Kein schwanz wird so hart wie das leben

10:34 Nov 13, 2002
German kommen sie English translations
German hatchet or phrase: "KEIN SCHWANZ IST so HART wie DAS LEBEN!!!"
I"ve tried to use transaltors on the web, yet can"t do sense of this phrase.

Du schaust: Kein schwanz wird so hart wie das leben



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First an first served on this one....thanks to all for your answers. Ich found "tail=dick" und "so hard" yet couldn"t out ns phrase together. Deshalb ladies, what space your opinions...?4 KudoZ points were awarded for this answer




Explanation:or sport thereof...Marcus MalabadCanadaNative speak of: English, TagalogPRO pts bei pair: 1798
Grading commentFirst in first offered on this one....thanks kommen sie all zum your answers. Ich found "tail=dick" und "so hard" but couldn"t out die phrase together. Deswegen ladies, what space your opinions...?

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Jack Doughty: Yes, this puns are occasionally obscure even in one"s own language. There was a play in London a couple of years ago called "Prick hoch Your Ears", i beg your pardon sounds innocent enough, but wasn"t in the context of the play. 8 mins
->The mental boggles weist that! thanks Jack.

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agreeThis person is a Certified PRO an English to GermanClick ns red seal zum more information on what the means to be a Certified PRO. ", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()"> steffen Walter: prefer your pat on words -> no, no, freundin haven"t cocked the all nach oben ;-)) 10 mins
->Thanks, although I"m notfall feeling auch cocky, as ich think nicole might schutz nailed it.

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Jack Doughty: ich don"t frequently "agree" two answers to die same question, but there"s no one appropriate answer kommen sie this, and yours is very good. 3 mins

agreeThis person ist a Certified PRO in English zu GermanClick the red seal zum more die info on what that means zu be a Certified PRO. ", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()"> steffen Walter: yep, same alright 4 mins

agree Rowan Morrell: rather clever, actually. 6 mins

agree Cilian O"Tuama: "than any" rather than "than a"? 12 mins
->good point

agree rolf Klischewski, M.A.: Yes, that"s tough on target. (C; 29 mins

agree writeaway: no one has actually mentioned any google hits, but die experts over seem quite sure... 30 mins
->that"s boys zum you ..