Iwan der schreckliche netflix

A Cleveland grandfather ist brought kommen sie trial an Israel, accused des being die infamous nazi- death camp guard known as Ivan ns Terrible.

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In 1986, bei unassuming Cleveland grandfather and autoworker zu sein accused des being Ivan die Terrible, a wild Nazi death camp guard.


As survivors of the Treblinka fatality camp take the stand against john Demjanjuk, his lawyers seek ways kommen sie challenge the accuracy von their testimony.


The authenticity of in ID card ist questioned, Demjanjuk move his legal strategy, und the defense hears von evidence found bei a McDonald's dumpster.

Demjanjuk testifies bei his defense, but his alibi raises questions. Later, the fall of the berlin Wall may lead kommen sie a trove von KGB evidence.

Tensions run high an Israel and around the world together Demjanjuk's psychological comes kommen sie a conclusion. Yet even that's not the ende of die story.

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