A work after Katy Perry dropped the video zum her einzel "Not the end of ns World" videos starring Zooey Deschanel, the singer apologized to the New Girl star weil das impersonating herstellung to acquire into clubs…


Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry pose throughout Kid nett 2006: A Benefit weil das P.S. Art Sponsored von Cole Haan and Gagosian Gallery weist Lo-Fi gallery on June 1, 2006 bei Los Angeles, California.Jesse Grant/WireImage for Bluprint

Katy Perry yes, really appreciates that actressZooey Deschanel was up zum impersonating her in the quirky, out-of-this-world video weil das “Not the ende of die World.” bei the clip that dropped ~ above Monday (Dec.2 1), a pair of blue aliens tasked with saving the pop stern from Earth’s impending demise accidentally zap KP lookalike Deschanel by mistake.

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Funny story: ns extraterrestrials aren’t the only ones prone zu mixing up die two. As it turns out, back in the early 2000s, bouncers were easily duped as well. During in Instagram live video on Monday night with the former New Girl star, Perry allow it slip that back before she was in international popular music icon, she used to pretend kommen sie be Deschanel an order to get right into clubs.

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“I oase to recognize something, Zooey,” stated Perry, 36 in the live video, throughout which ns pair bonded about being moms und filming ns music videobilien several months earlier during lockdown. “When ich came kommen sie L.A., i was pretty viel a nobody, und you were just getting deswegen huge punkt that time — itwas choose Zooey Deschanel ran die world. … bei that moment, ich was so complimented kommen sie look favor you.

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“But I have to recognize something kommen sie you top top a Live: that wie man I zuerst got kommen sie L.A., i went to the club a lot. Und I wanted zu get into the club und I had no money, ich had no clout, i had nothing, und sometimes ich would pose together you zu get into the club.”

While Perry kind of felt bad about commerce on die resemblance to die Almost Famous star in order zu go clubbing, Deschanel, 40, stated word got rückseitig to her about die pop star’s impersonation spree, und after some anfangsverdacht concerns, she was totally fine with it.“People would be like, ‘I experienced you!’ ” Deschanel stated with a laugh. “But I’m such a Goody Two-shoes and people retained going, ‘I saw freundin out! ich made eye contact with you!’ und I was like, ‘No!’ und then everybody kept telling me about this girlKaty, Katy, who looks nur like you,’and I’m like, ‘Who is this Katy?"”

But when ns pair lastly met, Deschanel claimed she was “relieved” since Perry was “so pretty und I was like, ‘Oh give thanks to God. She’s deswegen pretty.’ sie never know when people say sie look prefer somebody what they’re gonna look at like, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s gorgeous. Thank you — compliment.”


That was good news to Perry, because, she admitted, she used to get “pretty crunk in the club” back an her “wild child” late teens and early 20s. “I was turned up zu 11 at ns club,” said the mother of newborn baby girl with Orlando Bloom, Daisy Dove Bloom, about produziert younger years.

“I’m sorry if i misrepresented you. I wanted to say the now,” Perry claimed of her “Faux-ey” period, to which She & er singer Deschanel responded, “It’s a compliment!”