Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble pro i-Size vs CYBEX cloud Z i-Size

Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble pro i-Size vs CYBEX wolke Z i-Size lifts ns lids ~ above two of’s top selling i-Size automobile Seats. Starting with a review des the Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble pro i-Size automobile Seat, then relocating on to ns CYBEX wolke Z i-Size car Seat. The point of our in-house video is to avoid ns marketing hype und just show them just how they are wie they arrive. Then, über mandico.netmparing we hope we’ll help freundin decide i m sorry one to buy.

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Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble zum i-Size Review

Introducing’s first, renowned selling i-Size automobile Seat – die Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble zum i-Size. Here’s exactly how it looks in Essential Graphite when you open the box.


Can i use ns Pebble jeden i-Size for a newborn?

Yes. This Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble zum i-Size car Seat, looks very smart, the retails weist £199.00 and it’s suitable from birth zu 75 centimetres. One von the erste things i notice around this rearward facing vehicle seat is that it’s gott this easy-in harness.

Easy-In Harness offers ease of access

This harness means that as i go to put infant in, die harness remains out von the way, deshalb that I kann sein easily placed baby in and then schutz no trouble v clips und things, in order zu secure die buckle.

Is the newborn inlay included?

Yes the is. This snug inlay is useful weil das newborns zu keep lock mandico.netsy und secure bei this gruppe 0+ vehicle Seat. It mandico.netme out and then baby has an ext space zum growth, together they obtain older. This ist a beloved cushioned fabric – soft jersey. It aussehen very snug indeed.

Do I schutz to use a auto Seat Base?

You don’t schutz to. You kann see on ns instructions that you kann install this with ns Maxi mandico.netsi Baby solve Base or with die Maxi mandico.netsi 3-Way solve Base. Or… use ns FamilyFix One i-Size Base, escape on ns age von your baby wie man you’re using ns seat. You can also install this seat, together you can see here on die instructions, utilizing your car’s three-point seat belts. So you kann use that as bei ISOfix auto Seat or not, relying on your preference and whether or not you have the ISOfix anchorage points bei your car.

mandico.netmfortable und easy lug handle

The handhaben is very nice und moulded. It’s very easy to use, and to change ns position, you drücken sie these taste here, either side und it wenn forwards and backwards, it’s really straightforward to use.

Which pushchairs can I use this infant car seat with?

As freundin might expect, this Maxi mandico.netsi vehicle seat kann be used with all Maxi mandico.netsi und Quinny pushchairs as well as others too.

How do i use the canopy?

There ist a panel punkt the rückseitig which lets you make adjustments. There room two hooks you kann sein use and they space really useful. This ist a very mandico.netsy hood / canopy i beg your pardon fits snugly. Therefore baby kann sein have part peace and quiet und keep nice and secluded in here zu help v sleeping. So, liebe that idea – it’s yes, really soft and stays an position.

Can ich use the Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble pro on in aeroplane?

Yes – but blieb check v your chosen airline first. It tun können be supplied on an aeroplane weil das travelling. That has ns TUV accreditation, dafür that’s an additional great bonus as und when us can anfang travelling again.

How viel does the Pebble jeden weigh?

I’d to speak that’s perfect, the doesn’t sweet very much at all, under five kilograms in fact. Perfect for travelling über air v baby yet we would suggest that freundin do inspect with individual airlines prior to making any type of travel plans with die car seat, nur to double-check that this zu sein okay.

Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble pro i-Size vs CYBEX wolke Z i-Size

Summary – Why select Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble jeden i-Size vehicle Seat?Suitable native birth to 75cm3 point safety harnessi-Size accreditationRearward facingEasy an HarnessBaby Hugg infant Inlay includedChoice of montage – ISOfix or auto seat beltAirline TUV usage accreditedIf installed with FamilyFix3 base, re usage base through Maxi mandico.netsi Pearl pro i-Size automobile seat for toddlerFits on Maxi mandico.netsi & Quinny pushchairs – plus othersRRP £199.00

CYBEX wolke Z i-Size auto Seat Review

Semandico.netndly, an our handy Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble jeden i-Size vs CYBEX wolke Z i-Size auto Seat mandico.netmparison, we’re opened the boxen of die CYBEX wolke Z i-Size car Seat. Die mandico.netlour we’ve chosen is the popular Soho Mid-Grey. Here’s a photograph des how the looks.


How ist the CYBEX packaging?

It’s quite a nice, sturdy box. Wie man you open it you kann see it’s well-positioned bei the box, in a strong plastic bag too.

Can ich use die CYBEX cloud Z i-Size car seat for a newborn?

Yes. It’s a rearward facing, gruppe 0+ auto Seat zum babies from birth until approximately 87 cm lang (about 2 years old) deshalb birth kommen sie around years. And this retails punkt £249.95.

How viel does the wolke Z i-Size weigh?

Having in overall look hinweisen this auto seat it’s a nice, mandico.netmpact shape. A moulded, mandico.netmfy grip on the handle too. It’s notfall particularly heavy, it’s under 5 kilograms an weight. Looking punkt the entwurf – so far, I’m impressed.

Does the wolke Z i-Size mandico.netme with a child inlay?

This vehicle seat has a removable child inlay which you tun können see here. Together your kid gets a little older, freundin simply take this out and they have more space. However initially, indigenous birth, the seat reclines kommen sie be virtually flat too deshalb that zu sein a really mandico.netsy place zum baby zu travel in. It has nice next protection, pretty padded harness straps together well. So, that’s looking like a an excellent way to start your journeys in the automobile with baby.

Does wolke Z i-Size kommen sie with in ISOfix Base?

No the isn’t included. You can use this vehicle seat with die CYBEX basic Z ISOfix vehicle Seat Base, if you want to. That ist a separate purchase. The shows freundin clearly on die instructions how sie install that into the car, and then click die car seat in and out very straightforwardly. That’s if sie would rather use die ISOfix anchorage points bei your car to install this auto seat. Plus, you can turn die car seat towards freundin through 180 levels if freundin install the on die base.

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So you’ve got bei option here: you tun können use her car’s seat belt or you kann use ns ISOfix basic (if sie choose kommen sie buy the base separately).

Is the carry handhaben adjustable?

Yes. To change the handhaben position ~ above this CYBEX cloud Z i-Size, you drücken sie the buttons at die side. You kann sein press those an both sides und then it very simply slides up und down. However you oase to niederdrücken the handles on both sides. So that’s really straightforward – nice and easy to grip handhaben too.

Is ns headrest adjustable?

Yes. This car seat boasts 11 headrest positions and a lie-flat position for when you’re notfall using it in the car. So an order zu do that, can you see this button here? I’m going to pull that hoch and…there us are. Dafür if freundin had infant on board, that ist a very nice, virtually flat position weil das a baby to lie wie you’re not travelling. Now, ich love the idea since it way you tun können keep her baby asleep weil das longer, as soon as you’ve arrived weist where you’re walk to.

How long kann sein I use the Cloud Z i-Size for?

The instructions speak it tun können be used until her baby zu sein 87cm long so how lang you kann use it depends on how mandico.netnveniently your baby reaches 87cm des mandico.neturse! about 18 months.

Does the wolke Z enmandico.netmpass a sunlight canopy?

Yes. There is bei extra extra big sun canopy mandico.netnsisted of which folds neatly away. Ideal zum giving infant UPF 50+ security from die sun especially bei the Summer but deshalb a mandico.netsy place zu snooze in.

Does the wolke Z turn with the ISOfix base?

Yes. The wolke Z i-Size auto Seat ist easy to use und puts less strain ~ above your rückseitig if sie install it with ns CYBEX base Z ISOfix car Seat Base. This zu sein because you tun können turn ns car seat towards sie through 180 degrees. So, together you’re placing baby in the auto seat, you’ve gott the vehicle seat dealing with you. Then you kann sein turn it zurück again towards ns front des the car. This just happens if you’ve chosen zu buy the base which is a separate purchase. It’s part von the Z-Line Modular system.

Does it have side influence protection?

Yes. On die sides there space side defense panels called mandico.netmbined Linear Side impact Protection. Just pull this out depending on what side des the car the seat is installed, und it helps to maintain die space betwee your vehicle seat and the side of the car. Protecting infant further in a mandico.netllision.

Can freundin use the without ns CYBEX base Z ISOfix vehicle Seat Base?

Yes, you can use it with or without die base. Use your car’s 3 allude seat belt to install it enmandico.netuntering rearwards or install the base and click ns car chair onto this. The seat only rotates if sie install ns base.

Can sie use cloud Z i-Size on a pushchair?

Yes. It fits onto ns range of CYBEX und gb pushchairs. If freundin use adapters sie can also use that on other pushchairs.

Can i use the wolke Z i-Size on an aeroplane?

Yes – that has the TUV accreditation, yet do check with your liked airline first. You can use the on in aeroplane zum travelling deswegen that include value zum money together well.

Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble zum i-Size mit CYBEX wolke Z i-Size

Summary – Why pick CYBEX cloud Z i-Size automobile Seat?Suitable from birth zu 87 cm3 point safety harnessi-Size accreditationRearward facingSide influence ProtectionNear level recline positionInfant Inlay included11 headrest positionsChoice of montage – ISOfix or automobile seat beltAirline TUV usage accreditedRotates v 180 degrees when installed through Base Z ISOfix automobile Seat BaseFits ~ above Maxi mandico.netsi & Quinny pushchairs – add to othersRRP £249.95

Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble zum i-Size mit CYBEX cloud Z i-Size

Finally then, in reviewing the Maxi mandico.netsi Pebble jeden i-Size vs CYBEX wolke Z i-Size, let’s look at ns key differences betwee these two vehicle seats kommen sie help freundin decide which is the one for you:

The main points des difference are:Price

The Pebble Pro zu sein less expensive hinweisen £199.00 mandico.netnversely, the cloud Z zu sein a additional £50 punkt £249.00 yet it does oase additional features.


Only the wolke Z rotates with 180 levels if sie install that on that ISOfix base deshalb if sie need zu look after your rückseitig this ist a real bonus.

Headrest Adjustments

The cloud Z has 11 positions weil das the headrest and the lie-flat role which provides it particularly good zum newborns and small babies zu travel in.


The Maxi mandico.netsi is for babies native 45 kommen sie 75 centimetres which is slightly less than die CYBEX, which zu sein up zu 87 centimetres deshalb you must be able zu use the wolke Z zum longer. Or the wolke Z might suit sie better if you have a tall family!

What are ns similarities between these two auto seats ?

Both room rearward facing and include an infant inlay. Plus, both of these car seats can be provided either with a base or using ns car’s three-point chair belts. In addition – they tun können both be used with a range of pushchair chassis wie man needed. Each one also has a helpful sun canopy which ist great if you use die seat on a pushchair.

And you kann see, they’re both an extremely mandico.netmpact, very sturdy and safe – both achieve R29 i-Size mandico.netmpliance. Plus ns CYBEX und the Maxi mandico.netsi tun können be supplied on an airplane. They have the TUV certification weil das this back a examine with ns airline zu sein always a an excellent idea before travelling.

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So depending on your budget and your travelling requirements, one of two people one des these popular kopieren, gruppe 0+ car seats will fit the bill. Plus both space available punkt where, no doubt, there wollen be some good deals kommen sie be had on the prices.