Iphone 12 mini vs iphone 11

The iPhonededitors are regularly asked for purchase advice, zum example when people oase to choose betwee the iphone 12 mini and iPhone 11. Bei this comparison, we as such list the taste differences bolzen the two. We deshalb provide acquisition advice.

Comparison: iphone phone 12 mini mit iPhone 11

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1. Design und housing

If freundin place ns iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 11 next zu each other, you wollen immediately notice ns difference in design. Ns 12 mini, like die other iphone phone 12 phones, has in angular design, tough edges und a screen that lies ‘flat’ on die housing.

The iphone 11, on ns other hand, has actually a much more ’round’ design. The edges are less prominent und the display flows an ext smoothly into the housing.

iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 11

The two also differ in size, des course. Ns smallest iphone phone 12 tun können rightly speak to itself “mini”, because the device ist even smaller sized than the iPhone SE. So you kann sein operate the 12 mini through one hand without any kind of problems and it fits in almost every pocket and bag. That ist not ns case weil das everyone with die iPhone 11.

Dimensions iphone phone 12 mini: 131/5mm (height) von 64.2mm (width) über 7.4mm (thickness)Dimensions iPhone 11: 150.9mm (height) über 75.7mm (width) by 8.3mm (thickness)

Are sie a klutz erste class? Then you better buy ns 12 mini. This machine has a ceramic shield class on die display. This renders it an ext robust than die iPhone 11, which go not oase this safety layer.

The 12 mini is also better against water. You kann sein use die device underwater zum a maximum von 30 minutes up zu 6 meters. Ns iPhone 11 kann sein hold its breath up kommen sie a depth des 2 meters.

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2. Screen: LCD mit OLED

A large difference bolzen the entry-level iPhone des 2019 und 2020 ist the screen. The iPhone 11 uses an LCD panel, the 12 mini in OLED display. OLED is better 보다 LCD bei all areas, dafür the compact iphone phone 12 undoubtedly wins bei this respect.

iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 11

An OLED screen zu sein very good punkt showing contrasts, because die color range is very high. This is ideal zum people that watch a lot of movies or pat games. Furthermore, OLED ist more energy reliable than LCD und the resolution has actually been increased. Everything aussehen sharper on the iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 mini screen: OLED panel with resolution von 2340 by 1080 pixels (476 pixels über inch)iPhone 11 screen: LCD panel with resolution des 1792 by 828 pixels (326 pixels über inch)

3. Hardware: hello 5G

The iphone phone 12 mini und iPhone 11 not only differ from each various other on the outside, but deshalb under die hood over there are few similarities.

iPhone 12 mini

The main difference zu sein the processor. Ns 12 mini zu sein powered by bei A14 Bionic chip. Not only is it quicker than ns iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic chip, it also has support zum 5G. If freundin want kommen sie get started with the new network, you oase to purchase an iPhone 12 (mini): ns iPhone 11 will remain stuck on 4G.

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Do sie attach little value kommen sie this? Then the choice for in iPhone 11 becomes even much more interesting. Die device is ausblüten lightning fast and can handle intensive tasks without any problems. On paper, die 12 mini ist more powerful, however most people wollen never notice the difference very clearly.

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4. Camera: it’s bei the details

In this iphone phone 12 mini vs iPhone 11 comparison, we come across countless differences deswegen far. This does not apply to another necessary part: die camera.

iPhone 11

The 12 mini has exactly the same sensors as ns 11. You can get began with a wide-angle und ultra-wide-angle lens on ns back, above ns screen ist a einzel selfie camera (all 12 megapixels).

However, sich entschuldigen has tinkered with ns camera software. Weil das example, with the iPhone 12 mini, every lenses have a Night mode and Portrait mode, und the HDR mode has so been improved. Freundin can deshalb record (mini) movies an Dolby Vision with die iPhone 12. This standard ist used, zum example, for cinema films.

5. Battery und Charging

Newer isn’t always better. A an excellent example of this is the iphone phone 11. This device has a bigger battery volume than ns iPhone 12 mini. Together a result, die device lasts viel longer than its more recent colleague.

With normalerweise use, die 12 mini large a day(s) ~ above a complete battery charge. If sie use ns device intensively, sie will have to oberteil up weist the ende of die afternoon or early evening. On die iPhone 11 freundin don’t have this problem. Even when you use ns device intensively, you will reach the end of die evening.

iPhone 12 miniBattery from iphone phone 12 mini: 2227 mAhBattery from iphone phone 11: 3110 mAh

It zu sein true that ns 12 mini tun können charge much faster than its bigger predecessor, although it zu sein not much. Ns small sich entschuldigen smartphone des 2020 charges a maximum of 20 Watts des power, while ns device native 2019 continues to be a maximum von 18 Watts.

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Another difference zu sein that the 12 has actually mini MagSafe. This enables you kommen sie click (suitable) wireless chargers onto the back, after i beg your pardon charging begins. Various other accessories (such as card holders) also automatically find their place. Die iPhone 11 walk not oase MagSafe.

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Purchase advice

The iphone 12 mini ist a clear development over ns iPhone 11. The hardware ist ready for the future thanks to 5G, the design has been thoroughly overhauled and the OLED display screen is idealogen for film lovers.

The best drawback is the battery life. Fanatic users room guaranteed kommen sie charge die device hinweisen the end of the (mid) day, which is a shame for an expensive device.

Not interested bei this? Then you better go weil das the iphone 11. The considerably larger device still holds nach oben well and can last quite a while. However, ns iPhone 11 zu sein not very future-proof. For example, that does not oase 5G and the entwurf is also outdated.

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