Johannes thingnes bø kind

This week ns book on the Bø brothers zu sein launched and there ns biathletes lighten ns veil top top one von the few scandals die duo has ended up in.

Du schaust: Johannes thingnes bø kind

After a party bei spring 2014, ns brothers and Emil Hegle Svendsen were fined 100,000 crowns each “for violating die ethical guidelines of the Biathlon Federation v unacceptable behavior and drunken vandalism.”

The trio climate admitted the they drank alcohol, bathed in the sea und drained die air from ns tires von the cars des the Swedes, Austrians und Ole Einar Bjørndalen.

Now die Bø brothers reveal exactly how Bjørndalen reacted und how in ice front arose between the athletes and the association afterwards.

1; we chose the ones us knew best, because we believed they would understand the joke. We used bank cards zu drain ns air. Not all ns air, however a little. Then us went zu sleep, to write Tarjei Bø bei the book written von Lasse Lønnebotn.


– the drank alcohol, bathed in the sea and dried up ns cars von other nations

– Bjørndalen wanted zu report

The following day, ns biathletes did notfall compete and the Norwegian men’s national team jogged together. There Bjørndalen discussed that who had emptied his car’s tires to get part air, but ns Bø brothers didn’t realize exactly how dissatisfied ns biathlon könig was till they met him at agree later.

– that wanted kommen sie check if die surveillance cameras had filmed die area outside the hotel the night before, since he wanted kommen sie report zu the polizei whoever had ruined his car. Together we verlief around the lake, it seemed fully calm and now this? monitoring camera? Review?, to write Bø.

– We schutz always had a high ceiling in the team, however we realized the this time we had taken a little too much. We realized it was better that he had learned the truth native us, so after having lunch Johannes, Emil und I went kommen sie Ole Einar and said it together it was. That us were the ones who had actually emptied the tires des the air.

Bjørndalen didn’t prefer rages und thought the trio was unprofessional, however he paid tribute zu them for lying down. With the Swedes and Austrians the tone was different, and the totality thing was joked.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen did notfall respond to Dagbladet’s inquiry today.

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Ice challenge with connected

After apologizing, ns trio must have agreed with die Biathlon verband to keep ns case inside und leave the behind. However a few days later, they were fined 100,000 crowns each von the association.

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– us felt that the punishment was completely disproportionate, und would soon obtain worse, Bø writes in the book and refers to bei email native the kombination intercepted von the media:

– die biathlon kombination had offered us in overly harsh reaction – nor had actually it been able zu manage that internally. Now we couldn’t also trust our own union. Then we gott pissed.

The brothers insurance claim that no trainer or kombination leader contacted them after die case came to be known in the media and write that they felt alone there is no any assist or support.

An ice front has arisen between the three starred runners und the association.


He was punished and hanged in Norway, but an Russia biathlon boys room praised zum drunkenness scandal

– the turned his zurück on us

They invite on their own initiative to a drücken sie conference to lie down after the incident an Pokljuka and the brothers compose that lock were then done with die case, yet that castle were not done with die association.

– we decided to get punishment weil das what us did. But ns size von the sanction was completely disproportionate. However, no one from the gewerkschaftler had spoken kommen sie us, no telephone, no dialogue, nothing. They turned their backs on us after every these years of delivering gelb after gold and worked hard to make the national team an attractive sponsor.

– We schutz always to be proud to be part von a national team that has actually been united for good and bad, with a union that contributes kommen sie our success together athletes. But jetzt we felt badly treated. Mutual respect has been broken, ns brothers write in the book.

For arne Botnan he was sports director of the Biathlon verband when ns conflict between the Bø brothers und the verband was punkt a height.

– This zu sein probably a situation where both neben could have been without it, and certainly could have been tackled differently, Botnan speak Dagbladet and it ist clear that ns case does not characterize the relationship zu this day.

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– past that, this zu sein a lang overdue issue, and I have noticed that an recent year there has actually been a very great mutual relationship between athletes, coaches, assistance staff and management an the biathlon association.