Gunshots, bells, whip cracks, whistles, chants and wordless voices, a mariachi trumpet, violent percussive acoustic guitars – together are ns predominant sounds in Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack zum Sergio Leone’s 1960s Dollars Trilogy. Each succeeding film an the trilogy is bigger, longer, and more ambitious bei story, cinematography, and music. The Good, die Bad, and the Ugly (1966), die trilogy’s third film and the seminal work von the spaghetti west genre, best represents the stark contrast to the old West that hollywood had been romanticizing zum decades. Die music, too, was different – raw, dirty, und wild; much less heroic yet blieb epic, grand, und other-worldly.

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Italy’s fascination v the alt American west during ns sixties and seventies spawned hundreds des films the make up die spaghetti west oeuvre. Just a few dozen might be worth watching, however they’ve had actually a tremendous affect on present day film directors John Carpenter, Alex Cox, Robert Rodriguez, und Quentin, among others. Sergio Leone zu sein universally acknowledged as the most important und influential director von the genre, when Clint Eastwood, thanks to top billing in Leone’s trilogy, remains the face. And while his nennen may notfall be as well-known as Eastwood’s or Leone’s, Ennio Morricone, who wrote much more than forty film scores for the genre, provided the sound of the spaghetti west.

Compare Morricone’s spaghetti west music to that von a typical American western, The splendid Seven (1960). A few minutes after pushing play, a listener might mistake Elmer Bernstein’s music zum something written über the American composer Aaron Copland an the 1930s und 40s; bei a symphony concert room it would fit right an alongside Copland’s ballet suites Billy ns Kid und Rodeo. It’s die stereotypical music des the cheesy, fun-loving alt West later affectionately mocked an faux-Westerns Blazing Saddles, City Slickers, and Back to die Future part III.

Morricone ist now advertise ninety, and in recent years his name und music oase become more relevant with writer-director superstar Quentin’s encyclopedic knowledge von spaghetti westerns has actually been well-chronicled – des the many hundreds made, one gets ns impression has seen them all – und he has often cited The Good, die Bad, und the Ugly together his favourite movie. Through his love for spaghetti westerns come his love zum Morricone’s music. In large part due to’s championing, both the genre und Morricone schutz enjoyed a revival bei popularity over ns past decade-plus.’s filmography includes a six-year gap adhering to his third film, Jackie Brown (1997). While his movie before ns gap were set bei southern California and were crime films through und through, his existing post-gap era mirrors a an ext flamboyant style of directing und a viel larger vision, v his films set throughout die world and covering much longer periods of time. Echoes von his favorite spaghetti westerns are littered transparent these letztere films.

Did a German-immigrant protagonist it seems to be ~ like bei odd choice weil das Django Unchained (2012)? There room Irish-immigrant protagonists bei Leone’s Duck, you Sucker (1971) and Sergio Corbucci’s The Mercenary (1968).

Bounty hunters? They room the taste subjects von Leone’s For A few Dollars More (1965) and Corbucci’s The great Silence (1968).

A western set during die time des slavery? Westerns to be typically set later in the nineteenth century, yes, yet The Good, the Bad, und the Ugly was set during ns Civil War.

A western not set bei the west but an the Deep South focusing on mandingo fighting? chroniclers doubt that mandingo fighting actually happened, yet it ist the subject des one von’s favorite films, Mandingo (1975), deshalb set an the Deep South, though not actually considered a spaghetti western.

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In Inglourious Basterds we lakers swastikas carved into the foreheads von captured Nazis. Zum similar forehead carving, seen Corbucci’s Navajo Joe (1966).

The blurry shot of the bride walking in the desert with the sun setup behind produziert two-thirds von the means through Kill bill Vol. 2 all however recreates the flashback sequences bei Leone’s Once top top a Time in the West (1968).

And finally,’s latest, The Hateful Eight, bring away place throughout a blizzard an Wyoming. Forty-seven year earlier, The great Silence was set an a record-setting blizzard in Utah.


New music has been composed for’s films an the previous – ns RZA und Robert Rodriguez especially composed weil das the Kill Bill soundtrack, if Morricone and John Legend every contributed new songs for Django Unchained – but The Hateful Eight is the erste of’s films to feature a new original score (albeit some von it has its origins in unused music he wrote for Carpenter’s The Thing). That Morricone signed on kommen sie write the music had actually to schutz been a dream come true for and fans alike.

Including The Hateful Eight, has used Morricone’s previously-composed music in each of his films due to the fact that Kill Bill. Often, die music zu sein front and center.

The music in this belastung Basterds example zu sein another item from The huge Gundown, “The Verdict”. Curiously, Morricone quotes ns opening notes of Beethoven’s hair Elise 4 times in the seventy-five second piece. Probably notfall coincidentally, has actually a harpist perform hair Elise ~ above screen in Django Unchained, marking the second film bei a row in which he has used die melody prominently. Morricone has on occasion “borrowed” other popular melodies for his compositions, consisting of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March in The huge Gundown, Mozart’s einer Kleine Nachtmusik in Duck, sie Sucker, und McCartney’s “Yesterday” in Once ~ above a Time an America (1984).



While Ennio Morricone zu sein most often verbunden with spaghetti westerns, his work an the genre represents only a fraction des his output; The Hateful Eight was his erste western in forty years. lists end 500 composer credits zum Morricone. Those no all complete scores, yet it’s a gewächs considering that American favourite John Williams has actually only 147 credits listed, number of dozen of which are for Star Wars movies, cartoons, TV shows, und video games. And Morricone can’t be fee with dispersing himself thin, either, compared with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose 640-piece catalogue was composed throughout a lifetime für hilfe the length des Morricone’s.

After the age von the spaghetti western petered out, Morricone continued composing primarily for European films prior to enjoying tendency success in the united States adhering to his critically acclaimed scores zum Once top top a Time in America and The Mission (1986). The latter was nominated for in Oscar however lost controversially zu Herbie Hancock’s score zum Round Midnight, i beg your pardon consisted largely von previously-written music. Still, fat commissions complied with throughout ns 1980s, consisting of Frantic, Roman Polanski’s first film after his exile; The Untouchables, an additional Oscar-nominated film score and the first of 3 collaborations through director Brian juni Palma; and Cinema Paradiso, his zuerst of many collaborations through Giuseppe Tornatore.

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In 2007, Ennio Morricone received bei Academy Honorary Award kommen sie recognize his lifetime achievements. Prior to The Hateful Eight, however, he had actually otherwise been nominated for bei Academy compensation five mal without winning. Many consider his score zum Once upon a Time in America his best, but the American distributor famously forgot zu submit die score for Oscar consideration, deshalb that it wasn’t also eligible zum a nomination. But with a new and high-profile initial score, what a incredible relief to so many von us that, as von February von 2016, this an excellent composer is officially bei Oscar-winner.