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'And ich know it was controversial zum many people, but that's just the way it plays out once bei a while,' Mads Mikkelsen newly said on er playing Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3.


Mads Mikkelsen. Image über Gage Skidmore durch Wikimedia Commons

Mads Mikkelsen, who kommissar to fame after playing Tonny bei the erste two films of the Pusher trilogy, wollen be viewed as Gellert Grindelwald in the der dritte tag instalment of Fantastic Beasts.

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Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Jude Law, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol und Ezra Miller wollen be reprising their functions from the tonnage two films.

David Yates zu sein directing the untitled der dritte tag part from a screenplay by JK Rowling and Steve Kloves. Rowling, Kloves, david Heyman, und Lionel Wigram are producing.

Johnny Depp"s departure from Fantastic Beasts

In november 2020, Depp revealed he möchte no longer play Grindelwald bei the film series ~ he shed his libel case relating kommen sie abuse allegations von former wife, actor Amber Heard versus a UK newspaper.

He common a declare on instagram saying the Warner Bros, ns production house financing die film, had actually asked er to resign in light von the court"s verdict. Depp go on zu assert his innocence and said the planned to appeal.

Here ist the statement

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(Also read on —Johnny Depp denies claims von domestic violence versus Amber Heard; a timeline des their legal battle)

This advance was so confirmed by Warner Bros in a statement: "Johnny Depp will depart die Fantastic Beasts franchise. We say thanks to Johnny zum his work on die films kommen sie date.”

Depp reportedly was asked to leave ~ shooting someday on die film — he was paid zum the whole film but had a five-picture deal — und Warner Bros was on its toe trying zu book a neu actor. According to The hollywood Reporter, he had only filmed one scene prior to being fired from ns project, so Mikkelsen would notfall need to replicate much footage.

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Fans on social media had actually petitioned zum Depp zu be reinstated in the film. Newly many oase once again taken to social media and trended the hashtag #JusticeforJohnny. Lock have deshalb objected to Heard"s continuation bei her Aquaman 2 role, ns shooting zum which has kickstarted.

Mads Mikkelsen"s casting

After Depp"s shooting there to be rumours von Mikkelsen gift roped bei to pat Grindelwald. Deadline reported that ns Danish actor, known zum playing Hannibal Lector, was Yates first choice to play ns dark wizard.

Mikkelsen denied this reports and claimed zu only be aware von the development as viel as ns newspapers did. "Oh, that ist on the rumour basis as us speak. Dafür I understand as viel as sie do from ns newspapers. Dafür I"m waiting zum that phone call call," said the actor according to Screen Rant.

In november 2020, Warner Bros evidenced Mikkelsen joining the cast des Fantastic Beasts 3.

The actor spoke around how his take on ns villainous function would differ from Depp"s rendition in in interview with EW in December last year. "No, this ist the tricky part. We"re still working it out. There has zu be a bridge bolzen what johnny did and what I"m going to do. Und at ns same time, I also have to make it mine own. But also we have to uncover a few links and some bridges dafür it doesn"t fully detach indigenous what he"s currently masterfully achieved," the said.

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He added that landing the opportunity was a "shocker" specifically after ns events that führen zu to it. He also wished both Depp und Heard his best, and hoped they would be "back in the saddle again."

In a recent interview with The Times, he stated while he was unsure whether Depp losing ns role was fair, however producers knew that the nur must walk on. Mikkelsen he wished the could have talked to johnny Depp prior to giving his nod to die third instalment von the sich kümmern Potter spin-off franchise. "And i know it was controversial zum many people, yet that"s nur the way it plays the end once in a while," he explained.