of avoiding repetition, we"ll avoid highlighting most of these an ext direct 3D clones. Yet, we do feel we"d be doing a disservice if us didn"t offer a shoutout to 2018"s Eco.

This innovative social game attributes a collaborative premise, und a myriad von activities kommen sie take part in within die vast digital wilderness. Eco is somewhat akin kommen sie a more passive version of Minecraft mixed with The Sims, as you"ll be communicating with other players, managing your character, and generally just going about your day.

The ende game zu sein to evolve your society to prepare her companions and yourself kommen sie weather in inevitable meteor strike.

7 Stardew Valley

favor our vault entry, Stardew Valley"s gameplay flourishes in its dynamic, open-ended traits, in addition to its emphasis on social gameplay that motivates collaboration. However, this one veers indigenous 3D realism and embraces ns nostalgic bliss von 2D sprites und vibrant visuals.

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Much like Minecraft, this one began out with reasonably humble beginnings on die PC, before blowing up bei popularity und finding its means on just about every major platform von the tonnage several years. That melds Harvest Moon-style farm management with crafting, quests, combat, and other an ext traditional RPG features. Die result is a super addictive 80+ hour romp, which kann sein be delighted in solo or v a friend.

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6 Lego Worlds

it seemingly renders sense zu include a Lego-themed title on our list, given Mincraft"s Lego-like mechanics des assembling block to form structures. But really, ns similarities prolong beyond die visuals and environment manipulation. Ns vast scope und flexibility an the gameplay provides it easy kommen sie enjoy as you kann take part an tons von activities - whether you"re a fan of these colorful toys or not.

The game absolutely emphasizes ns building side of Minecraft, though sie can also engage bei satisfying demolition, management, und thrilling dungeon crawling.

5 ns Legend des Zelda: Breath von The Wild

Those who fancy ns exploration, article gathering, und combat features of Minecraft will most likely find viel to liebe about Nintendo"s epic Zelda romp zum Switch. This 2017 title danke für from the open-world RPG traits of games like Skyrim while including unique touches, in-depth physics, und majestic Zelda flair.

The game includes a true sense of freedom and wonder as sie journey across die vast lands des a ruined Hyrule with the hero Link. While building is absent, Breath von the Wild offers a plethora von diverse actions to engage in, item crafting, flexible mechanics, and plenty of exciting combat. The more threatening conditions during the night - and the blood moon, in particular - ist reminiscent of Minecraft"s dynamic day-night cycle.

4 Starbound

This epos odyssey von Chucklefish, along with the similar Terraria, shines together one of the many expansive, open-ended 2D romps bei existence. Die game rolls v a comparable system of randomly generated people with distinct biomes, all of which serve as a empty slate from which to build upon, and which are crawling through critters to fight.

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Starbound feels prefer a virtual Star Trek quest as much as a Minecraft-like journey, as you"ll oase a central ship hub used to paris to unique lavish worlds. In Mojang fashion, die game ist vast v its array von weaponry, items, and cool settings. Yet, it also takes a much more streamlined technique than Terraria or Minecraft with its endearing narrative and quests.

3 Fortnite

prefer Mojang"s project, Fortnite by Epic gamings helped pioneer a neu style of games with that free-to-play model and fight royale premise an a sandbox setting. Die game emphasizes building on the fly, evasion, und swiftly shooting opponents with a range of weaponry.

Despite these distinctive traits despite - ns open-ended mechanics von crafting coupled through some trembling combat wollen likely scratch the itch of many Minecraft fans. Die constant struggle to survive ist a prominent theme in Notch"s project, and it"s one that Fortnite similarly leans on an its own captivating way.

2 Dragon Quest builders 2

bei 2016, Square Enix managed zu put a creative spin on both Minecraft and their created JRPG series, Dragon Quest, with this PS4/Switch game. They go this by melding qualities des both titles, when injecting some sim management elements and a unique cute aesthetic charm. With the follow-up in 2019, they take it this a step further von adding even much more content, larger areas, and appealing neu multiplayer features.

This time, up zu 4 players can partake in quests, combat, und building bei this colorful fantasy world; either locally or online. Together a neat little bonus, a first-person perspective was deshalb added for a better sense des immersion, und underwater journeying was enabled, adding to the diverse settings.

1 Terraria

While the may not quite look the part, Terraria"s around as close kommen sie a Minecraft experience together you kann get bei a 2D space. The game similarly uses a deceptively an easy retro vibe weil das its visuals. Yet, in ~ the radikale surface lies in insanely robust and addictive adventure; one the elevates ns "Metroidvania" format to the next level.

Like Minecraft, there"s in array von tasks zu partake in, lands kommen sie explore und plunder, und enemies zu defeat. You tun können choose zu mine your means into ns depths of the ominous Underworld and slay bosses, travel the generated worlds and nab goodies, or build a large, growing home base. Regardless of being a 2011 release, Re-Logic"s Terraria still feels together epic und wondrous together ever.

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