Kia E Niro Test


Thanks zu intriguing lighting elements and two-tone human body panels, die redesigned 2023 Kia Niro EV möchte be a gewächs more noticeable on the road 보다 its predecessor. Die all-electric subcompact SUV also has a snazzier inner that contains distinctive styling und digitized instruments. Kia touts ns extensive use of recycled products inside, too. While the outgoing Niro EV featured a 201-hp electric motiv feeding the front wheels, that replacement"s stärke source is still a mystery. Likewise, that battery size and driving selection are so remain under wraps zum now, but we expect ns 2023 Niro EV zu be able zu travel aside from that than ns 239 miles that the epa estimated that is predecessor could go ~ above a single charge.

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What"s New for 2023?

For 2023, Kia introduces die second generation von its varied Niro family, i beg your pardon again includes bei all-electric model. Just like its hybrid and plug-in-hybrid counterparts (reviewed separately), ns Niro EV obtain a new look inside und out. However, we"re blieb waiting top top further information about that powertrain, inner dimensions, und roster of features.

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Pricing und Which One kommen sie Buy

Kia hasn"t announced pricing or details trim levels for the 2023 Niro EV. If die previous generation is any indication, it"ll be available as either in EX or EX Premium trim level. Those two 2022 models had a preis range the started between $41,165 and $45,825, respectively.

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More on die Niro EV SUV

Kia shows Bold Next-Generation Kia Niro

Interior, Comfort, und Cargo

Inside, the 2023 Niro EV will look totally different than its predecessor. Kia"s designers oase incorporated angled surface into the door panels and top des the dashboard. Die digital instrument panel und infotainment display screen highlight die cabin"s technical vibe. Ns steering wheel has a distinctive two-spoke design, und the hauptquartier console hosts a rotating shifter in addition to other assorted controls. Kia says die interior consists of recycled materials, und elements indigenous eucalyptus leaves were used to make the seats. Small-item warehouse appears zu be plentiful, v what aussehen to be large door pockets and useful cubbies an the hauptquartier console.


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