The iOS 14.7 relax date ist close which means iPhone owners can want to anfang prepping for its arrival.

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iOS 14.7 zu sein a milestone release and it möchte bring a mix of neu features and under-the-hood renovations to ns iPhone. It’s in exciting update and one that numerous iPhone customers should schutz their eye on as we push away indigenous Apple’s iOS 14.6 release.

Apple’s pushed in iOS 14.7 beta zu developers and those enrolled in the public Beta software program Program. The Beta software program Program is free to anyone through a compatible device and Apple ID.

If your phone ist struggling top top iOS 14.6 or an older version des iOS, and you can’t discover a fix zum your issues, you might want zu move her iPhone onto ns iOS 14.7 beta.

iOS 14.7 release Date

Apple hasn’t shown a an exact iOS 14.7 release date, yet it’s close. The company is currently top top its last iOS 14.7 beta, also known as die Release Candidate (RC).

The company deshalb just announced a new MagSafe Battery Pack zum the iphone phone 12 series and the accessory requires iOS 14.7 or later to work.

The MagSafe Battery verpackt starts arriving on July 20th which means iOS 14.7 need to be out by the time ns accessory soil on doorsteps next week.

With die iOS 14.7 release day on die horizon, it’s time to start thinking about its arrival. In this overview we’ll rundown some tips and tricks that will come an handy together we close in on die next major iOS 14 update zum iPhone.

Prepare zum the iOS 14.7 release Date

With ns iOS 14.7 release date as close as it is, you might want to start doing part prep work kommen sie make the fasst as painless together possible.

iOS 14.7 wollen likely need a significant chunk des space on her iPhone’s internal storage. Milestone iOS upgrades generally do.

If freundin don’t oase enough storage obtainable on her iPhone, iOS will temporarily remove downloadable parts des applications mounted on her phone. Occasionally this isn’t enough und you möchte then it is in forced zu manually delete files.

If you’re gaining low top top storage, usage this time to do part cleanup. Get in your iPhone’s storage und delete documents (things favor photos, apps, etc) sie no much longer need. This will help do room weil das iOS 14.7 und there’s a gelegenheit it enhances your iPhone’s all at once performance.


You should so start backing nach oben the data you keep on your iPhone. Dünn loss concerns are rare, however there’s constantly a wahrscheinlichkeit something go wrong during the transition.

iOS 14.7 could log you out des your apps and services. We recommend having actually your apfel ID/iCloud/third-party app login information handy, mobiltelefon just in case.

Get acquainted with iOS 14.7 and Older iOS Updates

You should get familiar with the changes coming her way bei iOS 14.7.

We’ve released a overview that wollen walk sie through die known changes on board ns iOS 14.7 update. It’s a great starting allude if sie haven’t been following along.

If you’re blieb hanging around on in older version of iOS und you don’t schutz plans kommen sie upgrade to die latest version des iOS 14, make sure you get familiar with newer versions von iOS. Ns changes from ns iOS updates sie skipped will be baked right into your iOS 14.7 upgrade.

For instance if you’re moving from iOS 13.6 zu iOS 14.7, you’ll get alters from iOS 13.6.1, iOS 13.7, iOS 14.0, iOS 14.0.1, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2, iOS 14.3, iOS 14.4, iOS 14.4.1, iOS 14.4.2, iOS 14.5, iOS 14.5.1, and iOS 14.6 v your upgrade.

If you own in iPhone 12, iphone phone 12 mini, iphone phone 12 Pro, or iphone 12 jeden Max, und you’re to run older iOS 14 software, you’ll also get the changes native iOS 14.2.1.

Most human being Should Avoid ns iOS 14.7 Beta

Installing the iOS 14.7 beta on her iPhone can be tempting, however most civilization should avoid the beta and wait zum the main release.

The iOS 14.7 beta wollen help apple tackle bugs und performance issues before they become significant headaches zum millions des iPhone users.

It’s fun kommen sie try out neu features prior to they’re exit to die general public. That said, iOS beta software kann bring lots von trouble her way.

The iOS 14.7 beta zu sein causing problems weil das some testers und you could run into some von the an extremely same concerns if sie decide zu install it on your phone.

If freundin rely on your device zu get with a day of school or work, you’ll want to stay placed on whatever version des iOS you’re at this time running.

Monitor feedback from die iOS 14.7 Beta

If you skip die iOS 14.7 beta, make certain you überwacht feedback from beta testers as we push toward the official release.

Monitoring rückmeldung will alarm you kommen sie potential iOS 14.7 problems und it will so reveal the potential benefits des the software. Much more importantly, it can help freundin decide if you want zu install iOS 14.7 ideal away or wait.

We’ve checked out iOS 14.7 rückmeldung emerge top top sites favor YouTube, Twitter, and the MacRumors forums deshalb check those website if you’re curious about die software’s performance.

iOS 14.7 relax Time

If you’ve owned in iPhone zum awhile you already recognize this, but zum those des you who are new to ns iPhone und iOS, here’s your PSA.

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Apple practically always rolls its iOS software updates out in and about 10AM Pacific. That will likely be the case zum the final version of iOS 14.7.

We sometimes lakers iOS updates roll out 5-10 minutes after 10AM deshalb there’s no need zu panic if the software doesn’t popup ideal away.

Here’s what that looks like for other time zones in the united States:

Eastern – 1 PMCentral – 12 PMMountain – 11AM

Keep this an mind if sie plan to install die final version des iOS 14.7 right away.

iOS 14.7 Download Size

We don’t know just how big die iOS 14.7 download möchte be yet again, you kann sein expect it to require quite a bit des free space.


You kann expect lang download times, especially right after sich entschuldigen pushes the software live, but the passend zu process wollen probably take it longer.

Once sie pull die iOS 14.7 update from Apple’s servers, sie might an alert a vorbestraft asking you zu “Install” die software right now or “Later.” if most von you will probably want kommen sie install die software best away, rather might benefit from scheduling die installation.

If sie do decide zu schedule it, you kann sein choose to install that while you’re sleeping or you kann sein have your maker remind you zu install it weist a later date when you’ve got free time zu deal with ns installation.

If you do decide kommen sie install ns iOS 14.7 update overnight, you’ll oase to plug her iPhone into a energie source.

Prepare zum iOS 14.7 Problems

iOS 14.7 has gone through in extensive beta process, but die final ausführung won’t it is in perfect. Issues will slip through ns cracks into die final release.

Common iOS difficulties include mehr battery drain, Bluetooth issues, Wi-Fi problems, app instability, UI lag, crashes, und Exchange issues.

These problems show up after every single iOS release und there’s a good wahrscheinlichkeit we’ll seen them all popup within hours von the iOS 14.7 update’s release.

It’ll be difficult zu predict what kind of power you’ll gain once freundin move your iPhone zu iOS 14.7 deshalb you’ll want kommen sie make sure you’re prepared to tackle any kind of issues sie encounter on work one and beyond.

We’ve released a list des fixes for common iOS 14 problems. If freundin don’t think about yourself in iOS expert, you’ll want kommen sie bookmark those fixes.

You’ll also want kommen sie bookmark or follow apfel Support on Twitter and bookmark the Apple Support seite on ns company’s website.

You should so be familiar with Apple’s conversation forums.

Be Ready zu Downgrade

If sie run into into concerns with iOS 14.7 you wollen be able to downgrade back to in older version of iOS 14 zum a limited time.


If you aren’t acquainted with die iOS downgrade process, now ist a good time kommen sie familiarize yourself with it.

Once apfel releases iOS 14.7, die downgrade path rückseitig to larger software will only it is in open zum a short time. That’s why us recommend getting comfortable through it ahead des time.

Keep your Apps Updated

If sie want die best experience on iOS 14.7, do sure sie keep her apps updated.

As we press toward die software’s release, keep in eye out weil das iOS 14 support updates. This updates should help to stabilize performance and help your machine make a smooth shift to neu software.

Before freundin download an app update, do sure sie read reviews from users. This reviews möchte alert you kommen sie potential benefits and problems with ns latest version.

Take her Time through iOS 14.7

iOS 14.7 is in exciting upgrade and some of you could be tempted zu install it the second it arrives.

For some of you, an especially those handling iOS 14 problems, this might be your best kurse of action. That said, some des you will be much better off waiting a couple of hours, a few days or, an some cases, a couple of weeks prior to installing iOS 14.7.

There room plenty of reasons to skip a neu iOS software program update on work one. Zum one, iOS updates kann wreak destruction on your device’s performance.

If you’re emotion leery, dig into early rückmeldung from beforehand adopters. If you’re ausblüten undecided, think around waiting.

Avoid die iOS 14.7 Beta If You’re Jailbroken

If freundin want to keep your jailbreak you’ll want zu avoid die iOS 14.7 beta and the last version of iOS 14.7.

Jailbreak developers schutz jailbroken recent versions des iOS 14, including iOS 14.5, but the jailbreak tools don’t arbeit with iOS 14.7 beta.

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We can certainly see a jailbreak weil das the last version von iOS 14.7, however we probably won’t see one zum the iOS 14.7 beta.