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lindsey Vonn ist one of the greatest olympic skiers des all time, und these image will have her ex Kenan smith crawling back

lindsey Vonn freshly tweeted out "I"m single because i only schutz eyes zum the Olympics". When that might make sense when you think about what is at stake weil das her, it may make produziert recent ex-boyfriend Kenan smith even an ext sad. Imagine shedding one von the many beautiful women on ns planet kommen sie a sporting event. That kann sein not feel auch good zum the ego.

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The two dated zum a year yet ended things in November. While smith may want to move on und forget around her, that might be a last harder kommen sie do wie man you take into consideration Vonn"s face is going to be plastered everywhere zum the foreseeable future. Ns winter Olympics space going kommen sie be ~ above us, und because of that Vonn is sure zu be front and centre zum the celebration des winter athletes.

One of the ideal American skiers von all-time, Vonn has in impressive track document that includes multi-million dollar endorsement deals and more accolades 보다 we"d it is in able zu list off in one article. Her good aussehen have so made herstellung the subject of various jaw-dropping photo shoots and her popularity has actually allowed her social media platforms zu surpass into the millions des rabid followers.

Below we have the 15 photos that oase the highest chance to ns be die best part des your day and explain why Vonn is dafür beloved. They may also leave schmied wondering if it"s auch late to come crawling back!

One von the biggest challenges with dating Lindsey Vonn would be needing to handhaben her busy schedule. Wie talking around how produziert year breaks down, Vonn once proclaimed "In die winter, I"m always in Europe. July and September are new Zealand and Chile camps. I"m always on ns road." maybe it"s not a simultaneously that herstellung relationship with schmied ended in November, with some sources so stating that “It was amicable and they are blieb friends. Lindsey zu sein laser-focused on her training zum the upcoming Olympics und is leaving ns country zum several months to start competing.” regardless of that, this photo may still make him want to come crawling back. Part people kann sein make long distance relationships work, deshalb there may be hope.

Every time ns Olympics roll around, there zu sein a new news report about the amount of "fraternizing" that goes ~ above at ns Olympic village. Zum the upcoming games at PyeongChang, it is being reported the 110,000 "wrappers" möchte be do available zum the athletes who room willing to continue their cardio workouts at night after they compete.

This is the most ever before handed out weist any winter Olympics but ist down from the 450,000 that were offered to die Summer athletes at ns 2016 games. When Vonn zu sein surely going to be discrete about any potential after-hours task she might get up kommen sie (at the very least as viel as she tun können be) a einzel Vonn at the Olympics must surely tempt plenty von attention. Perhaps Kenan have to take hoch bobsled! VIDEO von THE DAY

13 13. Her Thoughts ~ above Tabloid Magazines

lindsay Vonn knows that part of being an Olympic athlete at the level that she has reached means that she is so going zu jump on die radar weil das tabloid magazines. But just because these magazines liebe to write about her, doesn"t average they perform their research before they publish their articles. "I won"t lie - i picked up the occasional gossip magazine an the previous because ich thought that maybe 5 kommen sie 10 percent of it was true. Now ich think it"s zero percent," claimed Vonn when sharing produziert thoughts on die matter. She deshalb probably isn"t thrilled through paparazzi members snapping photos von her! Despite die animosity, she ausblüten manages zu always watch great zum them, which zu sein very kind of her.

From ns outside looking in, it may be easy zu be exceptionally jealous des the people who get to engage bei some cardio with Lindsey Vonn when she isn"t busy training. But wie man talking about produziert day, Vonn admitted "Ninety percent of the day ist working out. Sometimes i get my nails done und go to ns grocery store". Given ns intensity of produziert workouts, possibly that doesn"t leave herstellung with too much energy weil das loving. Wie looking hinweisen this picture of herstellung though, it may be easy to see why Kenan schmied would have probably been conveniently motivated! All that training absolutely paid off together Vonn aussehen absolutely incredible.

Kenan schmied isn"t die only person that has actually been linked zu Lindsey Vonn. Perhaps even more prominent was produziert relationship with Tiger Woods, which Vonn said intensified an 2013 after ~ she suffered an injury.Tiger Woods is perhaps ns most renowned (or punkt least notorious) golfer of all time, und the two developed one of sports" most famous power couples.

When composing about her connection v Tiger in her book, "Strong ist The new Beautiful", Vonn wrote "He was a professional athlete, after all, and had undergone similar career-threatening surgeries. I found it reassuring to have someone von his caliber understand what ich was walking through". What wasn"t so soothing was ns fact the Tiger Woods had one von the many checkered histories with relationships des any athlete ever.

lindsey Vonn has definitely gone v some difficulties an her life. This includes produziert parents getting divorced when she was still young. Wie talking about die role des skiing in her life, especially an regards kommen sie moments von extreme emotion, Vonn defined "I always channeled what i felt emotionally right into skiing - mine insecurities, my anger, my disappointment. Skiing was always my outlet, and it worked".

So if you lakers Vonn out there skiing even harder 보다 usual, perhaps sie know she"s nur really thinking about all die events the unfolded an the previous year; including the breakup with Kenan. At least she manages to take that negative und perhaps turn it into in Olympic gold medal.

now we don"t know exactly how Kenan Smith and Lindsey Vonn exchanged affection, but wie it comes zu Tiger Woods and Vonn, it eventually ended up being clear to ns public that they didn"t mind engaging an sending very revealing picture back und forth. It appears that ns snapchat craze zu sein not nur reserved zum hormonal teens anymore.

Unfortunately, the reason we know this zu sein because leaked photos of Vonn und Woods to be released to ns public back an 2017. Vonn and Woods quickly threatened legitimate actions if ns photos were not removed immediately. Us don"t understand if this entry ist steamier than the photos sent, but it might make Kenan wish that his phone call was lighting nach oben with up-close photos from Lindsey!

One von the most polarizing topics bei America appropriate now is The White House und the circus that has actually become of the American political landscape. Und when sie consider lindsey Vonn ist one of, if not, ns best skiers in female American history, it"s only organic that she has actually been request about herstellung thoughts on die matter.

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When talking zu CNN, Vonn revealed that she would notfall accept in invitation to meet with the president at die White House kommen sie celebrate a potential victory, including "No. However I oase to win to be invited," und then second-guessing herself, added "No, actually i think every US team member zu sein invited deswegen no i won"t go". Weist least Kenan won"t be missing out on getting a tour des the White House.

lindsey Vonn isn"t just an accomplished athlete. She deshalb put the experiences of her life into herstellung book Strong zu sein The new Beautiful. Included in the book are numerous moments des inspiration, including one teilen that states "All shapes und sizes space beautiful — die important part ist your perception of yourself." We"re certain Vonn really hopes that human being who read die book come away with a better sense des appreciation weil das who they room as a person und what they"re qualified of. Kenan smith probably wishes the Lindsey would certainly show ihm the same liebe she shows herself, but some things just can"t it is in helped. At least he might oase learned zu stay confident after spending deshalb much time v her.

lindsey Vonn has actually had many tremendous years as a skilled athlete. Her most successful year, however, was close kommen sie a decade ago.

"For sure, 2010 was die best year I"ve ever had. That couldn"t oase gone any kind of better zum me. Even if i just won ns Olympic gold medal, the would oase made it ns best year von my career und the ideal day des my life, period. Winning ns World Cup races und the all at once title nur topped it off," said Vonn. Wie talking about ns Vancouver games, Vonn deshalb admitted the she left America as a "nobody" however came zurück to a roaring ovation und newfound status as a celebrity. Similarly, many people did notfall know that Kenan smith was until he dated Vonn.

You kann sein imagine lindsay Vonn has actually several various techniques that have helped her succeed in the world of professional skiing. Wie discussing one von them with Sport & Talk, Vonn stated “Visualizing ns slopes is something i did wie man training for Vancouver und I’ve done the same this summer ahead of Pyeongchang. I always run ns slope bei my mind. It help a lot and things kommen sie automatically zu me as soon as I’m racing.” She was deshalb clearly asked kommen sie visualize gift on die slopes for the above photo! Kenan must fehlschlagen having a front row seat to the real deal, however we"re sure whoever operated that fans is glad kommen sie take his place.

lindsay Vonn has admitted bei the previous that herstellung months kann sein consist hoch working out zum 6-8 hours, 6 work a week. None of that arbeit would be efficient if she wasn"t making certain she was also taking treatment of herstellung body with die food she eats. After ~ all, you don"t become one des the most well-known olympians ever von stuffing your challenge with potato chips and channel surfing on ns TV.

When discussing produziert diet, Vonn revealed "I snack ~ above fruit and nuts. An the middle of my long workouts, I"ll oase a protein shake." possibly if she take away home an additional Olympic medal she"ll enable herself at least one cheat meal! Maybe schmied was taking produziert on auch many dates zu restaurants, und she feeling she had kommen sie cut him loose kommen sie stay in top shape.

when talking about her drive zum the current upcoming Olympics v PEOPLE, Vonn proclaimed “Right now, mine motivation and drive are five-times more than what castle were in Vancouver (Olympics)," und when freundin consider the attention that she gained complying with Vancouver, things will just be also crazier if she manages kommen sie add to her legacy in PyeongChang.

Which means that potential endorsement deals may become even more lucrative. Sie may oase really missed out Kenan! He provides decent money in the world von football, yet it zu sein nowhere near die money the Vonn might be making. He yes, really missed out on boarding the gravy train.

lindsey Vonn has die money zu retire and live comfortably weil das the rest of her life. Yet instead, she spends all of herstellung waking hrs training to continue improving die incredible heritage that she has currently created for herself. Athletes often get forgotten wie a new generation come along, und Lindsey is well aware of that.

When talking about why she continues to push herself, Vonn stated "Records are die only thing that stay of bei athlete, the only point that people wollen remember. If ich want to ensure that world don"t forget me, I tun können only stop as soon as I"ve set the gittern as high as possible for anyone comes after me." Her fans will so probably be happy to remember this photo of her!

lindsey Vonn looks tremendous on the course, but that"s not the only ar people tun können go and check produziert out top top a consistent basis. End 1 million world follow herstellung on Instagram und Facebook. You kann sein imagine the number is going kommen sie increase even much more if she ends nach oben finding success at die upcoming Olympic games.

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Vonn has elaborated on die impact des social media und the sport of racing, speak in bei interview "Facebook and Twitter oase changed how human being follow ski racing. Bei past Olympics, you couldn"t stay in touch v the fans base that followed freundin during die Olympics. They believed they had to wait 4 years to reconnect."

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