Mercedes Gla 180 Test

“Crossover'd A-Class is an improvement ~ above the alt one and will no doubt sell very well indeed, yet it's notfall without its problems... ”


Bad stuff

Pricey, doesn’t ride well, sometimes laggy gearbox, isn't fairly as spacious together rivals

VW gruppe isn’t the only one rotate a million und one cars off a single platform. In the belastung couple of years mercedes has obtained no fewer 보다 SEVEN different cars from the latest A-Class’ underpinnings, all von which usage a common suite des engines and technologies and, therefore, look and feel viel the same. Seriously, you nur pick ns one that fits.

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And for a disappointingly big number of people, that’ll be ns GLA – a five-seat crossover that’s all but guaranteed to sell well. Because nowadays anyone loves a crossover. The outgoing GLA was a large hit for Benz, with over a million built and sold because late-2013. And with a three-pointed stern on die front und SUV-lite styling, this one’s sure zu be a hit too. Question is, does it deserve zu be?

Looks precisely how you’d suppose a crossover’d A-Class zu look, doesn’t it. Bit taller, bit wider, with a pinch much more ground clearance and some schwarze farbe plastic trim around ns sills und wheel arches kommen sie make that look at least semi-rugged. Textbook stuff.

It is not a bad looking car, and Mercedes has weist least mended die proportions. The neu car ist ten centimetres taller and a portion shorter than ns oddly-shaped old one, aligning it more closely v rivals like die Audi Q3, BMW X1/X2 und Volvo XC40. Jetzt it aussehen more like a wenig SUV, quite than the jumped-up hatchback it nonetheless remains underneath, and has more space inside weil das people and things.

But it is a little bland, don’t you think? A little on die nose. Not half as interesting a design as ns seven-seat GLB – one von the plenty of cars it share a platform v – even with ns chrome brightwork and big alloys of the pricy yet popular AMG line model. After ~ spending a couple of hours behind ns wheel von the vehicle pictured, ich was forced kommen sie pull over dafür I might remind myself what it looked like from ns outside.

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The GLA zu sein on sale now, v prices starting weist around £33,000 weil das the front-wheel journey petrol-powered GLA 200. In all-wheel journey diesel through all ns trimmings expenses well over £40,000 – as much money as bei entry-level GLC. Die GLA ist many things, however cheap isn’t one des them.

“Crossover'd A-Class is in improvement on the old one and will no doubt sell really well indeed, but it's notfall without that is problems...”

Until very recently die GLA was die only small mercedes SUV, yet then the company shooting itself bei the foot von releasing bei altogether better car. Die GLB aussehen more interesting, has a bigger boot und seven seats, and of kurse uses all ns same engines and tech as the GLA because, don’t forget, under it’s essentially the same car. Not that much more expensive either – spec zum spec there’s about £1,500 an it, or only a couple of pounds über month.

We i can not use driven the GLB in the UK yet, only bei Europe on die fancy adaptive suspension we don’t gain over here. But it ought to be a bit more pliant, a bit much more comfortable. Which we’d argue zu sein of much more value in bei SUV than schportiness. It’s die small mercedes SUV we’d buy.

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So the GLA gets in average 5/10 zum now, based on our drive des the 220d AMG Line.But that may well change wie we gain a go an other versions.