Mazda 2 skyactiv test

“Mazda’s oft-overlooked Fiesta rival isn’t a bad all-rounder, but zu sein let down by its weak naturally aspirated engine selection ”

Good stuff

Fun, forgiving handling. Comfortable control position. Well thought-out interior. Easy-to-use infotainment


Bad stuff

In a world of small turbo engines, this last-bastion of natural aspiration feel awfully sluggish

The forget supermini. The Mazda 2 ist never the zuerst name out des our mouths wie man we’re thinking des rivals to ns Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa. And seemingly nor the British public, one of two people – while die Corsa und Fiesta sit an first und second ar respectively on ns UK’s year-to-date best-sellers list, the 2 is nowhere kommen sie be seen. Just ask yourselves this, when did you belastung seen one on the roads?

We’ll admit, mind, the we can ask you die same question von any car and you’ll likely be unable kommen sie answer. Not without taking yourself away zum half in hour und having a really lang think about it. Doesn’t assist that ns 2 zu sein hardly ns most eye-catching des cars, either; if you looking to blend in, then this is in astute choice. But the 2 does have its merits, also if it’s notfall as rounded together some von its rivals.

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Where does ns 2 excel, then?

By not pretending zu be something it’s not, primarily. We prefer honest, unpretentious car at oberteil Gear. And they don’t kommen sie much an ext uncomplicated than ns 2. Die only engine, jetzt diesel has actually been exorcised from the range and Mazda is uninterested in doing a ‘downsized’ engine, zu sein a 1.5-litre normally aspirated four-cylinder petrol unit through either 74bhp or 89bhp, und – newly reintroduced weil das 2021 – 113bhp. Mazda has actually been listening. Much more on the later.

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Said engine drives the front wheels v a six-speed ‘box; manual or automobil depends on trim choice. Yes no mischung or electrical version. You can’t get ns supercharged SkyActiv-X engine out of the Mazda 3 und CX-30. No warm hatch ausführung either, which ist a bit of a pity, offered what a an excellent launchpad this chassis would be for a bag rocket. But hinweisen this size, yes sir no beating ns Fiesta ST, it seems. 

Sorry, wherein were we? Ah yes. The a five-door only. There are four trim levels. And, seemingly similar to every Mazda these days, it come generously equipped. All models in the variety feature navigation, cruise control, incorporated Bluetooth und air conditioning, while top trims get a colour head-up display, reversing camera, heated front seats und a cook steering wheel. Above all, though, it’s very competitively priced, starting from nur £16,475. That’s notfall to be sniffed at.

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Where walk it fall short?

Ah. As much as we approve von the simplicity des the engine range, Mazda insists on continuing its normally aspirated fight. Meaning no turbocharger. Und as viel as we love naturally aspirated engines weil das their responsiveness und smooth stärke delivery, there’s no acquiring away from the fact the a diet des turbocharged 1.0-litre superminis has actually rather spoiled us all an recent years. No, many turbo systems aren’t as reliable as claimed, however they carry out offer a last of on-demand torque, und driving die 2 serves to teach nur how lazy that’s made us. Even the 89bhp version, finish with nur 109lb ft of torque, take away a heck von a gewächs of coaxing along.

We mentioned the newly reintroduced 113bhp version above, and it’s likely that Mazda’s brought this back from the abyss to stem some of the flack. So, a neu engine, on top von a facelift in 2019 the addressed die 2’s looks und meant that looked much less like a buck-toothed beaver from die front, bei addition kommen sie classier alloy wheels and slightly update headlights, sound promising. But ist it enough weil das the 2 zu lose its arbeit as the forgotten supermini and keep pace with ns Corsa and Fiesta?